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 Within a fog of ghostly qi, two figures appeared. One was wearing white clothes with a tall hat that had 'Blessings of Prosperity' written on it, while the other wore black clothes and had a tall hat with 'Peace on Earth' written on it.

This was quite normal, but surprisingly, both of them were women. They had delicate features and looked extremely beautiful. One had tanned skin, while the other had white skin. Similarly, one had black hair, while the other had white hair, and they also had incredibly seductive figures. This was especially so for their large breasts, which were simply perfection.

At this moment, the two women were tightly pressed together, their faces red and their clothes disheveled as their long tongues intertwined. What's more, they were panting heavily, making those who saw them fantasize.

The two women's actions were quite intense - one pressed the other on the ground, and their hands roamed around each other's bodies, causing their clothes to almost fall to the ground, revealing a lot of skin.

Upon seeing this scene, Zhao Fu stared in disbelief. He had never thought that he would see such a thing - were these really the savage Black and White Impermanences who caught Ghosts?

Did he make a mistake? Zhao Fu looked at their descriptions and found that they were indeed Black and White Impermanences. Following this, Zhao Fu looked to see if there was a way to get a refund. He felt completely ripped-off with these Black and White Impermanences.

Zhao Fu wanted ferocious beings who could catch Ghosts, but when he saw that these two women were becoming more and more intense, he decided to put an end to this.

"Ahem!" Zhao Fu looked quite awkward as he softly coughed, causing the two indulgent women to come to their senses.

"Ahh!" the White Impermanence cried out. Only now had she discovered that there was someone else around. A red blush appeared on her face as she quickly pulled up her clothes to cover her chest.

The Black Impermanence also paused in surprise and looked around before noticing the system announcement she had received. Only after looking at it did she realize what was happening, and she casually pulled her clothes around her and covered herself before smiling at Zhao Fu.

The two of them tidied themselves up before paying their respects to Zhao Fu and greeting him, "Respected Lord!"

The White Impermanence's face was still flushed, and she looked quite embarrassed when facing Zhao Fu, not daring to look at him directly. As for the Black Impermanence, she looked as if nothing had happened and maintained a calm smile.

Zhao Fu didn't pay too much mind to what had just happened, and he asked them why both of them were women when the legends said one male and one female. He then also asked what their names were.

Following this, Zhao Fu found out that there were actually many Black and White Impermanences within the Ghost World, though female Black and White Impermanences were in the minority. Most of them were male.

He also learned that the White Impermanence was named Bai Xiaoxi, while the Black Impermanence was named Hei Xiaojie.

After hearing about these things, Zhao Fu left to prepare for the battle at night. The battle the previous night had been quite dangerous, and because most of the talisman papers on the town walls had been destroyed, he had to prepare them again.

When she saw that Zhao Fu had left, Hei Xiaojie flirtatiously smiled as she hugged Bai Xiaoxi's slender waist and said, "Xiaoxi, let's continue from where we left off!"

Bai Xiaoxi pushed Hei Xiaojie away and glared at her with an embarrassed look as she replied, "No way! It was all your fault that our bodies were revealed to Respected Lord, and it is because of you that we left a bad impression on him."

In response, Hei Xiaojie giggled, "What are you so embarrassed for? Respected Lord is a future Emperor, and he might even take us as concubines in the future. Those old fellows in our clan saw Respected Lord's massive Fate and potential, which was why they pushed us out. This is a big matter, and after the heaven tribulation transformation, our clan wants us to establish a relationship with him. If Respected Lord becomes powerful, it'll be very beneficial to the clan!"

Bai Xiaoxi understood, and even though she looked somewhat unwilling, she couldn't resist and could only look sad.

Hei Xiaojie took advantage of this. She put her arm around Bai Xiaoxi's petite frame and groped her large chest with practiced ease, after which some things that cannot be described happened.

Time quickly passed, and soon, the sun went beneath the horizon, and the stars came out. By now, Zhao Fu's subjects had finished covering the town walls with talisman papers, and their preparations were complete.

This was the fourth night of the Ghost Festival, and the Ghosts were becoming more and more ferocious. People didn't have to go out to look for them; the Ghosts now started to take the initiative to attack.

Because Zhao Fu had the reversed Allmonster Warding Talisman and the Deathcry Flute, large numbers of Ghosts attacked. Although it was quite tiring for Great Qin's forces, they were still able to destroy them easily.

Following this, the clock struck 12 again as the ghostly moon began to change. This time, Zhao Fu told Asani to stop playing the Song of Paradise - he still hadn't forgotten the terrifying scene from the previous night.

The Ghosts tonight were already incredibly fierce and tough, and Zhao Fu didn't want anything unexpected to happen. He just wanted tonight to pass safely. As such, he didn't allow Asani to play the Deathcry Flute at midnight.

Following this, Zhao Fu's intuition was proven correct. A massive Ghost horde formed, and it was only slightly smaller than the previous night's. As such, Zhao Fu could only once again use the Sunblaze Emperor Immortal Formation to suppress and kill these Ghosts.

After this chaotic time passed, everyone was able to relax, and the rest of the night passed easily.

Early the next morning, the sky turned blue again, and the silver moon still hung faintly in the sky. During this time, Zhao Fu ordered his people to collect and tally the Ghost Crystals.

This time, they had collected slightly less than the previous night: 2.4 million Ghost Crystals, roughly 10,000 Ghost Treasure Sacks, and countless City God Stones.

By now, Zhao Fu had an innumerable number of City God Stones, but he had no use for them. His City God Temple was already Gold grade, and they couldn't be used to upgrade it anymore. As such, he put them away in case they would be useful in the future.

Zhao Fu once again went to Holy Light City's Exchange Stone Stele and looked through the items. By now, Zhao Fu had 31 million Ghost Crystal Points - some of them were left over from the previous day, and some of them was from the Orc City.

Because it was the fourth day, many of the top-ranked professions had been claimed, and only the ninth-ranked profession, Netherghost Archer, out of the top ten was remaining. As such, Zhao Fu didn't hesitate to spend 18 million Ghost Crystal Points to buy it.

At that moment, Great Tang's Li Baiqing, who had, through great difficulty, finally gathered enough Ghost Crystals, was just about to purchase it too. When he saw that it had disappeared, flames of fury erupted out from him as he gnashed his teeth and roared, "Who did this?!?!"