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 It was now 3 AM, and there were still four hours until the sun would rise. Once the sun rose, the Ghosts would all hide away, making it difficult to find them - unlike the Ten Thousand Flower Festival, one could only gain Ghost Crystals at certain times of the day.

However, even now, Zhao Fu found that he hadn't encountered many Ghosts. It was quite strange - most people were afraid of meeting Ghosts, but Zhao Fu was instead searching for Ghosts.

Was it because his team's aura was too powerful, so any Ghosts by themselves had run away upon detecting them? Zhao Fu wondered why this was. After killing that Malicious Ghost, they had only encountered 30 or so Ghosts, which Zhao Fu wasn't very happy with.

Zhao Fu suddenly thought of something, and he took his soldiers back to the Great Qin Town and gathered all of his forces.

Most of the soldiers had received some injuries, and very few had died. After all, Zhao Fu had made sufficient preparations beforehand. In total, they had collected 26,000 Ghost Crystals, which disappointed Zhao Fu. However, they had collected ten City God Stones.

Zhao Fu was quite excited about this, and he went to an empty plot of land in the town, where he placed the City God Stones in the shape of a square.

"System announcement! You have successfully used the City God Stones!"

A tall and majestic-looking structure slowly appeared. Zhao Fu looked at this structure and found it looked like one of those ancient temples. Zhao Fu walked in and found that on a round stage, there was a two meter tall, exquisitely-carved general statue that gave off a noble aura.

Following this, Zhao Fu looked at the City God Temple's stats:[City God Temple]: Grade: Normal, Description: Contains a trace of divine power and can protect the residents of a village, town, or city. It requires sacrifices of incense and can be leveled up. All evil creatures that step within the territory that the City God Temple is in will be suppressed by the City God Temple, which will reduce their strength by 5%. Residents will also receive a slight protection buff and will have a slight immunity to dark powers.

When this City God Temple appeared, Zhao Fu felt a faint golden light shine from his body. This was most likely the protection, but it was incredibly weak. It would be able to slightly affect normal Ghosts, but it would be easily ignored by more powerful Ghosts.

However, the 5% suppression of evil creatures was quite good - this wasn't just for Ghosts but for all evil creatures.

After looking at the City God Temple's stats, Zhao Fu went to the City Heart and looked at the violet cube floating in the air. Zhao Fu took out a snow-white talisman paper, on which there were strange inscriptions drawn with black ink, that gave off a sense of mysteriousness.

This was the Allmonster Warding Talisman, an extremely powerful type of talisman paper. Zhao Fu had obtained it after killing the Ironback Demon Bear, and it could cause all monsters within a 1,000-kilometer radius area to retreat.

Zhao Fu waved his hand, causing the talisman paper to fly over and hover a few centimeters above the City Heart. Because of the jade Ruler's Seal and the Twelve Metal Colossi, the talisman paper was unable to stick onto the City Heart, but it could still take effect.

The talisman paper gave off a golden light, and formless energy waves rippled out. The Ghosts around and within the Great Qin Town all felt a sense of fear and quickly moved away from the Great Qin Town.Immediately after, Zhao Fu took out another talisman paper. It was half white and half black, and there were many black and white inscriptions on it, making it look quite strange. This was the Reversal Talisman that could reverse the properties of items; it could make white turn into black and black turn into white. Zhao Fu had obtained this talisman from Gu Feng's corpse.

At that moment, Zhao Fu started to feel quite nervous - he wanted to use the Reversal Talisman to reverse the Allmonster Warding Talisman's warding effects into an attraction effect. Who knew what would happen to the Ghosts within a 1,000-kilometer radius area of the Great Qin Town? As such, Zhao Fu couldn't help but feel a bit anxious.

There were great risks, but he had no choice but to do this. When he thought of the three most powerful professions, especially the Hundred Ghost Illusionist, he knew that things would be much more convenient for him in the future if he had that profession.

When attacking villages, he could use 300 Hundred Ghost Illusionists to create a super illusion and conquer the village without killing a single person or wasting any resources.

When two armies fought and soldiers with this profession created a large number of illusions, making it so that the enemy couldn't distinguish between ally and foe, they could inflict heavy losses on enemies. This was an extremely formidable profession.

These sorts of special professions were much more useful than normal professions. The top three professions were all special professions like this, as opposed to normal battle professions.

If Zhao Fu wanted to obtain one of them, he would have to take risks!Zhao Fu once again waved his hand, sending the Reversal Talisman flying towards the Allmonster Warding Talisman. After the former stuck onto the latter, it gave off a black and white light, turning into a Taichi circle and rapidly spinning. Following this, a mysterious aura rippled out.

Immediately, all of the Ghosts within 1,000 kilometers of the Great Qin Town stopped what they were doing and turned their horrifying faces towards the Great Qin Town. They cried out with their strange voices as they started to flood towards the Great Qin Town.

Zhao Fu had long since given orders for all of the residents of the villages around the Great Qin Town to enter the Great Qin Town. These Ghosts wouldn't be so bored as to wreck villages with no one in them, so they wouldn't have to worry about the villages being destroyed.

The effects of the Allmonster Warding Talisman and the Reversal Talisman combined were astonishing - in just an instant, over ten thousand Ghosts appeared in the distance, howling as they rushed towards the Great Qin Town. It was as if there was something incredibly delicious within the Great Qin Town that was attracting them, making it impossible to resist.

Bai Qi, who had been waiting on the town walls, was quite shocked. He didn't know what Zhao Fu had done for so many Ghosts to swarm the Great Qin Town. However, his job right now was to deal with this horde of Ghosts!

Bai Qi immediately started giving out orders to attack. Bai Qi was in charge of this battle as he had a General Armament, and all soldiers under his command would receive bonuses.

_Swish, swish, swish..._ Arrows flew out, piercing countless Ghosts' bodies. After a few waves of arrows, only around 2,000 Ghosts made it to the Great Qin Town's walls.

Zhao Fu had shamelessly ordered his people to cover the town walls with Evil-Warding Talismans, and there were so many of them that they were simply innumerable. These were all of the Evil-Warding Talismans that Zhao Fu had bought, and they gave off a power that Ghosts hated. The Evil-Warding Talismans would even burn Ghosts if they came into contact with them.

This abnormally enraged the horde of Ghosts, and they roared at the soldiers on the town walls savagely. None of them could fly, and the ones at the front wanted to climb up. While it was possible for them to scale these walls, they had never expected these shameless humans to cover the walls with so many talismans.