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 Just as massive black sword light was about to hit the Ghost Queen and kill it, the Ghost Queen exploded out with its true power.

"Arghhh!!!" the Ghost Queen womanly yelled. When the Ghost Queen yelled, it had a feminine and soft quality to it.


As the Ghost Queen yelled, it released a terrifying power as a pillar of blood-red light rushed up into the sky. Blood-red energy spread out from the center, forming an energy barrier that covered a thousand meters.

The area within the barrier seemed like a completely different world. The sky was completely blood-red, and it seemed desolate and bleak as the bone-piercing wind howled. There were countless soldiers' corpses on the ground, and their blood gathered into small creeks. Their weapons were either stabbed into the ground, lying by their owner's corpses, or destroyed. It was the scene after a horrific battle.

The Ghost Queen had created a high-grade Domain. It had turned an image within its mind into a world, a domain where it was the sovereign.

The Ghost Queen's aura was powerful to the extreme, and it was to the point that its aura could even twist the space around it. Its blood-red eyes seemed to shine with light, making them extremely eye-catching in the darkness.


The Ghost Queen's sword hummed as it slashed out a ten-meter long blood red arc towards Ge Nia. This arc of light was incredibly sharp and seemed to tear the air apart. It was also incredibly fast, and it arrived before Ge Nia in the blink of an eye.

Ge Nia was quite surprised and quickly blocked with his sword. A muffled explosion sounded out as the blood-red arc of light collided with Ge Nia's sword, causing him to slide back by ten or so meters and leave deep marks in the ground before he stopped.

In the Ghost Queen's Slaughterfield Domain, not only did the Ghost Queen receive incredibly powerful buffs, but its enemies were also greatly suppressed.

Ge Nia's sword skills were exquisite, but because he didn't have his own Domain, he was completely suppressed by the Ghost Queen. Ge Nia's sword skills, which were his trump card, were becoming more and more ineffective as he could feel himself growing weaker.

After sending Ge Nia back ten or so meters, the Ghost Queen's body blurred before appearing before Ge Nia, raising its blood-red sword high as it slashed downwards.


The blood-red sword descended, bringing with it a monstrous amount of power and creating an explosion. Rocks and sand were sent flying into the air as a five-meter-wide crater appeared in the ground. At the edge of the crater, Ge Nia had used his sword to defend against this terrifying destructive power, but he now looked quite wretched.

Following this, the Ghost Queen once again disappeared and reappeared in front of Ge Nia. At the side, after seeing this, Zhao Fu knew that Ge Nia wouldn't be able to win against the Ghost Queen. As such, he took out a round stone - it was the Unsealing Stone.

Zhao Fu closed his eyes as he pressed the Unsealing Stone against his chest and softly yelled, "Unseal!"

The Unsealing Stone turned into an orb of light and entered Zhao Fu's body, immediately unsealing the azure energy sealing Zhao Fu's power. Zhao Fu's full power erupted from within him, causing a large amount of King's Power to rush out of him.

Zhao Fu once again opened his eyes, a black light flashing within them. His eyes were completely black. His aura had become many times more powerful, and it was filled with dignity and overbearingness.

At that moment, Ge Nia was once again sent flying by an attack from the Ghost Queen and crashed to the ground. A trace of blood flowed out from his mouth as he looked at the Ghost Queen seriously.

"Ge Nia, you can step back now." When he heard Zhao Fu's voice, Ge Nia turned and looked at Zhao Fu, who was using his full-strength. His heart trembled as he quickly retreated to the side.

The Ghost Queen turned its head, its blood-red eyes looking at Zhao Fu, who was giving off a massive aura. Its face became serious, as it could sense how powerful Zhao Fu was.

Zhao Fu also looked at the Ghost Queen as he held the Sky Demon Sword. He raised his other palm towards the Ghost Queen, on which his King's Seal appeared.

A formless energy swept out as an area with black dragon inscriptions appeared. If he wanted to deal with the Ghost Queen, he had to use his Domain to fight against the Slaughterfield Domain.

Zhao Fu knew that his Domain couldn't rival the Ghost Queen's Slaughterfield Domain yet, which covered a thousand meters, so he chose to only make it cover ten meters. This increased its strength, and it would guarantee that he wouldn't be affected by the Slaughterfield Domain.

The Ghost Queen turned and rushed at Zhao Fu, ferociously attacking him. Its sword shot out with blood-red light as it chopped down towards him, giving off a fearsome aura.

Zhao Fu raised his sword, which shot out with black light, and parried the Ghost Queen's sword.


A massive explosion sounded out - this wasn't from their swords colliding but from the black King's Domain and the blood-red Slaughterfield Domain clashing. It was as if two worlds had collided.

This created a massive shockwave that blasted outwards like a wild gale, and the ground beneath their feet also disintegrated.

"Arghhhh!!!" the Ghost Queen once again roared as its sword flashed towards Zhao Fu. Its attacks were difficult to see with the naked eye, and they were incredibly fast. Because of this, Zhao Fu was instantly suppressed and forced to defend.

Facing the Ghost Queen's ferocious attacks, Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed as he yelled, "Sky Demon Slash!"

The Sky Demon Sword burst forth with black light and an incredibly piercing sword qi, and Zhao Fu was able to send the Ghost Queen back ten or so meters, freeing himself from its suppression.

However, right after being knocked back, the Ghost Queen immediately charged at Zhao Fu like a cannonball, and it used some sort of skill to create thousands of phantom images of itself.

Zhao Fu was quite surprised and used his sword to block the Ghost Queen's sword, but the thousands of phantom images continued to stream towards him.


Zhao Fu was sent flying and crashed to the ground. He glared at the Ghost Queen as a trace of blood leaked from his lips - he had underestimated the Ghost Queen.

Zhao Fu wiped away the blood, and the Ghost Queen once again attacked. In response, Zhao Fu stabbed the Sky Demon Sword into the ground, from which a massive amount of demonic qi streamed out and entered the ground, dyeing the surrounding 20-meter radius area completely black.

When the Ghost Queen entered this region, it immediately realised that something was off. It could detect the power of two separate terrifying Domains - this was the combination of Zhao Fu's King's Domain and the Sky Demon Sword's Sky Demon's Domain.

The Ghost Queen immediately tried to retreat, but it was already too late.

Zhao Fu raised his hand, and a black spike that was ten or so meters long and as thick as an arm shot out from the ground, piercing upwards towards the Ghost Queen.

The Ghost Queen was given a big shock and immediately gathered a massive amount of ghostly qi to block it.


A muffled explosion, which was accompanied by a delicate cry of pain, sounded out as the Ghost Queen's body was sent flying 100 meters into the air.

Zhao Fu drew the Sky Demon Sword from the ground, and the demonic qi returned to the Sky Demon Sword. He raised it and pointed it towards the Ghost Queen as it fell.

A massive image of a demon flew out, and it brought with it a massive amount of demon's might as it rushed towards the Ghost Queen.