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 At the same time, refining corpses required energy stones, and if Zhao Fu wanted to gain a large number of slaves, he would have to effectively spend a lot of money to obtain them. Because energy stones were so expensive, at a price of one for ten gold coins, 1,000 of them would cost 10,000 gold coins, which Zhao Fu simply couldn't afford.

Indeed, if Zhao Fu wanted to carry out all of his plans, he would go from being a mega tycoon to someone who desperately needed money. However, he could keep this under control by progressing with his plans slowly.

Zhao Fu could begin with the slave plan immediately, but regarding the Stage 1 corpses, he didn't have a plan and could only take it one step at a time.

Zhao Fu brought along Ly Qinqian and started to discuss his plans with her. While this happened, Great Qin reorganized its army and prepared for battle.

Right now, each team had Hundred Ghost Illusionists, Ghost Summoners, and Netherghost Archers. Ten Hundred Ghost Illusionists could work together to unleash the Dark Ghost World, a powerful illusion, which would help Great Qin take captives.

After Zhao Fu gave out the orders, Great Qin's various Departments all put the plan into motion, going to the various regions and establishing trading offices to obtain people.

All of the trading offices had to be as mysterious as possible, and they couldn't reveal a link to the Drizzle Merchant Alliance. Otherwise, if others saw such a rich Merchant Alliance buying so many people, they would become incredibly wary. No one would be stupid enough to trade with them and make them even more powerful.

The trading offices were in properties that Zhao Fu had bought before, which were on the luxurious streets of the various main cities. Now that Zhao Fu was a First-Ranked Baron, he could employ 30 Stage 1 city guards, so in each main city, he stationed ten of them at the Westfall Restaurant and 20 of them at the trading office.

Zhao Fu knew that once the trading office started operating, it would become a place of trouble, so he had to use power to deter any troublemakers in order to guarantee the safety of the trading office.

As soon as the trading offices appeared, they didn't hide their evil goal: they all had signs that said: "One good quality Normal grade weapon for a young man of any race, one good quality Blue grade weapon for ten young or adult males or females of any race, and one good quality Silver grade weapon for 100 young or adult males or females of any race."

A good quality Normal grade weapon cost 60 silver coins, which was 6,000 copper coins or $60,000 in the real world. As such, this was a good deal for anyone.

As soon as this trading office was set up, it was surrounded by people with different attitudes. One person angrily yelled, "Are you even human? You're trying to buy and sell humans like livestock!"

Another person yelled, "I study law; this sort of conduct is unlawful, and you'll be going to prison for a long time!"

Others angrily yelled, "This is a violation of human rights and completely unethical! I hope you won't do this; otherwise, those with morals will strongly protest this sort of conduct!"

"That's right! You're going too far; you're actually trying to buy slaves? We're a cultured society now, so why are you doing such a thing?"

With a few people in the lead, a crowd of angry people quickly gathered, condemning and criticising the people at the trading office.

Zhao Fu, who wanted to see how the trading office would do, couldn't help but chuckle when he heard their words. To him, these people had been living in a 'cultured society' for too long and were simply idiots for clinging onto such values in light of the times to come.

Right now, none of them realized his or her own current state. There were strict rules in the main cities that they lived in, so they hadn't yet realized how dark this world was and how much darker it would become in the future.

After the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world, the Heaven Awaken World would truly become a world in which the strong preyed on the weak. Main cities would lose everything that was restricting their actions, and all order and justice would fall away.

Most players, upon losing their 'support,' would be mercilessly slaughtered by main cities. When that time came, people would do whatever they wanted to do - kill, plunder, rape, and take revenge. Nothing would restrict them, and anything would be permitted.

However, who would come to their aid? If one was too weak, one would be killed by others, and that would be it. After dying, that person would stay dead.

When that time came, these people, who had been living in their 'cultured society,' would finally wake up and realize what sort of world this was. However, it would be too late then, and Zhao Fu wasn't going to save them.

However, no matter if he did good or evil, he required power.

When he heard their self-righteous words about valuing life and spreading love, Zhao Fu was somewhat disgusted by their hypocrisy and shallowness. He stepped out, releasing a powerful aura that weighed down on the ordinary players' bodies.

Everyone felt a pressure weigh down on them and felt quite shocked. The crowd fell silent, and no one dared to say anything.

"If you want to trade, then I welcome you! If you want to make trouble, then you can die!" Zhao Fu's cold voice and powerful aura caused everyone present to feel incredibly nervous, and those present didn't dare to say anything.

A woman with an ordinary appearance and pimples all over her face mustered up her courage and yelled somewhat nervously, "I... I'm not afraid of you. We need to value human rights and spread love, not war. We need to build a peaceful society in this world, and scum like you..."


Zhao Fu didn't even bother to look at her as he casually waved his hand, causing a black sword light to flash out and chop off the woman's head.

Blood sprayed everywhere as the woman's head fell to the ground, and then her body soon followed.

"Ahhhhh!!!" None of the people around them had expected such a thing, and they all screamed in terror. Following this, Zhao Fu turned his cold gaze to them, and they immediately ran away in fright.

Even though he had killed someone in a main city, it wasn't a big deal. After all, these people had come to make trouble for him, and he was a First-Ranked Baron. Furthermore, that person was just an ordinary player, not an indigenous resident or a city guard.

There were many people who had criticized Zhao Fu, but there were also numerous people who were tempted. After all, this was equivalent to $60,000 in the real world. It was very easy to obtain people in the Heaven Awaken World, as all one had to do was go to a remote village and bring someone back. It wasn't like in the real world where one would be heavily punished for such behavior.

In the face of such massive profits, many people agreed to the terms and asked for more specific details before starting to act.

When he saw this, Zhao Fu was able to rest at ease, and he then took Ly Qinqian to Cowtooth City.