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 Countless Ghosts flooded over, giving off a fearsome aura. The scene looked like an attack on a city during the ancient warring periods, and it looked quite spectacular.

"Fire!" A roar sounded out in this austere and harsh battlefield.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...

The ballistae bolts tore through the air with immense force, seeming to cause the air to explode.

The momentum of 200,000 Ghosts charging was incredibly terrifying, but the force of the ballistae bolts was even more terrifying. The ballistae bolts were accompanied by countless arrows that shot towards the horde of Ghosts. Anyone who saw this barrage of bolts and arrows would feel his or her hair stand on end and feel incredibly frightened. Those bolts and arrows seemed as if they could kill an evil dragon.

Chi, chi, chi...

The ballistae bolts hit first. Under their immense force, they only stopped after piercing through six or seven Ghosts. In fact, some ballistae bolts nailed even Malicious Ghosts to the ground, killing them instantly.

These ballistae bolts were one finger width wide and 1.3 meters long. They weren't made of mere ordinary peach wood but from 10-year-old peach wood. What's more, they had been bathed in spirit beast blood, and each had three Ghost-Slaying Talismans stuck on them. It could be said that these ballistae bolts were specialized Ghost-killing items.

After the ballistae bolts landed, the arrows also descended, stopping the awesome and terrifying momentum of the mad Ghost army. This wave of arrows caused countless deaths, and this was especially so for the ballistae bolts.

Now, there were only two-thirds of the Ghosts remaining, and they scattered as they continued charging. The effects of that wave of arrows were too devastating, and they didn't wish to be wiped out like that.

Swish, swish, swish...

Yet another wave of arrows descended, whittling down their numbers even more.

At that moment, the Six Paths Ravenous Ghosts started to act. They crawled on all four limbs like wild beasts, and their stomachs suddenly bulged as they opened their mouths, releasing a gray ball of gas that was one meter wide.


The gray gas balls quickly flew over to the town walls and violently exploded, decimating ten meters worth of talisman papers. Luckily, the town walls were greatly reinforced, so they stayed intact - otherwise, they would have already cracked.

However, the dozens of Six Paths Ravenous Ghosts instantly cleared a massive area of talisman papers. They didn't attack the Gold grade talisman paper, only the areas around them as those talisman papers had weaker evil-warding powers.

By now, a few Devil Ghosts had already sunken their claws into the town walls and prepared to climb up. They were discovered in time, and they quickly concentrated their fire on them, killing them quickly.

These Six Path Ravenous Ghosts caused Zhao Fu to frown. He thought for a moment and organized 150 Archers. These 150 Archers were Zhao Fu's elites, and all of them were one in a hundred experts.

Their cultivations were mostly at Stage 0-8 to Stage 0-9, and some had even broken through to Stage 1. What's more, all of them held Silver grade bows.

Now, Zhao Fu gave them each a few arrows. These arrows weren't normal ones - they were made of 100-year-old peach wood, stained with the Lord grade Ferocious Tiger's blood, and had Silver grade Ghost-Slaying Talismans stuck to them.

After giving them a few of these terrifying arrows, Zhao Fu ordered them to aim for the Six Paths Ravenous Ghosts. With these elite Archers shooting these incredibly powerful arrows, Zhao Fu's forces were once again able to keep the situation under control.

By now, victory and defeat had already been decided. Most of these 200,000 Ghosts had been killed, but some of the more intelligent Ghosts had been able to escape.

After this battle finished, it was now around 1 AM. The ghostly moon in the sky lost its bloody light and returned to its original state.

Zhao Fu allowed his soldiers to take a short rest and ordered some people to go down and replenish the areas that the Six Paths Ravenous Ghosts had attacked with new talisman papers.

Liu Subai stood at one side and watched this battle in shock. She felt that she had underestimated Great Qin - only now did she know how powerful Great Qin was.

Liu Subai's goal in coming to Great Qin this time was to see how powerful Great Qin was. Even though she had mentally prepared herself, given how powerful Zhao Fu was, she was still completely astounded when she saw all of this herself.

If it was Mountain Willow Town, let alone these 200,000 Ghosts, even if it was just 50,000 Ghosts, they would have been completely annihilated.

Liu Subai's beautiful eyes fell on Zhao Fu, who was rapidly giving out orders, and she smiled to herself. After seeing how powerful Great Qin was, she felt completely at ease.

After a brief rest, another massive wave of Ghosts arrived. However, because this wave only had around 120,000 Ghosts and didn't have any Six Paths Ravenous ghosts, they were easily killed by Great Qin's forces.

However, Zhao Fu wasn't very satisfied with this, and after thinking about it, he decided to use a special item.

A beautiful Elf girl came over to Zhao Fu's side, and looking over at it, Zhao Fu gently smiled as he asked, "Are you ready, Asani?"

Asani looked a bit nervous and afraid, but she did her best to nod confidently. Seeing this, Zhao Fu comforted her in a warm tone, "Don't worry; with me here, I won't let you be harmed at all."

When she heard this, Asani felt a warmth within her heart. She looked at Zhao Fu's face and shyly nodded, putting her trust in Zhao Fu as she took out a jade flute!

This jade flute wasn't an ordinary flute. It was pale white color, and its material was cold to the touch. Because it had been bathed in a deathly aura for a long time, the aura it gave off was quite abnormal, and it felt like an incredibly inauspicious item.

This jade flute was called the Deathcry Flute!

Zhao Fu had obtained this Deathcry Flute a long time ago, and he had never used it before, as its ability to attract Ghosts was too powerful. Back then, when Zhao Fu blew a single note, he attracted over five or six Ghosts.

If its attraction power was so powerful back then, then during the Ghost Festival, a time when there were so many Ghosts roaming the world, just how terrifying would its effects be?

In fact, Zhao Fu had even strengthened the Deathcry Flute's powers. He had spent over 100,000 Ghost Crystal Points to exchange for a Ghost Strengthening Stone.

The Ghost Strengthening Stone was like a normal Strengthening Stone, but it would also give Ghost attributes. After using a Ghost Strengthening Stone on the Deathcry Flute, it greatly enhanced the Deathcry Flute's ability to attract Ghosts.

Apart from this, Zhao Fu had also spent tens of thousands of Ghost Crystals to exchange for a musical score from the Ghost world, 'Song of Paradise.'

This musical score was created by an extremely famous composer. It was said that after composing this musical score, the heavens and earth dimmed, and the sun and moon went dark. Yin and Yang reversed, and countless Ghosts howled.

Even though that story was most likely greatly exaggerated, the Song of Paradise indeed had powerful Ghost attraction powers, and it was an inauspicious song.

Just what would the effects be like when playing the Song of Paradise with the strengthened Deathcry Flute?

Zhao Fu didn't know how to play the flute, so he left this matter to Asani, who was quite good at playing the flute.

Asani gently brought the Deathcry Flute to her lips, and sorrowful, gloomy, deathly flute music started to play.

Immediately, the weather started to change.