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 Zhao Fu's gaze was incredibly sharp as he looked at a Sky Ghost flying towards him. He tightly gripped the spear and threw it as hard as he could at the Sky Ghost.


The Evil-Crushing Spear shined brilliantly, bringing with it immense power as it turned into a silver streak and arced through the air. In just the blink of an eye, it pierced through a Sky Ghost's chest, causing green blood to splatter everywhere.

The Sky Ghost looked incredibly shocked as it fell from the air. It had been unable to dodge the spear at all, and it collapsed into ghostly qi, signaling its death.

Zhao Fu turned to look at another Sky Ghost and threw another Evil-Crushing Spear. Another ray of silver light shot out, successfully killing another Sky Ghost. These Evil-Crushing Spears were simply too powerful.

Nearby, ten people in white clothes raised their hands and aimed at the Sky Ghosts flying towards them. Suddenly, a sun diagram appeared on their hands as a ray of Holy Light energy shot towards the Sky Ghosts.

After being hit, the Sky Ghosts howled painfully as their bodies gave off white smoke. Immediately, the elite Archers shot the 500-year-old peach wood arrows into their hearts. The 500-year-old peach wood felt like searing-hot iron arrows, instantly incinerating their hearts and killing them.

The Heaven Awaken World was made up of many different cultures, and it felt quite strange using western-style magic against eastern monsters. However, their sources were the same, though their usage was slightly different.

Under their attacks, the 50 Sky Ghosts were quickly killed, and most of the ordinary Ghosts under the town walls had also been dealt with. It seemed that this wave of Ghosts had been successfully destroyed by Great Qin's forces.

Suddenly, an aura like that of a mountain's descended, weighing on everyone's hearts. This aura caused everyone's slightly-relaxed faces to instantly look nervous.

Everyone turned to look at a terrifying figure that slowly appeared within everyone's vision.

It looked like a woman with a slender body wearing a set of red-black armor. Her black hair fell to her shoulders, and her face was extremely pretty. However, her blood-red eyes were incredibly cold and emotionless.

She gave off a dense blood-red aura that was filled with boundless killing intent, and this terrifying aura seemed to cause the air around her to freeze.

As she appeared, everything fell silent, and even the sound of the wind disappeared. The Ghosts around her all prostrated themselves on the ground as they trembled and looked incredibly fearful.

Zhao Fu's expression became grim - he could sense how powerful this Ghost was. This was most likely a Queen-level Ghost.

"Bai Qi, I'll leave things here to you," Zhao Fu said as Little Sha, Ge Nia, and he jumped down from the town walls and walked towards the Ghost Queen.

Just as he had taken a few steps, a few Six Paths Ravenous Ghosts leaped towards him. A few sword lights flashed, and without Zhao Fu having to do anything, Ge Nia had easily dealt with the Six Paths Ravenous Ghosts.

As they advanced, many Ghosts who still had some fighting power charged at Zhao Fu, but he didn't need to attack. In fact, he didn't even slow down or pause because as soon as Ghosts came near, sword lights and blood-red lights would flash from Ge Nia and Little Sha's attacks, dealing with them instantly.

The Ghost Queen held a blood-red sword that gave off a sense of killing intent, and its cold gaze fell on Zhao Fu's body. It seemed to sense that Zhao Fu was the Lord here, and it walked to meet him.

Both sides slowly drew closer to each other, and when they were within ten meters of each other, they both stopped. None of the other Ghosts dared to come close, and the Ghost Queen didn't hide the killing intent in its eyes. Just as it was about to attack, Little Sha took the initiative and strangely appeared beside the Ghost Queen, his dagger drawing a sharp arc of light as it slashed the Ghost Queen's throat.

However, the Ghost Queen casually swept out with its sword, sending Little Sha flying.

Even though Little Sha was quite powerful to other people, in front of the Ghost Queen, he was still a bit too tender. After being sent flying, he didn't receive very heavy injuries, and he angrily started to rush at the Ghost Queen again.

However, Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and signaled for him to stop. Little Sha could only return to Zhao Fu's side. At that moment, Ge Nia raised his sword and started to walk towards the Ghost Queen.

The Ghost Queen coldly watched as Ge Nia walked closer and closer. Suddenly, it slashed out with her sword, causing a blood-red sword light to fly towards Ge Nia!

Ge Nia remained expressionless as he also slashed out with his sword, sending out a sharp white sword light.


The blood-red sword light and the white sword light clashed, causing a metallic clashing sound to ring out. Sword light scattered everywhere as the two attacks neutralized each other - it seemed that the two of them were on equal ground.

The Ghost Queen's blood-red eyes stared at Ge Nia, and it became serious as the true battle unfolded.

The Ghost Queen brandished its sword, chopping down at Ge Nia again and again. Each strike was extremely ferocious and contained immense killing intent, making its strikes seem quite terrifying.

Ge Nia parried while also responding with his own attacks. Even though he didn't attack very frequently, each strike brought with it a trace of fatal danger, forcing the Ghost Queen to either evade or block.

_Clang! Clang! Clang!_

The battle between the Ghost Queen and Ge Nia was incredibly intense, and clanging sounds continuously rang out as sword light flew everywhere. This generated a sharp sword wind that could even cut leaves that were ten meters away.

The Ghost Queen suddenly slashed horizontally, sending out a five-meter-long blood-red arc of light that seemed to be able to split mountains and was incredibly monstrous. Ge Nia was unable to dodge to the left or right, so he kicked off the ground and flipped through the air before landing behind the Ghost Queen. However, at that moment, the Ghost Queen reversed its sword, stabbing backward towards Ge Nia's chest.

Facing this sudden attack, Ge Nia vigorously twisted his body, narrowing avoiding the stab. He simultaneously attacked, his sword stabbing towards the Ghost Queen's unprotected armpit.

The Ghost Queen's gaze became cold, and the Ghost Queen exploded with an even more powerful aura. The blood-red aura around her became many times more powerful, and this energy sent Ge Nia stumbling backward.

The Ghost Queen grasped this opportunity and rushed towards Ge Nia, once again stabbing towards him.

Facing the Ghost Queen, who was even more powerful than before, Ge Nia knew that he wasn't a match for it. As such, he could only use 'that' power. When the Ghost Queen stabbed towards him, Ge Nia suddenly closed his eyes before suddenly opening them. A black light flashed in his eyes as a black symbol appeared on his forehead - it was Zhao Fu's King's Seal.

When the King's Seal appeared, Ge Nia's aura became many times more powerful, and his body gave off traces of black King's Power. This King's Power wasn't Ge Nia's but Zhao Fu's.

Now that both sides were more powerful, the battle became even more intense. The rays of sword light from their battle slashed into the ground, resulting in many large and small gashes in the ground.

At that moment, Ge Nia trembled as his sword hummed and stabbed at the Ghost Queen incredibly quickly. Facing this dangerous strike, the Ghost Queen had to dodge, causing Ge Nia's attack to miss. However, it was able to cut a few of the Ghost Queen's hairs.

Just as the Ghost Queen was about to attack, Ge Nia suddenly changed his attack, smashing his sword against the Ghost Queen, who had just dodged. The massive force sent the Ghost Queen several meters away, causing the Ghost Queen to lose its balance.

Ge Nia took this opportunity to unleash a fatal attack. A massive black sword light that contained an incredibly sharp aura covered the Ghost Queen. However, at that moment, the situation suddenly changed!