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 An eerie wind blew, carrying with it the leaves and branches on the ground, and the clouds in the sky seemed to quickly gather towards Great Qin. The ghostly moon seemed to become hazier, and the ghostly aura became denser and denser. Everyone felt a chill as everyone's hands and feel became colder and colder, and cold sweat gathered on everyone's bodies.

Countless Ghosts roared, and that terrifying sound seemed to echo in the surrounding 100-kilometer radius area. Not a single living creature dared to make a sound, and all huddled together in fear.

This sudden change greatly surprised Zhao Fu, and when he saw this terrible scene, Asani looked at Zhao Fu. In response, Zhao Fu signaled for her to continue playing.

The sorrowful and deathly flute music continued to float over the land.

Suddenly, terrifying figures appeared in the distance, following which the ground started to rumble. This army of Ghosts charged towards Great Qin with massive momentum, and the Ghosts seemed incredibly terrifying.

This time, there were at least 350,000 Ghosts.

Swish, swish, swish...

Bolts and arrows shot out with massive force, streaking through the air and descending on the Ghosts like rain.

Chi, chi, chi...

Many of the Ghosts at the front were mowed down by the bolts and arrows, dissipating into ghostly qi. Even though these bolts and arrows were incredibly powerful, they were unable to stop the onslaught of the Ghosts like last time, and the countless remaining Ghosts continued their charge.

Zhao Fu's expression became serious, and he looked at Bai Qi!

Bai Qi nodded and stepped forwards, drawing the Seven Murders Sword at his waist and raising it as he yelled, "Soldier Aura Formation!"

Traces of blood-colored aura rose up from the soldiers' bodies before gathering towards Bai Qi.

This was the soldier aura from 20,000 soldiers, and it was many times more powerful than the first time Bai Qi had used it!

The countless traces of blood-red aura gathered above Bai Qi's sword, forming a massive blood cocoon.


An ear-piercing cry sounded out as a massive pair of iron wings broke through the blood cocoon, shattering it instantly. Soon, a blood eagle that was hundreds of meters tall appeared from within the cocoon.

After this massive eagle appeared, it brought with it a blood-red gust of wind as it flew towards the Ghost army. The blood eagle was incredibly fast and flew quite low, seeming to pass over the Ghosts' heads. However, the berserk blood-red wind that it brought with it were like sharp blades, slicing countless Ghosts and demolishing a portion of their forces.

The berserk wind that this blood-red eagle brought with it wasn't simple at all. It was formed from the massive killing intent that all soldiers who fought on the battlefield possessed. This sort of killing intent was incredibly fierce and powerful, and normal Ghosts didn't even dare to get near it. It was clear that this killing intent was quite effective against the Ghosts.

The massive eagle flew about above the Ghosts, reducing many of them into tiny pieces and disrupting their unstoppable momentum.

The other soldiers attacked with their arrows, spears, and throwing knives, killing more Ghosts.

Suddenly, just as it seemed that Great Qin had the situation under control, a figure appeared in the air. This figure looked terrifying and was like a Devil Ghost - it had a pair of pure-black eyes and a mouth full of sharp teeth, but it also had a pair of wide wings on its back and a tail. It was wearing black armor and gave off an incredibly powerful aura

This type of Ghost was called a Sky Ghost

A Sky Ghost appeared above the town wall, and its terrifying gaze fell on Asani's body. It stretched out its hand, from which a massive amount of ghostly qi streamed out, turning into a massive hand that was ten or so meters wide as it tried to grab Asani.

The Sky Ghost's attack was incredibly ferocious, and in just an instant, it was about to reach Asani.


Suddenly, a black sword light flashed out, slashing the massive hand and causing it to dissipate into ghostly qi.

Zhao Fu, who expressionlessly looked at the Sky Ghost in the air, blocked the attack and stood in front of Asani.

The Sky Ghost became furious and drew the sharp sword at its waist as it spread its wings and arrived before Zhao Fu like a bolt of lightning. Its sword gave off an eerie gray sword light as it slashed downwards at Zhao Fu.


Zhao Fu easily blocked the Sky Ghost's attack with his sword, which it hadn't expected. Its expression became savage as it used its sword to press down on Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu's gaze became cold, and he gripped his sword tightly, vigorously slashing out with it and forcing the Sky Ghost back.

The Sky Ghost became even more infuriated, and it roared as it once again rushed towards Zhao Fu. At that moment, a white figure arrived at Zhao Fu's side.

Seeing this white figure, Zhao Fu relaxed and put away his sword, turning and saying, "Ge Nia, kill it!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!" Ge Nia replied as he stepped in front of Zhao Fu. When it saw how condescending Zhao Fu was towards it, the Sky Ghost went completely berserk. Its aura gathered as its body blurred, traveling incredibly quickly and stabbing towards Zhao Fu.


A white sword arc that brought with it an incredibly sharp sword qi that seemed to be able to cut anything flashed in front of the Sky Ghost.

The Sky Ghost was given a great fright, and it quickly retreated. Only then did it take a good look at Ge Nia.

Ge Nia was wearing white clothes. He held his sword with one hand, and his other hand was held behind his back. Standing there, his entire body gave off a powerful sword aura, and his cold gaze was fixed on the Sky Ghost in the air.

The Sky Ghost changed its primary target to Ge Nia, and it started attacking him.

After ten bouts, the Sky Ghost cut a sorry figure as it retreated. There was now a cut on its face from Ge Nia, and the Sky Ghost furiously roared as a massive amount of ghostly qi streamed from its body and covered its entire body. Suddenly, ten or so ghost heads burst forth from that ghostly qi and eerily laughed as they rushed towards Ge Nia.

Facing those ten or so ghost heads attacking him from all directions, Ge Nia didn't move from where he stood. Only when they were close enough to attack did he release sharp white arcs of light from above, below, left, and right - in just an instant, Ge Nia had struck ten or so times.

The ghost heads were all caught within the arcs of light and were reduced to ghostly qi. At that moment, a figure suddenly appeared, stabbing its sword with immense force towards Ge Nia's throat.

This attack was incredibly sudden and unpredictable, and it was also ferocious to the extreme, placing Ge Nia in a dangerous situation. Just as the sword was about to stab into Ge Nia's throat, he quickly leaned his head to the side, causing the cold sword to graze past his neck.

The Sky Ghost was quite shocked because it hadn't expected Ge Nia to be able to avoid that attack.

Suddenly, at that moment, Ge Nia also attacked. His sword spewed forth a large amount of sword light as he abruptly stabbed forwards through the Sky Ghost's heart. The Gold grade Ghost-Slaying Talisman on Ge Nia's sword activated, instantly killing the Sky Ghost and causing its body to explode into ghostly qi as a few items fell to the ground.