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 Nobody would be able to withstand such anger. After spending so much effort and feeling anxious this entire time, he saw the profession that he was just about to buy suddenly disappear. How could anyone endure such a thing? It was like seeing a woman one had been wooing for ten years suddenly run off with someone else!

Li Baiqing almost went crazy, and he hated the person who took the Netherghost Archer profession to death. At that moment, all he wanted was to skin that person.

On the side, Xue Rengui and a few other of his Generals quickly calmed him down. In the end, Li Baiqing could only set his eyes on the thirteenth-ranked profession because the first twelve were all gone.

Zhao Fu didn't know about any of this. After obtaining the Netherghost Archer profession, he returned to Great Qin and looked at the Netherghost Archer profession's stats in detail.

Just as its name suggested, it was an Archer profession. The profession had special archery skills, and it also gave more Agility.

Some of the powerful skills it had were: [Ghost Eyes]: Allows one to accurately and tracelessly lock onto enemies, [Netherghost Arrow]: An arrow with Ghost's Power, [Ghost Crowd Arrow]: A crowd-attack skill that creates five ghostly figures who continuously attack.

Overall, even though the Netherghost Archer profession couldn't compare to the top three professions, it was still a good profession. Zhao Fu was quite pleased and smiled.

Following this, he went to prepare many things for the fifth night. Soon, night descended, and the Ghosts were even more ferocious than before. In fact, some of Zhao Fu's soldiers and residents were wounded. However, there weren't many injuries, so things weren't too bad.

They obtained 2.6 million Ghost Crystals this time, and Zhao Fu once again went to the Exchange Stone Stele.

By now, the Ghost Festival was reaching the end, so the 40 professions had all been claimed. When he saw this, Zhao Fu was somewhat disappointed because he wasn't able to gain any more special professions.

However, Zhao Fu was already content - after all, he had obtained three of the top 10 professions. Who else could do such a thing?

Since there were no more professions, Zhao Fu turned to look at the other items. With the Ghost Crystals he had left from the previous day, he had 42 million Ghost Crystal Points, so he wasn't afraid of not having enough.

Zhao Fu's gaze fell on an item. Because the focus of the Ghost Festival rewards was professions, many of the items were related to professions as well.

The item that had caught Zhao Fu's attention was a Military Profession Upgrade Stone!

[E grade Military Profession Upgrade Stone]: A type of mysterious stone that can upgrade a military profession's strength. It can increase the grade of an E grade profession by one Step.

This Military Profession Upgrade Stone could only be used on E grade professions. Great Qin Soldier was an E grade profession, and Zhao Fu had long since felt that the Great Qin Soldier profession's grade was too low. With this Upgrade Stone, he would be able to raise it to E+ grade.

This Military Profession Upgrade Stone cost 10 million Ghost Crystal Points, and although it seemed expensive, Zhao Fu thought that it was worth it. After all, there was nothing else that was worth buying.

[D Grade Military Profession Upgrade Stone]: A type of mysterious stone that can upgrade a military profession's strength. It can increase the grade of a D grade profession by one Step.

D Grade Military Profession Upgrade Stones could only be used on D grade professions, and Great Qin had many D grade professions, such as General. There were also the special professions of the various races, though many of them were D- grade.

However, Zhao Fu didn't plan on giving them the Upgrade Stone. Instead, he was going to keep it for when the Great Qin Soldier profession rose from E+ grade to D- grade.

This was because the D Grade Military Profession Upgrade Stone was simply too expensive - a single one cost 30 million Ghost Crystal Points, and it was five million Ghost Crystal Points more than even the top-ranked profession.

This showed how difficult it was to raise the grade of a profession. If it wasn't for the Ghost Festival, Zhao Fu would have no idea how to raise the grade of his professions.

After buying the two types of Upgrade Stones, Zhao Fu's fortune immediately vanished.

After purchasing these Upgrade Stones, Zhao Fu planned to go back and upgrade the Great Qin Soldier profession when he suddenly saw someone familiar - it was a woman with a gentle and soft temperament.

"Zhao Xin! Long time no see! Where have you been?" Jiang Rou smiled as she walked over. She was going to buy some items when she surprisingly met Zhao Fu. Even though Zhao Fu was wearing his cloak, she was still able to recognize him instantly.

"Mm, have you been well?" Zhao Fu smiled as he looked at Jiang Rou, deliberately avoiding her question.

When she heard Zhao Fu's words of concern, Jiang Rou felt a slight warmth in her heart, and her smile became even sweeter. After catching up for a bit, Jiang Rou decided not to bother Zhao Fu as she knew that he was quite busy.

After talking with Jiang Rou, Zhao Fu received some information. Afterward, he went to the Westfall Restaurant and called Guo Binglin to the side. He asked her about some things regarding Holy Light City.

Recently, the Zhou family's faction had been growing quite quickly - it seemed to have to do with the Great Ming Dynasty. After all, Great Ming had a Dynasty-level Legacy, and it was a massive figure to these ordinary families. Because of Great Ming, everyone let the Zhou family have their way, allowing them to develop quickly. However, they also became quite arrogant.

This caused Zhao Fu to slightly frown - he hadn't expected that Great Ming's hand would stretch to where he was. Even though he didn't really care about the Zhou family, he would probably have to respond in some way.

Zhao Fu didn't want to act for now if they didn't provoke him, as there was no benefit to him, and it simply wasn't necessary. However, if the Zhou family made trouble for him, he would definitely destroy them.

After returning to the Great Qin Town, Zhao Fu went to the Barracks and used the E Grade Military Profession Upgrade Stone, raising the Great Qin Soldier profession to E+ grade. After looking at the profession, he saw that both the stats and skills had become slightly better than before.

In the remaining time, he started to prepare for the sixth night!

The Ghosts on the sixth night were even more ferocious and violent than previous nights, and they were much stronger too. What's more, many more Ghosts appeared within the town than normal, and even Evil Ghosts appeared. If it wasn't for the City God Temple's suppression, normal Evil-Warding Talismans would have been unable to stop them.

Without good defensive measures, countless residents would be injured, which was why the City God Temple was especially important.

Now, even fewer people dared to come out at night because that was equivalent to seeing death. It was much more difficult for each of the factions to kill Ghosts now.

This was the same on Zhao Fu's side as well. However, it was easier for them because they had a Gold grade City God Temple, the Yin General Ghost-Suppressing Formation, and the Sunblaze Emperor Immortal Formation. Even so, they made it through the sixth night with great difficulty.