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Suddenly, at this key moment, a massive bird's cry sounded out, seeming to pierce through the clouds and spread out in all directions.

The entire Great Qin Town gave off a white light as a figure that wasn't very big spread its wings and flew from the center of the town.

It was a crow-like bird with a wingspan of two meters that was covered in golden feathers. It had three feet, and its entire body burned with golden flames, giving off an intense heat that seemed to twist space.

This was a Golden Crow - legends said that it was a sun that had become a bird. However, this wasn't the real Golden Crow, but a Golden Crow created by a magic formation. This magic formation was the Sunblaze Emperor Immortal Formation. It was something that Zhao Fu had bought with two million or so Ghost Crystal Points.

The Golden Crow brought with it an intense fiery aura that caused the countless Ghosts to all pause - they all completely despised this sort of aura. As the Golden Crow flew into the sky and gave off a blinding light, it looked like the rising sun, and countless Ghosts fell in terror.

"Skreeee!!!" the Golden Crow cried again as it spread its wings, causing the golden fire around its body to expand outwards and explode with a powerful Fire-attribute energy. The fire seemed to become an orb of light around its body, and the instant that it formed, it gave off searing heat and looked like a darkness-destroying sun.

"Arghhh!!!!" Under this terrifying light, white smoke rose up from the Ghosts' bodies as they screamed in pain. They were being burned by the light, which was thousands of degrees, and they rolled around on the ground, trying to reduce the pain. Soon, their bodies became traces of ghostly qi as Ghost Crystals fell to the ground.

By now, the Golden Crow had become a sun that was ten meters wide and hung high in the sky, giving off light that covered hundreds of kilometers. It was extremely eye-catching and made it seem like it was daytime, causing even the eerie aura to retreat.

The Golden Crow completely obliterated the gray tsunami - countless ordinary Ghosts died under the light, while some of the stronger Ghosts still had a bit of their strength and used it to desperately retreat. However, how could Zhao Fu just let them go? He immediately ordered for them to be chased down and killed.

Standing on the town wall, Zhao Fu looked at the Sunblaze Emperor Immortal Formation's terrifying effects and had a satisfied smile on his face. When he saw that they had killed most of the Ghosts, he decided to stop using the formation.

After all, this formation consumed energy stones - in just ten or so minutes, it consumed thousands of energy stones, which was tens of thousands of gold coins. The price of using it was too great, so unless it was incredibly crucial, Zhao Fu wouldn't use it. After buying so many defensive items, Great Qin was now lacking money.

After 12 AM passed, the ghostly moon in the sky returned to its former state. The next few waves of Ghosts were no longer as terrifying, and they were easily destroyed by Great Qin.

The sun gradually rose in the east, signaling that a new day had come. Zhao Fu ordered his people to count the drops from this night. This time, they had obtained 2.6 million Ghost Crystals, even more than the previous night - most of it was from that Ghost tsunami.

Furthermore, there were also 10,000 or so Ghost Treasure Sacks, and Zhao Fu also collected eight City God Upgrade Stones from Sky Ghosts.

Zhao Fu only needed five City God Upgrade Stones from Sky Ghosts to raise the City God Temple to Gold grade, but Zhao Fu temporarily didn't upgrade it. This was because Zhao Fu had 2.6 million Ghost Crystals, which was equivalent to 26 million Ghost Crystal points. The second-ranked profession only cost 23 million Ghost Crystal Points.

Zhao Fu was quite excited and immediately went to Holy Light City. He came before the Exchange Stone Stele and prepared to buy the second-ranked profession.

However, what surprised Zhao Fu was that the second-ranked profession, Ghost Whisperer, had already disappeared. Who had taken it? It seemed that he couldn't be careless. It was already the third day of the Ghost Festival, and he wasn't the only one who had been presented with opportunities. He shouldn't have been surprised that the second-ranked profession would be gone.

As such, Zhao Fu bought the third-ranked profession, Ghost Summoner, for 21 million Ghost Crystal Points. Zhao Fu was still quite satisfied with this, and after he did this, he returned to the Great Qin Town.

The disappearance of the second and third ranked professions caused the other factions to feel incredibly tense, and they started to think of all sorts of methods to gain more Ghost Crystals.

After returning to the Great Qin Town, Zhao Fu looked at the Ghost Summoner profession. This profession deserved to be ranked third, as its stats were quite powerful.

As expected, the Ghost Summoner was a Summoning profession that could summon all sorts of Ghosts from the Ghost World. They could summon Yin Soldiers and Yin Generals, who were all quite powerful. If this profession was developed to its peak, they would be able to summon thousands, if not tens of thousands, of Ghosts.

Furthermore, the Ghost Summoners had a few other abilities: They receive the affection of Ghosts, won't be attacked by Ghosts, and can understand Ghosts. They also had a special ability, which was called Ghostform. This skill allowed the Ghost Summoner to fuse with his or her summoned Ghosts, giving the Ghost Summoner immense power. This sort of power was many times stronger than one's own strength. However, Ghostform had many weaknesses, such as slightly reducing one's lifespan and being hard to control.

After looking at the Ghost Summoner profession, Zhao Fu picked another 300 people to change professions, and he asked one of them to use the Ghostform skill.

The soldier squatted down and pressed his hand against the ground as he chanted a few strange syllables.

Immediately, a massive amount of ghostly qi streamed out from the ground, causing a cold wind to blow as a powerful-looking figure appeared beside the soldier.

The Ghost was two meters tall and had taut muscles all over its body. Its skin was ashen-colored, and it had a savage face and two black horns on its head. It gave off a powerful aura and seemed to be a type of Devil Ghost.

Zhao Fu was elated when he saw this - since they were able to summon such powerful Ghosts already, it meant that after they became more powerful, the Ghost Summoners would be able to summon incredibly powerful Ghosts. It seemed that the Ghost Summoners would be very good in the future.

After looking at these things, Zhao Fu once again went to the City God Temple and used the Upgrade Stones dropped by the Sky Ghosts to upgrade it. The City God Temple shined with a dignified golden light, and its structure looked even more majestic than before.

After rising to Gold grade, the City God Temple's stats once again greatly rose. It now suppressed evil creatures' strength by 35%, and the protection was also stronger.

Furthermore, the Gold grade City God Temple unlocked another ability, [Black and White Impermanence]. This ability allowed Zhao Fu to spend some Yin Coins to summon Black and White Impermanences.

Black and White Impermanences were also officials of the Ghost World, and they had a higher status than Yin Soldiers. They were essentially bailiffs responsible for catching Ghosts, and they were also more powerful than Yin Soldiers. The ancient depictions of them looked quite savage, holding leg-irons and handcuffs, and they provided assistance to the good and punishment to the evil.

As a Chinese person, Zhao Fu had heard about Black and White Impermanences, so he spent some Yin Coins and summoned them. However, the scene that greeted him caused his jaw to drop to the ground.