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 [Slaughter Ghost Sword]+3: Grade: Epic, Stats: Strength +30, Intelligence +25, Constitution +20, Agility +20, Description: A terrifying sword formed from one of the most powerful Ghosts in the Ghost World, the Ghost of Slaughtering.

The Slaughtering Ghost Sword's stats were similar to the Sky Demon Sword's stats. However, it was a pity that one could only receive the bonus stats from one weapon, so it was useless carrying two swords around.

The +3 was the number of times the sword had been strengthened. Zhao Fu had quite a few Ghost Strengthening Stones, but each of them cost 200,000 Ghost Crystal Points.

Just then, Zhao Fu had used seven Ghost Crystals Stones. The fourth strengthening would require eight Strengthening Stones, and the fifth would cost 16 Strengthening Stones. With the number of Ghost Strengthening Stones he had, he would be able to do a fourth strengthening but not a fifth strengthening.

After doing a fourth strengthening, the Slaughtering Ghost Sword's stats became slightly more powerful, and its grade slightly rose, becoming a superior Epic grade weapon.

The Sky Demon Sword watched Zhao Fu use these Strengthening Stones with admiration, and to it, those rays of ghostly qi entering the Slaughtering Ghost Sword looked incredibly splendorous and comfortable - Sky Demon somewhat missed the first time Zhao Fu had upgraded it.

"Owner, I want it as well!" Sky Demon said in an expectant and pitiful voice.

When he heard this, Zhao Fu felt slightly surprised before realizing that Sky Demon was once again asking for the General Soul. Zhao Fu needed that General Soul to fuse a General Armament, so he immediately refused.

"Ahhhhhh!!" Sky Demon yelled angrily, venting out its anger and feelings of being wronged. The Slaughtering Ghost Sword had received much better benefits than it, and as Zhao Fu's first weapon, Sky Demon felt very displeased.

When he saw this, Zhao Fu felt quite helpless and comforted it by saying, "In the future, I'll help you obtain some Demon Strengthening Stones, alright?"

When it heard Zhao Fu, Sky Demon immediately cheered up and smiled, saying obediently, "Mm, okay! Thank you, owner!"

Once again witnessing how fast Sky Demon's attitude could change, Zhao Fu was speechless and tied the Sky Demon Sword and Slaughtering Ghost Sword to his waist before heading to the City God Temple.

Now, Zhao Fu wanted to upgrade the Gold grade City God Temple to Legendary grade. Any Legendary grade item was incredibly rare and powerful - after all, the Great Qin Town was a Legendary grade Town.

Because of how rare they were, Legendary grade things were equally as powerful, so Zhao Fu wondered what a Legendary grade City God Temple would be like. He didn't hesitate as he took out the violet upgrade stone and chose to use it.

The violet upgrade stone turned into a ray of violet light and shot into the temple, causing it to once again shine with that mighty and dignified golden light. The structure once again became larger and more imposing.

"System announcement! Congratulations, your City God Temple has been upgraded to Legendary grade."

"System announcement! Your City God Temple has unlocked the ability [City God]."

After receiving these two system announcements, Zhao Fu walked into the City God Temple. There were many Yin Soldiers guarding the entrance, and after walking in, he saw the Black and White Impermanences, who had red faces - one could only guess what they had been doing.

Zhao Fu didn't pay them much mind and started looking through the City God Temple's stats:

[City God Temple]: Grade: Legendary, Description: Contains a trace of divine power and can protect the residents of a village, town, or city. It requires sacrifices of incense and can be leveled up. All evil creatures that step within the territory that the City God Temple is in will be suppressed by the City God Temple, which will reduce their strength by 55%. Residents will also receive powerful protection and will have immunity to dark powers.

The suppression of evil creatures had increased to 55%, and the protection power had become 'powerful.' These effects were quite good, but they weren't Zhao Fu's focus. What he was interested in was the second system announcement. He took a look and received another two system announcements

"System announcement! You can spend some Yin Coins to summon a City God, and the City God Temple will receive the normal stats."

"System announcement! Because you are the Legatee of a Dynasty and possess the special Fate item jade Ruler's Seal, you can appoint a City God. The City God will be solely loyal to you. The more powerful the City God is, the greater its stats will become. The City God cannot be a living person, only a Ghost, a dead person, or a powerful soul creature."

City God Temples were commonly seen in real life because most large places had one, especially ancient cities and large cities. This was because residents of a place wanted to believe in an entity that could protect that place.

There were two ways in which City Gods could be appointed:

The first way was for someone who had made great contributions to residents to become a City God through the residents' gratitude towards him or her. The residents could build a temple, create a divine statue, and offer sacrifices of incense, allowing that person to become a City God.

The second way was for the Emperor to appoint someone. An Emperor possessed the Fate of an empire, which could change the very manifestation of nature. As such, he had the ability to use an imperial edict to make a person a City God.

Because Zhao Fu had fulfilled the second condition, he could either spend some Yin Coins to appoint a City God, who would receive the normal stats, or he could appoint a City God.

The first way seemed too ordinary, and the second way seemed much more attractive. However, who should he appoint? For Ghosts, Zhao Fu had 30 Yin Soldiers, and the Black and White Impermanences. However, they already had their own roles and couldn't become a City God.

Alternatively, Zhao Fu could choose people who had died but still had intact souls - Zhao Fu didn't have any such people. The final option was to use a powerful soul creature. The only one that Zhao Fu had right now was the General Soul.

Of course, the General Soul would definitely be powerful enough, and the City God appointed from the General Soul would definitely have incredible stats.

However, Zhao Fu wanted to use the General Soul to fuse into a General Armament - this made Zhao Fu feel torn. After thinking it over for a while, Zhao Fu decided in the end to use the General Soul.

This was because he would have to find ten Skeleton Generals to fuse ten General Souls into a General Armament - who knew when that would happen? As such, Zhao Fu decided it was better to put the General Soul to use right now.

This required some preparations on Li Si's part, as he had to first write an imperial edict. Afterward, Zhao Fu stamped it with the Imperial Ruler's Seal.

After being stamped by the Imperial Ruler's Seal, the ordinary paper instantly started to glow with a golden light, making it so that all of the remnant ghostly qi didn't dare to come close due to the Fate it contained. Zhao Fu was still quite weak right now, but after he became more powerful, his imperial edicts would become holy orders that could cause all evil creatures to flee in terror.

Zhao Fu placed the General Soul on the General statue as Li Si declared the imperial edict, "Accepting orders from heaven, the Emperor so declares: In these chaotic times with Ghosts running amok, I appoint thee as the Great Qin Town's City God, protecting all residents within."

After reading this out, the General Soul shined with a white light and floated into the air, turning into a well-built man who half-kneeled on the ground and loudly replied, "My name is Darknorth Red Autumn! I accept the imperial edict and thank Your Majesty for your divine favor!"