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 These talisman papers were very effective against ordinary Ghosts, but they could only make Vengeful Ghosts feel enraged and were completely useless against Malicious Ghosts. Moreover, Malicious Ghosts were quite intelligent, and they weren't as stupid as normal Ghosts.

There were a few Malicious Ghosts furiously tearing at the talisman papers with their sharp claws, creating a path for ordinary Ghosts to climb up from.

Bai Qi couldn't allow such a thing to happen, so he immediately ordered the Archers to concentrate their arrows at the Malicious Ghosts and ordinary Ghosts at the town walls.

Seeing the Ghosts at the town walls being obliterated, everyone let out a sigh of relief. However, soon, someone quickly came to report, "Commander Bai, there are roughly 10,000 Ghosts coming from the south!"

Another person reported, "Commander Bai, there are approximately 10,000 Ghosts coming from the west!"

"Commander Bai, there are roughly 10,000 Ghosts approaching from the north!"

Now, the situation had suddenly become extremely grim. Bai Qi's gaze became serious. Luckily, apart from the soldiers, they had 20,000 residents on standby. Right now, with the City God Temple, it was virtually impossible for Ghosts to appear within the Great Qin Town, so the 20,000 residents also came to the town walls.

There were four town walls, and they had 20,000 soldiers and 20,000 residents. 5,000 soldiers and 5,000 residents manned each of the walls - Bai Qi was responsible for the east side, Wang Jian was responsible for the west side, Wei Liao was responsible for the south side, and Zhang Dahu and Xiao Jian were responsible for the north side.

There were now Ghosts simply everywhere, and they rushed towards the Great Qin Town like a tsunami and gave off a mighty aura.

Each side of the Great Qin Town was ready, and the instant that the Ghosts came close, the Archers shot peach wood arrows dipped in black dog's blood out of their bows, sending a rain of arrows onto the Ghosts.

Chi, chi, chi...

Countless Ghosts were pierced by the arrows, and they howled in pain and disintegrated into ghostly qi, dropping gray Ghost Crystals.

However, there were still many Ghosts who continued the charge. Another wave of arrows shot out, killing another large portion of the Ghosts. Fortunately, the soldiers' strength was roughly equal to the Ghosts' strength, and with the talisman papers on the town walls, the City God Temple, and the Yin General Ghost-Suppressing Formation, they were able to kill the Ghosts. Even though the situation had seemed quite frightening, it had been resolved without any problems, and they had obtained a large number of Ghost Crystals.

However, before they could relax, they were once again shocked to hear countless ghostly howls everywhere as terrifying figures once again appeared and created a dense horde.

Now, there were at least 20,000 Ghosts rushing at the Great Qin Town from all directions. Apart from ordinary Ghosts, Vengeful Ghosts, and Malicious Ghosts, there was also a new type of Ghost!

This type of Ghost was even more frightening than Malicious Ghosts, and it looked even more savage. Its claws were incredibly sharp and powerful, and it had a pair of pure-black eyes. It had sharp, pointed teeth, and two horns on its head - these were Devil Ghosts!

"Fire!" someone yelled, the yell sounding through the night air.

Swish, swish, swish...

Countless arrows once again tore through the air, drawing arcs before landing in the horde of Ghosts. The Ghosts rapidly fell, but they were quickly replaced by the ones behind them, fearlessly charging onwards.

Very soon, the Ghosts once again reached the town walls and started destroying the talisman papers on the town walls. Bai Qi couldn't hesitate - if he allowed them to destroy the Evil-Warding Talismans, countless Ghosts would climb up the town walls, making the situation incredibly dangerous.

"Pour down all of the rooster blood and black dog blood!" The soldiers obeyed and picked up the buckets of blood, pouring it over. This blood suppressed and harmed Ghosts, and it felt like lava to them. Upon falling on the Ghosts' bodies, the Ghosts screamed in pain as white smoke rose from their bodies.

The buckets of blood temporarily suppressed the Ghost horde, and everyone felt a slight sense of relief before the Devil Ghosts started attacking.

They stabbed their sharp claws into the town walls and seemed to defy Gravity as they quickly ran and jumped up the town walls. They whirled their claws around, immediately hacking a few soldiers to pieces. The soldiers' blood fell on the town walls, and a striking smell of gore spread out, shocking everyone around them.

The Captain-level soldiers immediately rushed up and started to fight with the Devil Ghosts. Because of the soldiers' superior numbers, the Devil Ghosts were quickly killed. There were not many Devil Ghosts, and they were only able to cause a brief moment of confusion on the town walls.

After the Devil Ghosts were killed, the soldiers continued dealing with the Ghosts below. Some fired peach wood arrows, while others threw spears made of peach wood.Facing the Great Qin soldiers' various methods, the Ghosts could only furiously howl while trying to destroy the Evil-Warding Talismans.

Finally, the soldiers were able to finish killing all of the Ghosts. Most of the Evil-Warding Talismans had been destroyed, and there were many cracks and craters in the town walls. After the battle, the soldiers were completely exhausted.

A trace of sunlight came from the east, piercing through the darkness - dawn had finally come. Everyone let out a sigh of relief and collapsed to the ground.

Zhao Fu, who had been watching the battle the entire time, let out a breath. Luckily, Great Qin had been able to deal with the Reversal Talisman's effects. He had been waiting at the City Heart, and once something unexpected happened or if too many Ghosts gathered, he would have canceled out the Reversal Talisman's effects.

Because of the ghostly howls everywhere, many people had been unable to sleep because they were incredibly worried that the Ghosts would charge in. Now that day had finally come and the sun was shining down, the streets became lively and bustling again, and people started to miss these days.

After collecting all of the Ghost Crystals, a report was given to Zhao Fu - they had collected 164,300 Ghost Crystals, 200 or so Ghost Treasure Sacks, and dozens of City God Stones.

They opened all of the Ghost Treasure Sacks - there were Silver grade equipment, materials, and skills, and there were also some other items. The Treasure Sacks dropped by Devil Ghosts all gave exquisite items, but there weren't many of them.

Moreover, the Devil Ghosts dropped a type of City God Upgrade Stone, and ten of them could upgrade an ordinary City God Temple into a Blue grade City God Temple.

They had just so happened to drop ten Upgrade stones, so Zhao Fu planned to go over and level up the City God Temple later. As for the injuries and deaths, because very few people directly fought against any Ghosts, there weren't many injuries. However, when the Devil Ghosts had first jumped onto the town walls, they had caused a few deaths.

After giving out the items from the Treasure Sacks as rewards, Zhao Fu went to the City God Temple and used the Upgrade Stones.

A golden light shot out from the City God Temple, signaling that the upgrade had been successful, and Zhao Fu once again looked at the City God Temple's stats:

[City God Temple]: Grade: Blue, Description: Contains a trace of divine power and can protect the residents of a village, town, or city. It requires sacrifices of incense and can be leveled up. All evil creatures that step within the territory that the City God Temple is in will be suppressed by the City God Temple, which will reduce their strength by 10%. Residents will also receive a slight protection and have some immunity to dark powers.

The Blue grade City God Temple's suppression of evil creatures rose to 10%, and the other stats seemed to also have become slightly stronger. After that battle, Zhao Fu felt that his forces were still somewhat lacking, so he decided to leave the Great Qin Town to take care of some matters.