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 These items included Ghost-Slaying Talismans, Evil-Negating Talismans, and Evil-Warding Talismans.

These three types of talismans were all must-haves, and each type was sold at five for one silver coin, which equated to 20 copper coins per talisman. Zhao Fu went through many main cities, and he spent three million silver coins to buy 15 million talismans. Moreover, they had already used up most of their black dog blood, rooster blood, and peach wood, so Zhao Fu spent more money on buying those things to amplify the damage against Ghosts.

However, these things were only useful against ordinary Ghosts, and they weren't as effective against Malicious Ghosts or Devil Ghosts.

There were very few high-grade talismans, especially at this point. Most shops didn't sell them, but through his Merchant Alliance's connections, Zhao Fu was able to spend a lot of money to buy 100,000 Blue grade talisman papers.

These talismans were not only very effective against ordinary Ghosts, but they were also useful against even Vengeful Ghosts and Malicious Ghosts. At the same time, Zhao Fu also bought 1,000 Silver grade talisman papers, which could greatly harm even Malicious Ghosts. These talisman papers were all very valuable.

Finally, there were also nine Gold grade talisman papers: four were Evil-Warding Talismans, and five were Ghost-Slaying Talismans. These nine talisman papers were incredibly rare, and each one of them cost 100,000 silver coins.

At the same time, Zhao Fu also spent a lot of money on peach wood. Ten-year-old peach wood could harm Vengeful Ghosts, 100-year-old peach wood could harm Malicious Ghosts, and 300-year-old peach wood could harm Devil Ghosts.

Zhao Fu bought peach wood at a variety of ages, and he bought the most of the cheapest type. After all, the older the peach wood, the rarer it would be. However, Zhao Fu was still quite lucky to buy a piece of 500-year-old peach wood.Next was the Yang blood. Normal rooster blood and black dog blood could be bought in large quantities, and Zhao Fu also bought the blood of some spirit beasts. The Yang Qi that the blood contained was far more potent than in rooster blood, and it was, of course, much more expensive.

In the end, Zhao Fu was also able to obtain a Lord grade Ferocious Tiger's blood. Normal Ferocious Tiger blood contained Yang Qi that was much more powerful than rooster blood by many times, so one could only imagine how powerful a Lord grade Ferocious Tiger's blood was.

Of course, it was said that urine of boys could also ward off evil, but because the smell was too strong and it had the same effects as rooster blood, Zhao Fu chose not to use any. After all, he didn't want the entire Great Qin Town to be filled with the smell of urine.

After preparing all of these things, he had spent eight million silver coins. Even a City Lord would feel heartache over such an amount, but in order to reap the greatest benefits from this Ghost Festival, Zhao Fu decided to go all-out.

Finally, Zhao Fu went to the Exchange Stone Stele, converted his 230,000 Ghost Crystals into 2.3 million Ghost Crystal Points, looked through the list of items. He unexpectedly found an item that he greatly wanted, so he spent 2 million Ghost Crystal Points to buy it.

Apart from Zhao Fu, there was most likely no one else who could spend so many Ghost Crystal Points at once like this. This was because there were very few people who had close to what Zhao Fu had, and most people were saving their Ghost Crystal Points to buy those special professions.

Apart from buying that item to use as a trump card, Zhao Fu bought two more items, leaving him with 50,000 Ghost Crystal Points. Despite spending so many of his Ghost Crystal Points, Zhao Fu felt that it was worth it.

After buying large so many items and exchanging the Ghost Crystal Points for some new items, Zhao Fu was in quite a good mood. He now felt much more confident than before. He let out a breath and stopped worrying about the Ghost Festival. He felt relaxed as he walked through the streets, which were crowded with people buying and selling goods, making it seem quite noisy.

Just like with the Ten Thousand Flower Festival, many people were buying Ghost Crystals, and the average price was 40 silver coins for one. This was double the price of the Flower Tears back then, yet there were still more buyers than sellers.

This was because the Ghost Crystal was too terrifying and too dangerous; many people had wanted to try killing Ghosts, but when they heard those terrifying ghostly howls and saw the sea of Ghosts, many of them were so scared that their legs shook. Thus, they didn't dare to take a step out of their rooms. They could only hide in their rooms until it was all over.

At the same time, the various factions also prepared for the Ghost Festival. They weren't like ordinary players - if they didn't go simply because they were afraid of Ghosts, how could they hope to establish themselves?

Some factions had espers and ability users of various strengths, and dealing with Ghosts was quite easy for them, as that was what they were specialized in.

For example, Great Xia set up a Heaven and Earth Eight Trigram Formation, which could be used to both attack and defend; Great Shang set up a Heavenly Star Formation with absolute defence; Great Zhou had a Six Absolutes Godly Formation, which had incredibly strong attack capabilities; Great Han had the Vast World Formation, which had powerful suppressing abilities; and Great Tang had the Mountain Spirit Immortal Formation, which had suppressive powers and defensive powers.However, while their formations could suppress Ghosts like Zhao Fu's Yin General Ghost-Suppressing Formation, they had to go out to search for Ghosts, while Zhao Fu attracted countless Ghosts to him.

When he thought about that, Zhao Fu was glad that he had been able to meet He Xianru. Since the beginning, she had given him a lot of help.

After preparing these things, Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin and mobilized all of Great Qin's subjects to help with preparations, such as turning the peach wood into arrows and sticking talismans onto the town walls. Most of them had been destroyed the previous night, so they had to replenish them.

Zhao Fu had bought a terrifying number of talismans this time, 15 million, and the town walls were now covered with yellow talismans and looked quite impressive.

This was especially so for the middle of the northern, southern, eastern, and western walls: each of them had a nine meter wide, three meter tall talisman paper made of golden sand, which gave off a powerful and reassuring aura.

These were the four Gold grade Evil-Warding Talismans that Zhao Fu had bought, which had immense evil-warding properties. Even Devil Ghosts would be injured when coming into contact with it.

Everyone in Great Qin was busily making preparations, while the Mountain Willow Town was much more passive. If Ghosts came to attack, they would defend, but they wouldn't go about looking for Ghosts. This was because Zhao Fu had ordered them to focus on mining Shattersteel Iron, as it was very important for Great Qin's future plans in dealing with the Orc City. Time gradually passed, and soon, it was the afternoon. A beautiful sunset glow fell on the Great Qin Town as the bright red sun slowly descended below the mountains to the west.

The instant that the sun set, the ghostly qi that had been suppressed by the sun immediately started spreading again, seeming to cover the sky. Horrifying howls pierced through the air, and the beautiful world instantly became a world of ghosts. All color seemed to disappear, turning into an eerie and lifeless gray-white color.

The atmosphere was many times worse than the previous night, and it seemed that the Ghost Festival was going to become more and more terrifying!