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 "Owner, you already have me, but you're taking in another one?" Sky Demon said in Zhao Fu's mind as it acted pitifully and incredibly wronged.

When he heard its words, Zhao Fu felt that Sky Demon was right - he already had a sword, so he didn't need a second sword. In that case, who should he give this sword to?"

"I only listen to the command of the one who subdues me!" a cold and resolute voice suddenly said in Zhao Fu's mind - this voice belonged to the Ghost Queen, the Ghost of Slaughtering.

As such, Zhao Fu could only dispel that thought in frustration. Seeing that it couldn't change this, the Sky Demon could only unhappily harrumph. In the future, any good things that Zhao Fu obtained would be split between it and this new sword, and Sky Demon wouldn't be able to monopolize everything.

Just as Zhao Fu was about to put the Slaughtering Ghost Sword into his King's Ring, its voice once again said in his mind, "Prepare a sheath for me as well; I also want to be worn at your waist!"

"Ai, don't overstep your bounds!" Sky Demon angrily yelled immediately, feeling that its place was going to be taken.

Slaughtering Ghost ignored Sky Demon, and never paid any attention to it at all. This caused Sky Demon to angrily curse at it, and Sky Demon even came out of its sword to fight with Slaughtering Ghost.

Zhao Fu couldn't help but laugh and reassure Sky Demon before picking up a violet stone. This was something that the Ghost Queen had dropped after it had dissipated and entered the blood-red sword.

This violet stone was about as big as a pebble and a square shape. It had a flat and smooth surface and felt cold to the touch.

[City God Temple Upgrade Stone]: A mysterious stone that can upgrade a Gold grade City God Temple into a Legendary grade City God Temple.

When he saw this item, Zhao Fu became delighted, and he put it away. He looked around and found that his forces had dealt with most of the Ghosts, so he took Ge Nia and Little Sha back to the town walls.

Afterward, the next few waves of Ghosts were quickly dealt with by Great Qin. When a trace of sunlight came over the mountains and the darkness retreated, everyone knew that the Ghost Festival had finally ended.

This allowed many people to let out a sigh of relief - the memories that the Ghost Festival had left them with were simply too monstrous. Whenever night fell, residents would tightly close their doors and refuse to go out.

Zhao Fu ordered his people to tally their gains from the final night. They had obtained 2.5 million Ghost Crystals in total, as the Ghosts had stopped attacking after midnight. Most of the 2.5 million Ghost Crystals had been obtained before midnight.

Moreover, apart from countless Ghost Treasure Sacks and City God Stones, they had also obtained 50 or so Treasure Sacks from Sky Ghosts.

Zhao Fu then took these Ghost Crystals with him to the Orc City and once again exchanged equipment for Ghost Crystals. This time, the Orc City only had 50,000 Ghost Crystals. After putting them away, he didn't leave immediately.

Rather, Zhao Fu discussed the next deal between Great Qin and the Orc CIty, exchanging equipment for population. The Orcs were a warlike race - with so much new equipment, they wouldn't be using them for defense but for warfare. After obtaining so much new equipment from Zhao Fu, they would become much more powerful, resulting in a bloodbath for those around them. However, this wasn't Zhao Fu's problem, and he even hoped they would fight more. This was because Zhao Fu required a large number of people as population was something that he would never have enough of.

That was why Zhao Fu supported, and even encouraged, the Orcs to go to war. That way, he would be able to obtain a large number of captives from the Orcs.

Orcs normally enslaved those who were weaker than them, easy to control, and didn't resist. They normally enslaved Outlander races like Gnomes, while they normally killed humans.

As for Zhao Fu, he accepted any intelligent race that was willing to submit to him!

Gunador didn't directly accept - after all, he wasn't stupid. He realized that there were benefits but also costs to this sort of exchange.

However, Zhao Fu had taken out many pieces of Silver grade equipment as bait, which finally convinced Gunador to accept.

After striking this deal, Zhao Fu became quite happy and took his Ghost Crystals to the Exchange Stone Stele to see what was left.

After looking through the list of remaining items, there wasn't much that caught Zhao Fu's eye. He remembered how good the Evil-Crushing Spears' effects were and realized that he only had six left. He would need many of them in the future, so he bought 20 of them in one go. After this, he spent his remaining Ghost Crystal Points on some other miscellaneous things that weren't too important.

After going back to the Great Qin Town, Zhao Fu went to an empty plot of land and took out the Slaughtering Ghost Sword. By now, Zhao Fu had already prepared a sheath for it - it was made of Black Bloodwood, a Silver grade material. Whether it was its color or attributes, the sheath suited the Slaughtering Ghost Sword very much.

After taking out the Slaughtering Ghost Sword, Zhao Fu also took out a grey stone that gave off ghostly qi - this was a Ghost Strengthening Stone. Because the Slaughtering Ghost Sword was nearly at Epic grade, Zhao Fu wanted to use the Ghost Strengthening Stones to help it break through.

After using the first Ghost Strengthening Stone, it turned into ghostly qi that entered the Slaughtering Ghost Sword. However, after devouring that ghostly qi, there were no changes within the Slaughtering Ghost Sword.

Zhao Fu took out two Ghost Strengthening Stones, and after consuming those two Ghost Strengthening Stones, the Slaughtering Ghost Sword finally had some changes. However, it still didn't break through.

When it saw this, Sky Demon became jealous, but it was a pity that these were Ghost Strengthening Stones while it was a demon sword. Their attributes clashed, so it wouldn't be able to use them.

At that moment, Zhao Fu took out four Ghost Strengthening Stones and used them. The ghostly qi from the Strengthening Stones wrapped around the Slaughtering Ghost Sword, and the Slaughtering Ghost Sword seemed to be affected by some sort of energy and floated in the air.

It gave off a blood-red light, and a gray light was wrapped around by the light as the Slaughtering Ghost Sword seemed to go through a transformation.

Suddenly, the clouds in the sky swirled as clouds of ghostly qi appeared in the sky, forming a layer of gray clouds that was hundreds of kilometers wide.

The Slaughtering Ghost Sword, surrounded by ghostly qi, absorbed all of the ghostly qi around it. The gray light disappeared as the blood-red light became more powerful.

At that moment, ghostly souls appeared in the sky, and they looked like the countless stars surrounding the moon. They respectfully and terrifyingly cried, giving all living creatures in the surrounding ten-kilometer radius area a big fright, making them think that the Ghost Festival wasn't over yet.

Finally, the Slaughtering Ghost Sword slowly descended, and the abnormal signs in the sky slowly disappeared. Zhao Fu caught the Slaughtering Ghost Sword and once again looked at its stats.