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 After Darknorth Red Autumn accepted the order, the imperial edict turned into a ray of golden light and entered his forehead. Darknorth Red Autumn exploded with a wave of energy, causing some changes in his body.

A golden light shined from his body, causing his soul-like state to become more corporeal, and he even gave off an imposing and dignified might as his aura became more powerful.

The statue within the temple also changed - the statue of the General changed into one that looked like Darknorth Red Autumn, and it had become one body with Darknorth Red Autumn. The statue had become Darknorth Red Autumn's actual body, the City God's body.

The residents came over to offer sacrifices of incense, as the power of their faith and trust could increase its strength. Even though the City God could absorb faith power and was called a 'god' in the real world, it was just a Ghost World official and was quite far away from an actual god.

"System announcement! You have successfully appointed a City God and obtained a bonus 15% suppression of evil creatures. You can now summon up to 300 Yin Soldiers and possess even greater protection."

Right after the appointment was successful, Zhao Fu received a system announcement.

Standing by the side, the Black and White Impermanences looked at Darknorth Red Autumn in admiration. In the Ghost World, a City God was a very important official. It turned out that the City God position was quite easy to obtain - no wonder their clan was desperate to make them come to this world.

After appointing the City God, Zhao Fu spent some Yin Coins to summon another 270 Yin Soldiers.

Following this, Zhao Fu and his subordinates tallied their total gains from the Ghost Festival. This time, the greatest beneficiary of the Ghost Festival was, without a doubt, Great Qin.

In terms of professions, out of the 'ten Great Professions,' Great Qin obtained the top-ranked profession, Hundred Ghost Illusionist; the third-ranked profession, Ghost Summoner; and the ninth-ranked profession, Netherghost Archer. These professions were incredibly powerful and would become Great Qin's main forces in the future.

Even though not many people could change into those professions, there would most likely be things in the future that could increase the number of soldiers that those professions could have. For example, Zhao Fu's King's Ring could increase the limit of the number of soldiers per profession, though it only applied to professions at B grade or below.

During the Ghost Festival, Zhao Fu spent most of his money buying various items required to survive through each night. However, the gains from this were tremendous - they had obtained more than 90,000 Ghost Treasure Sacks; 50,000 City God stones, which would allow him to create 5,000 City God Temples; and countless Upgrade Stones.

After opening the 90,000 or so Ghost Treasure Sacks, apart from items and skills, there were also equipment and materials. After turning the materials into equipment, they would have obtained 46,000 pieces of Silver grade equipment.

Even a normal system main city wouldn't have so many pieces of Silver grade equipment. There were even 73 Treasure sacks from Sky Ghosts, which gave 37 pieces of Gold grade equipment. Finally, there was also Zhao Fu's Epic grade Slaughtering Ghost Sword.

Who else could have gained so much? Great Qin's achievements could only be rivaled if a few other factions combined all of their achievements.

This was all because of everyone in Great Qin - none of them had relaxed at all during the Ghost Festival, and they had all made great contributions to the gains that Great Qin had received.

Seeing how exhausted everyone looked, Zhao Fu ordered everyone to stop working and rest for a day, and he held a massive celebratory banquet.

Upon hearing this, all of Great Qin's people cheered, and Great Qin finally had the lively atmosphere of a festival.

They held the banquet very soon, and Zhao Fu personally gave out rewards and commendations to the leaders, soldiers, and residents who had made great contributions. Afterward, the banquet officially began.

Zhao Fu didn't like loud and lively places, so he didn't participate. He sat in the main seat and smiled as he watched everyone laughing and drinking.

"Your Majesty, I want to go to a main city again!" Asani walked over to Zhao Fu's side and asked somewhat nervously, her eyes full of hope.

Zhao Fu turned to look at Asani and smiled - she had worked hard during the Ghost Festival, so he nodded and agreed. However, Zhao Fu was somewhat worried for her safety, so he told her to bring Liu Mei whenever she went out.

When she saw that Zhao Fu had agreed, Asani happily laughed as she skipped away, looking incredibly vivacious and cute. As for Liu Mei, she had one foot on a table as she competed in a drinking contest with others.

Afterward, Zhao Fu saw that the banquet was going to finish soon, so he left first. He decided to go back to the real world to see if anything had happened.

After his consciousness returned to the real world, Zhao Fu opened his eyes, and that familiar wave of hunger assaulted his stomach and mind. He could only ask his bodyguard to order some food for him while he opened his laptop and went into the Heaven Awaken World forum, looking at the gains of each of the major factions.

Out of the 'ten Great Professions,' the top four were claimed by unknown factions - this caused Zhao Fu to chuckle, as he was the one who took two of the four.

Surprisingly, the fifth-ranked profession, Berserk Ghost, was obtained not by a system faction but by Great Xia's Legatee.

The sixth-ranked profession, Evil Ghost Saberman, was obtained by Great Shang; the seventh-ranked profession, Ghostmonster Cavalry, was obtained by Great Zhou; the eighth-ranked profession, Great Ghost Shieldbearer, was obtained by a system faction, Divine Ghost City; the ninth-ranked profession, Netherghost Archer, was obtained by Zhao Fu; and the tenth-ranked profession, Tenghost Warrior, was obtained by Great Han.

The eleventh-ranked profession was obtained by Abyss, a system faction; the twelfth-ranked profession was obtained by an Egyptian faction; the thirteenth-ranked profession was obtained by Great Tang; the fourteenth-ranked profession was obtained by an unknown faction; and the fifteenth-ranked profession was obtained by the Roman Empire.

Most of the first 15 professions had been obtained by players, and only a few of them had been obtained by system factions. This would happen more and more in the future, as this world was a world that players would dominate - this was unchangeable.

After reading through this information, Zhao Fu was quite surprised to see that Arthur Pendragon's descendant, who had done quite well during the Ten Thousand Flower Festival, wasn't listed here.

Could it be that she was one of the unknown factions? That didn't seem likely, as she had even revealed that she had obtained the seventh-ranked equipment, Sacred Heaven, back then. What's more, Zhao Fu had heard some things about her on the internet - she believed in the way of light and was someone who was just, humble, trustworthy, virtuous, and valiant. As such, many people were willing to follow her. She was an absolute powerhouse in the west, and her fame was even greater than the Roman Empire Legatee's.

With her personality, she wouldn't hide anything - could it have been that she wasn't interested in the Ghost Festival? Zhao Fu couldn't understand what was going on.

Apart from this, Zhao Fu also read that Great Xia, Great Shang, and Great Zhou had all used their Nation Armaments during the Ghost Festival.

Their Nation Armaments had revealed incredible power, shocking the normal players and becoming a hot discussion topic.