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 Even though the night was quite difficult to get through, they obtained significant gains. In total, Great Qin collected three million Ghost Crystals this time, and Zhao Fu once again went to the Exchange Stone Stele to see if there was anything left that was worth exchanging for.

After looking through it closely, he found that there were still a few things of value to him. The first was a formation called the Four Corners Sealing Formation, which was set up through four stone steles. Each of them had, respectively, an Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise engraved on them, and the formation had incredible sealing powers.

The Four Corners Sealing Formation cost four million Ghost Crystal Points, so Zhao Fu didn't hesitate to buy it. No matter if it was the Sunblaze Emperor Immortal Formation, Yin General Ghost-Killing Formation, or this Four Corners Sealing Formation, they were all things that Zhao Fu needed to kill a god.

These things, along with the Six Wood Absolute Barrier, would be used for suppressing, sealing, attacking, and space-locking.

After all, his target was a god, and because Zhao Fu didn't want anything to go wrong, he had to make sufficient preparations.

After purchasing the Four Corners Sealing Formation, Zhao Fu looked at the next item that had caught his eye.

It was a spear that was completely made of talisman papers, and it looked incredibly mysterious and profound.

[Evil-Crushing Spear]: A spear completely made from Holy Sun Spirit Talismans that can deal a massive amount of damage to evil creatures. This item can only be used once.

The Evil-Crushing Spear was a one-time consumable that would disappear after being used. As such, Zhao Fu bought 16 of them - not only would they help with the final night, the seventh night, of the Ghost Festival, but they would also be incredibly helpful when taking down a demon god.

After buying the Four Corners Sealing Formation and the Evil-Crushing Spears, Zhao Fu spent 20 million Ghost Crystal Points in total. He had 10 million Ghost Crystal Points remaining, so he continued looking at the other items.

After looking around, his gaze fell on a piece of equipment.

It was a piece of inner armor that was made of some unknown material. It was a snow-white color and looked quite simple and plain.

[Great White Armour]: Grade: Gold, Stats: Strength +6, Constitution +10, Agility +4, Intelligence +4, Description: An inner armor with powerful defensive abilities. It is incredibly comfortable to wear.

Not all equipped equipment gave stat bonuses - each person could only receive stat bonuses from six of his or her equipment: one from the weapon, two from defensive equipment, and three from accessories.

Zhao Fu didn't normally like wearing armor, but he felt that this inner armor suited him. Its stats were also quite good, so he decided to buy it.

With his remaining Ghost Crystal Points, Zhao Fu bought ten or so Ghost Strengthening Stones, as they were quite rare, and some talisman papers to deal with the powerful Ghosts on the final night.

Each night of the Ghost Festival was more terrifying than the last, and now that the grand finale had come, Zhao Fu had to make sufficient preparations.

By now, Zhao Fu had more or less finished collecting everything that he needed for his God-Refining Plan. After collecting one more item, Zhao Fu would be able to put his plan into motion.

Soon, dusk fell, and beautiful, fiery clouds could be seen on the horizon. While watching the setting sun and looking at those clouds, anyone would marvel at the beauty of dusk.

After the sun completely set, darkness descended, and ghostly qi rose up from the ground, seeming to fill the entire world. An eerie and creepy atmosphere filled every corner, and all creatures seemed to fall silent.

A blood-red moon appeared in the sky, dyeing the heavens and earth red. As the blood-red moonlight fell on the ground and bathed countless Ghosts, their eyes became blood-red, and they looked incredibly vicious, no longer seeming as simple and dumb as before.

The Ghosts once again appeared on the horizon, their blood-red eyes making them look extraordinarily terrifying.

_Rumble_ ...

The ground violently trembled as the countless Ghosts formed a massive tsunami, wiping out everything in their path. Their momentum seemed to be able to annihilate the heavens and earth as they rushed towards Great Qin, their roars seeming to herald the apocalypse.

Trees were destroyed, and rocks fragmented - the ground that the Ghost tsunami passed over was flattened and filled with a deathly aura.

Soon, the massive tsunami, bringing with it a shocking aura, arrived at the Great Qin Town, and it was just 100 meters away from the town walls.

_Swish, swish, swish_ ...

Powerful arrows and bolts tore through the air, making it sound as if the air was exploding as they rained down.

_Chi, chi, chi_ ...

Dense waves of arrows and bolts shot down, but they didn't slow down the tsunami at all. By now, Zhao Fu had brought the entire town to arms, and even though they shot countless arrows, they were still unable to stop the tsunami.

Soon, this massive tsunami was about to collide with the town walls!

"Skreeeeee!!" the Golden Crow cried as a small sun once again appeared in the sky, its blinding light shredding through the darkness and illuminating the world.

"Arghhh!!!!" the countless Ghosts howled, but because of the support from the bloody moon in the sky, they didn't immediately die. The most terrifying ones were a massive crowd of Six Paths Ravenous Ghosts who were still able to attack in spite of the searing heat and light.

Immediately, all of the ballistae stopped attacking the ordinary Ghosts and focused their fire on the crowd of Six Paths Ravenous Ghosts. With the ballistae now attacking as well, the Six Paths Ravenous Ghosts were quickly suppressed.

However, the terrifying ordeal wasn't over yet. 50 or so Sky Ghosts suddenly appeared in the sky, and their power couldn't be doubted. In the past few days, there had only been a maximum of ten or so appearing at once, yet 50 of them had simultaneously appeared this time.

Under the intense white light, the Sky Ghosts only seemed a bit weaker. They were naturally quite powerful, and because they were being buffed by the blood-red moon, they were able to attack fearlessly.

Now that it was the final night, Zhao Fu didn't hesitate to take out arrows that were made of 500-year-old peach wood, dipped in high-grade spirit beast blood, and covered in high-grade talismans. He gave these arrows to his elite archers.

At the same time, Zhao Fu ordered all of the underground exploration teams, who had been recalled to help, to attack the Sky Ghosts. They had Holy Light skills and equipment and could deal a massive amount of damage to Ghosts.

Moreover, Zhao Fu ordered all of his Generals, his best fighters, to help deal with the crowd of Sky Ghosts.

Ge Nia and Little Sha didn't stay by Zhao Fu's side. Instead, they went to kill Sky Ghosts, while Zhao Fu took out an Evil-Crushing Spear and tightly gripped it as he sent his King's Power into it.

The Evil-Crushing Spear shined with a brilliant silver light as runes moved across it, and it gave off an evil-suppressing power that caused the ghostly qi within ten meters of him to retreat.