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 A trace of green blood flowed out of the lips of the Ghost Queen as the Ghost Queen fell. Seeing the demon image rushing at it, it twisted its body and gathered a massive amount of ghostly qi around its sword, causing it to give off a shocking light.

The Ghost Queen used the momentum from twisting its body to vigorously slash out, unleashing a 20-meter long blood-red sword light. It gave off an incredible sound as it split the demon image in two, turning into motes of black light.

Just as that happened, Zhao Fu tightly gripped an Evil-Crushing Spear and sent his King's Power into it, causing it to give off a blinding silver light as mysterious runes flowed around it.


Zhao Fu threw the Evil-Crushing Spear with all his might, and the air was torn as the Evil Crushing Spear turned into a silver ray of light as it shot towards the Ghost Queen.

The Ghost Queen had only just managed to split the demon image with great difficulty, and it was unable to dodge or block this attack at all.

"Arghhh!!" the Ghost Queen cried out and coughed up a mouthful of blood as its abdomen was pierced by the Evil-Crushing Spear. Even though the Evil-Crushing Spear soon turned into motes of silver light, a terrible wound was left on the Ghost Queen's abdomen. What's more, there was white smoke pouring out from that injury, and the Evil-Crushing Spear's energy continued to wreak havoc within the Ghost Queen's body.

At that moment, Zhao Fu took out another Evil-Crushing Spear as he looked at the Ghost Queen, who was still falling. He threw it with immense strength, causing it to streak through the air like a meteor as it flew towards the Ghost Queen.

"Arghhh!" the Ghost Queen roared and gathered all of its strength into its sword and vigorously swept out with it, knocking the Evil-Crushing Spear away.

However, immediately afterward, five rays of silver light with extraordinary power flew towards the Ghost Queen, causing it to feel incredibly shocked. It used all of its strength to defend, causing blood-red sword light to fly everywhere. However, in the end, an orb of silver light exploded in the sky, and the Ghost Queen's body powerlessly fell to the ground.

Zhao Fu walked over with his sword in hand. The Ghost Queen hadn't died yet and was only heavily injured. It shakily stood up as it coldly glared at Zhao Fu.

Now, the Ghost Queen was injured in three areas: the first wound was in its abdomen, the second was in its left shoulder, and the third was in its left leg. Right now, all three places were sizzling with white smoke.

By now, even if the Ghost Queen wasn't dead, it wasn't very dangerous. With how heavily injured it was, it no longer had much strength.

Facing the Ghost Queen's cold gaze, Zhao Fu remained expressionless and held the Sky Demon Sword as he walked over. He wouldn't have mercy on her just because she was beautiful.

Zhao Fu slashed out with his sword, bringing with it a sharp arc of light towards the Ghost Queen.

The Ghost Queen raised its sword with great difficulty and blocked Zhao Fu's strike, but Zhao Fu immediately raised his sword again and struck down, forcing the Ghost Queen to block again.


The Ghost Queen once again blocked Zhao Fu's sword, but its body feebly retreated a few steps. When he saw this, Zhao Fu frowned - even now, he was unable to kill the Ghost Queen.

"Hmph!" Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed as he sent a massive amount of King's Power into the Sky Demon Sword, causing it to shine with a terrifying sword light and give off a monstrous and demonic aura.

"Arghhh!!!" The Ghost Queen could tell that Zhao Fu was trying to deal a fatal blow and exploded out with all of its remaining strength, sending it into the blood-red sword. Her sword wildly gave off blood-red light and boundless killing intent.

Zhao Fu slashed out with all his might, and the Ghost Queen also slashed out in response.


A massive explosion sounded out as the black and blood-red energies collided, resulting in a berserk gale around them. However, in the next second, the Ghost Queen's body flew backward and crashed ten or so meters away.

Zhao Fu's expression was cold as he walked towards the Ghost Queen. With its injuries, it was most likely on its last breath, and it looked quite pitiful. Zhao Fu decided to be merciful and give her a quick and easy death, and he slowly raised his sword as it gave off a sharp black light.

Just as the sword was about to descend towards the Ghost Queen, Zhao Fu's movements suddenly stopped - he found that there was something within the Ghost Queen's gaze as it looked at him.

Zhao Fu met her gaze and felt quite confused, not understanding what the Ghost Queen was trying to convey. However, just as Zhao Fu's sword descended, the Ghost Queen's body collapsed into ghostly qi but didn't dissipate; rather, it entered the blood-red sword.

Upon losing its owner, the blood-red sword lost its blood-red luster and turned into an ancient-looking sword. It was full of chips and cracks and looked blunt. Although it looked simple, it was a red-black color as if it had been stained by countless people's blood.

This useless-looking sword looked completely different from that powerful sword the Ghost Queen had wielded before. However, it gave off the feeling that it was some divine weapon that had become trash.

However, the sword still gave off a dense killing intent, and without this killing intent, Zhao Fu would have thought that it was completely useless, and he wouldn't have bothered to even inspect it.

Zhao Fu bent down, and as his hand touched the hilt, an icy feeling came up from the sword and entered his body.

Zhao Fu's movements paused as a scene appeared in his mind!

He was in a chaotic time where war was rife and commoners were displaced or killed. Everyone went hungry, and corpses filled the wilderness.

She had once been the big miss of a large family, and she had been moved by the troubles in the world. She put down her embroidery and took off her beautiful clothes to take up arms and end those chaotic times.

During her lifetime, she participated in countless battles and was acclaimed to be a heroine among women. However, she was unable to end those chaotic times and was killed in a cruel battle.

In that scene, the sky was dyed red, and a cold wind that chilled to the bone howled. Anyone who felt this wind would feel as if his or her body was being frozen, and there were countless soldiers' bodies lying on the ground, their blood forming small creeks. Not a single person had survived this battle.

She lay within a pile of corpses covered with fresh blood. Her eyes stared soullessly into the blood-red sky as she slowly died - this was her life.

She had killed countless people during her lifetime, and after dying, she had become an incredibly terrifying Ghost of Slaughtering who wandered the earth.

The scene ended, and Zhao Fu came back to his senses. He picked up the sword on the ground and stood up, thinking back to the scene he had just seen. It was most likely the memories of the Ghost Queen. No wonder her Domain looked like that; it was because that was the scene she remembered when she had died.

At the same time, Zhao Fu could feel that the Ghost Queen was within this sword, and she seemed to have become an equipment spirit - or had she always been like this?

Zhao Fu was quite confused, and he looked at the sword's stats:

[Slaughtering Ghost Sword]: Grade: Half-Epic, Stats: Strength +20, Intelligence +15, Constitution +10, Agility +10, Description: A terrifying sword formed from one of the most powerful Ghosts in the Ghost World, the Ghost of Slaughtering.

"Hahaha..." Zhao Fu had never thought that the Slaughtering Ghost Sword would be a Half-Epic grade weapon. It was the same as the Sky Demon Sword when he had first obtained it, and it was incredibly close to breaking through to Epic grade.