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 Only the five most powerful Legatees who had gathered China's Fate dared to use their Nation Armaments so easily. Apart from Xia, Shang, Zhou, Qin, and Han, other Legatees would have to think twice about using their Nation Armaments in the future.

Apart from China, the Roman Empire seemed to have also used its Nation Armament - it was a spear called the Spear of Destiny.

Egypt had also used their Nation Armament slightly before - their Nation Armament was called the Solar Crown.

These factions only dared to use their Nation Armaments slightly because they didn't have a massive amount of Fate. Because of how big China was, it contained a great amount of Fate, but most of it had gone to the five great Dynasties and their Legatees.

Out of China's five great Dynasties, only the Han Dynasty hadn't used its Nation Armament yet, so their gains were far lesser than the others. Apart from these factions, no other faction had used their Nation Armaments yet.

Zhao Fu didn't know much about different Nation Armaments. This was because the world had a long history, was very large, and had many different nations and empires.

Right now, it was still the early stages, so not many people dared to use their Nation Armaments. Zhao Fu knew that by the late stages, as the nations and empires became powerful, the Nation Armaments would also become incredibly powerful. When that time came, the Heaven Awaken World would become incredibly terrifying and brutal.

Over at Great Xia, Si Ji was quite satisfied with his gains this time. Last time, during the Ten Thousand Flower Festival, he had only gained the eighth-ranked Legendary grade equipment, while he had obtained the fifth-ranked profession this time. He had made quite an improvement.

However, he was apprehensive towards the unknown factions that had obtained the top four professions. Recently, Great Qin had become much quieter than before and hadn't done anything big; therefore, Great Qin wasn't as focused upon.

After hearing his subordinates' reports, it seemed that Great Qin hadn't obtained a single profession, but how could Si Ji believe this? He had already started viewing Great Qin as one of his most powerful rivals, and he wouldn't believe that Great Qin was so weak.

Whenever Si Ji thought about the top four professions, the possibility of Great Qin taking one of them always flashed in his mind. However, according to his spies in East Green, nothing big had happened there.

" _Could it be that Great Qin's not in East Green? What's going on?_ " Si Ji couldn't understand what was going on, but he was still uneasy. He would never have expected that both the top-ranked and third-ranked professions had been taken by Zhao Fu.

Great Shang's Legatee, Di Wutian, stood at a high place and uproariously and domineeringly laughed. He was quite happy with his results this time, and apart from the original ten or so seductive women, there were a few more seductive women standing behind him. It seemed that his harem had yet again increased.

Great Zhou's Legatee, Ji Shenming, wasn't very happy with his gains during the Ghost Festival, but he could only be satisfied with that. He held a banquet for those who had made great contributions, while Great Han's Legatee, Liu Ye, could only sigh and feel disappointed - some unforeseen events had happened this time.

After looking through the Heaven Awaken World forum, Zhao Fu's bodyguard arrived with some food. After quickly eating it, he once again went to the Heaven Awaken World.

After the Ghost Festival finished, there were two main things for Great Qin to do.

The first was to start gaining slaves. Great Qin had now unlocked 21 regions, seven of which were on the boundary with Vietnam. Moreover, many of those regions were heavily influenced by Zhao Fu's Vietnamese residents, and Great Qin controlled them from the shadows.

In the future, Zhao Fu wanted Ly Qinqian to create a faction that gathered not only indigenous residents but also Vietnamese players. At the same time, Zhao Fu would start recruiting people on the Chinese side.

Because it was so chaotic in the boundary regions, there were great profits to be made there.

However, Zhao Fu's aim wasn't just the boundary regions - he would also be gaining a large number of slaves in exchange for selling Shattersteel Iron weapons!

Zhao Fu's plot was somewhat insidious, but he didn't care about the methods he used as long as he could fulfill his goals. However, he wasn't one to be so shameless as to market his cruel plots as something that was grand and heroic.

Out of good, neutral, and evil, Zhao Fu would definitely be neutral, leaning towards evil!

Right now, population was incredibly important to any faction, so it was incredibly rare for a faction to give away people unless that faction was absolutely desperate.

What Zhao Fu wanted to do was to incite discord between various factions and make them fight amongst themselves, reducing them to a state where they had to offer their people. However, if he wanted to do such a thing, he would have to personally go and set up the right conditions in each of the regions. He also needed detailed intelligence to make plans in order for this to work.

Now that Zhao Fu wanted to rapidly gain slaves, he had to encourage warfare. If it was in the real world, he would be lambasted with criticism, which would include violating human rights and destroying peace.

However, Zhao Fu didn't care about any of this - when the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world in the future, an incredibly dark era would descend, and people would start dying permanently. Once he died, he would stay dead, so he understood that he had to start making preparations now, no matter how cruel they were.

Justice? Peace? Benevolence? If there were any people who truly believed in such things and followed them, Zhao Fu would accept their criticism. However, when the time came, there would only be perhaps one in ten thousand people who would hold on to such beliefs - most people would be hypocrites and two-faced.

Moreover, if Zhao Fu wanted to buy slaves with equipment, he would need a massive amount of materials. He had a Bronze Concentrate Mine and could also purchase large amounts of material. High-grade materials were difficult to obtain, but ordinary materials could be bought quite easily.

Finally, if he wanted to carry out his plan, he would have to remain absolutely neutral in all circumstances and couldn't show that he was a threat. Otherwise, his plan wouldn't work out.

The second thing to do was to obtain a large number of Stage 1 corpses and high-grade corpses.

Great Qin would normally obtain some high-grade corpses when attacking other villages, so this wasn't too difficult. However, Zhao Fu couldn't have high requirements and had to settle for A grade corpses if he wanted many of them.

Zhao Fu needed high-grade Grade Orbs to help his soldiers cultivate faster and to increase their comprehension, and he needed Stage 1 corpses to quickly boost their cultivations in the short term.

Right now, out of Zhao Fu's 20,000 soldiers, there were roughly 5,000 of them who were at Stage 0-7 or Stage 0-8 - these were all soldiers who had followed Zhao Fu from the beginning. Most of them were A grade and had relatively high cultivations, and once Zhao Fu obtained a large number of Stage 1 corpses, he would instantly be able to gain 5,000 Stage 1 soldiers.

However, it was very difficult to get a large number of Stage 1 corpses, and only main cities had many of them. What's more, there were very few cities like Battle City; otherwise, with 20 corpses from each city, Zhao Fu wouldn't be so troubled by this.

Could he use some sort of method to make two main cities go to war and collect a large number of Stage 1 corpses? However, the City Lords weren't idiots, and they wouldn't be used so easily. If Zhao Fu failed, he would face the wrath of two main cities.