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 As for the last two spots, Zhao Fu decided to give them to Ly Qinqian and Liu Subai. Ly Qinqian would be Zhao Fu's main source of support on the Vietnamese side in the future, so he had to give her a way to defend herself. Liu Subai was the same - she was the first Mayor who had joined Great Qin, so she couldn't remain completely powerless.

These two women weren't suited to direct battles, so the special Hundred Ghost Illusionist profession suited them greatly.

Liu Subai arrived first, and she followed Zhao Fu's order to become a Hundred Ghost Illusionist. Liu Subai was so shocked and happy to be able to receive such a good profession that she hugged Zhao Fu's arm in joy.

Afterward, Ly Qinqian arrived, and seeing another beautiful woman, she realized that she had misunderstood Zhao Fu from before. Why would he set his sights on her when he didn't show any interest to the many beautiful women by his side?

By now, Ly Qinqian had learned Chinese through the Language Stone Stele, and even though she wasn't fluent, it was enough to communicate with others. After arriving, Ly Qinqian paid her respects to Zhao Fu as she said, "Your Majesty!"

When she saw that another pretty woman had arrived, Liu Subai felt a bit jealous. However, when she thought about Zhao Fu's identity, she felt that there was no need to feel that way. As such, she politely smiled to Ly Qinqian.

Ly Qinqian was taken off guard and quite surprised when Liu Subai suddenly smiled at her. She quickly smiled back, and their relationship immediately started off on a good foot.

Zhao Fu didn't notice any of this, and he left after Ly Qinqian changed her profession. After all, there were many things waiting for him to do.

Afterward, he received a piece of good news: the Scholars had finished researching the Advanced Teleportation Channels!

Advanced Teleportation Channels could transport a maximum of 300 people up to 50,000 kilometers away, and they were ten times better than Intermediate Teleportation Channels. With these Advanced Teleportation Channels, things would be much more convenient for Great Qin in the future.

Following this, Zhao Fu asked Bai Shan and the others to research Ultra Teleportation Channels. The higher the grade the better, and because they would be very useful in the future, Zhao Fu asked the Scholars to continue researching teleportation channels.

Zhao Fu then went to take care of the many matters at hand and prepared many things. Time quickly passed, and soon, the sun had set, and that eerie ghostly qi once again came out from the ground, signaling that the world of ghosts was about to descend.

Great Qin easily dealt with the waves of Ghosts before 12 AM, but as the clock struck twelve, the ghostly moon in the sky once again shined with a blood-red light. It was no longer hazy-looking. Instead, it was a pure blood-red colour.

These changes caused the countless Ghosts below to roar even more intensely, and it was to the point that their horrible roars filled the heavens. All who heard the roars were terrified, and this was guaranteed to be another sleepless night for many.

Asani was standing on the town wall and lightly brought the Deathcry Flute to her lips as deathly flute music sounded out.

"Roarrr!!! Roarrrr!!!!! Roarrrrr!!!!"

The countless Ghosts seemed to be affected by some sort of stimulant, and they madly roared. They rushed over the horizon and looked like a massive tsunami, causing the ground to rumble. Wherever the gray tsunami passed, trees were decimated, and living creatures were slaughtered.

Zhao Fu was quite shocked when he saw this destructive tsunami, and he immediately gave the order to attack!

Swish, swish, swish...

Countless powerful arrows shot out with great force, tearing through the air and seeming to rip apart the sky.

Chi, chi, chi...

The countless arrows descended like a torrential rain, killing Ghost after Ghost. However, these countless arrows seemed wholly ineffective against the overwhelming gray tsunami.

The terrifying tsunami brought with it horrible roars, and the Ghosts continued to rush towards Great Qin, wanting to rip apart its defenses.

"Soldier Aura Formation!" Bai Qi coldly yelled as he once again summoned the massive blood-red eagle, which brought with it a berserk gust of wind as it rushed towards the terrifying tsunami.

Chi, chi, chi...

The two sides quickly clashed, and the berserk wind was like countless blades sweeping through the Ghosts. Countless Ghosts were pierced by numerous blades, causing them to instantly dissipate into ghostly qi.

However, the Ghost tsunami wasn't weak. Hundreds of Six Paths Ravenous Ghosts opened their mouths and shot out ghostly qi bombs at the blood-red eagle.

Facing so many attacks, the blood-red eagle twisted its body, circling around most of them. However, the Ghosts' attacks were too dense, and it was unable to dodge all of them. Ten or so of the ghostly qi bombs hit the eagle and exploded, causing the eagle to almost fall from the sky.

Only after flying around in a circle for a while did the blood-red eagle stabilize itself and look down furiously. It stretched its wings and leaned forwards before diving down, bringing with it a massive wave of killing intent.

Bang, bang, bang...

This time, the blood-red eagle used its massive body, which was hundreds of meters wide, to collide with the gray tsunami, causing countless Ghosts to be sent flying. The blood-red eagle flew against the ground, unable to be stopped by any Ghost. It was like an unstoppable tank, steamrolling everything in its way.

This finally caused the terrifying tsunami to slightly pause, but that was all. The blood-red eagle had only stopped a portion of the Ghosts, and the rest of them continued to flood towards the Great Qin Town.

The Ghosts' terrifying roars and immense momentum caused many of Great Qin's people to feel terrified. Everyone had a serious look on his or her faces and felt quite nervous because every single one of them knew how dangerous the situation was.

Zhao Fu's expression was also quite grim as he stood on the town wall and surveyed the battlefield. As he watched the terrifying tsunami come closer and closer, he knew it was time to use that.

"Ge Nia, you can use that item now!"

Beside him, Ge Nia obeyed and started giving out orders. By now, the gray tsunami had come within 10 meters of the town walls, and soon, it smashed against the talisman paper-covered town walls.

When they collided with the Ghosts, many of the talisman papers burst into flames and were incinerated. Only the Gold grade Evil-Warding Talismans continued to shine with golden light, resisting the ghostly qi, but they didn't have much effect.

Savage-looking Ghosts started to climb up the town walls, and they gathered together densely. The soldiers and residents on the town walls vigorously resisted, using arrows, spears, Yang blood, and other weapons.

However, there were simply too many Ghosts, and no matter how Great Qin retaliated, the effects were too small. Whenever they killed a Ghost, another Ghost or even two would take its place.

By now, the town walls were covered with Ghosts, and soon, the Ghosts would be on top of the town walls. If the Ghosts reached the top, it meant that they might be able to break through the Great Qin Town - the consequences would be unimaginable!