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 When she heard Zhao Fu, Tuoba Qing drew the blood-red sword on her back. This sword was quite large and exquisite-looking, and it was a double-handed sword that had a blade that was three finger widths wide. This was the second form of the Blood Equipment Set; Tuoba Qing was the second person who had grasped the Legacy of these Equipment Sets.

However, she was different from Little Sha. Even though she had received the Legacy, she was unable to use it fully because she didn't have much battle experience and wasn't very familiar with killing. Her experiences couldn't compare to Little Sha's, which was why Zhao Fu had brought her with him this time.

Tuoba Qing brought out her sword and started to walk towards the terrifying Malicious Ghost. Because she was still a young girl, she couldn't help but feel nervous.

The Malicious Ghost stared at Tuoba Qing walking towards it and gave off a dense killing intent. It roared before rushing towards her and looked incredibly violent, bloodthirsty, and savage.

The Malicious Ghost was very fast, and it looked as if it disappeared from where it was standing. It appeared before Tuoba Qing in the next second, its sharp claws grabbing towards Tuoba Qing's heart. All Ghosts liked to eat hearts, as they were a source of nourishment and could cause them to become stronger.

Facing the Malicious Ghost's attack, Tuoba Qing felt quite shocked, but she reacted quickly. She swung her large blood-red sword, and because of her immense strength, a massive whoosh sounded out. The wind from swinging her sword could be felt from even ten meters away.

Seeing such a mighty and ferocious strike, the Malicious Ghost was quite surprised. It quickly retreated, avoiding this blow.

When she saw the Malicious Ghost retreat, Tuoba Qing took a step forward, raising the large blood-red sword with both hands. She leaned forwards as she slashed downwards, releasing a powerful blood-red sword light. The Malicious Ghost's expression became one of terror and it leaped to the side.Tuoba Qing's attacks were quite fierce and bold; she was essentially a heavy-weapon warrior.

However, seeing this, Zhao Fu slightly frowned because her profession was an Assassin, not a Warrior. Even though she released the berserk power of the Legacy, she hadn't used any of the agility and the instant-kill characteristics of an Assassin.

Within the battlefield, Tuoba Qing continuously attacked the Malicious Ghost with ferocious attacks, continuously suppressing it. The Malicious Ghost used its strange and unpredictable movements to continuously dodge, making it so that Tuoba Qing had no way of dealing with it.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu said, "Little Qing, retreat for now."

When she heard this, Tuoba Qing looked at Zhao Fu and retreated from the battle. Tuoba Qing knew that her performance hadn't satisfied Zhao Fu, and she felt quite disappointed.

Zhao Fu dismounted Little Black and walked towards the battlefield, saying in an instructional tone, "Little Qing, remember that you're an Assassin! Watch closely; this is the path that you walk."

Zhao Fu walked towards the Malicious Ghost and slowly stretched out his hand, which had three rings, yelling softly, "Blood-Wielder's Power!"

The Assassin's Lord Ring immediately shined with a blood-red light, which entered Zhao Fu's body. The power from the Blood Equipment set entered Zhao Fu's body, causing traces of blood-red aura to rise from him, and Zhao Fu made a grabbing motion with his hand.


The large blood-red sword hummed as it flew into Zhao Fu's hand. Because Zhao Fu had the Assassin Lord's Power, he could use the power of the 12 Equipment Sets and the equipment.

The instant the large blood-red sword entered Zhao Fu's hand, he instantly disappeared and appeared in front of the Malicious Ghost. He swung the sword with just as much force as Tuoba Qing had, and the wind howled as it slashed towards the Malicious Ghost.

The Malicious Ghost seemed extremely shocked and strangely cried. Its claws shined with a blood-red light as it tried to block the strike.


A heavy sound rang out, and the Malicious Ghost was blasted back by ten or so meters. It coughed up a mouthful of green blood, but the instant it landed, Zhao Fu flew by and appeared behind it, raising his sword and slashing downwards with a might that was strong enough to split mountains.


A massive blood-red sword light flashed, cleaving the Malicious Ghost's body in half, causing green blood to spurt everywhere.

Following this, the Malicious Ghost's body collapsed, turning into countless traces of ghostly qi. A blood-red rhombus-shaped crystal, a small, tattered black sack, and a rock fell to the ground.

All of this happened in the space of a few seconds - Zhao Fu had easily killed the Malicious Ghost using the Blood-Wielder's Power. Tuoba Qing walked over in shock and looked at Zhao Fu in worship as she said, "Your Majesty, you're so powerful! I know what I should do."

Zhao Fu smiled and returned the large blood-red sword to her, saying, "That's good! I have high hopes for you."

Tuoba Qing's face became red, and she nodded her head in embarrassment.

However, Zhao Fu's gaze wasn't on Tuoba Qing's body but on the three items that the Malicious Ghost had dropped. He picked them up and started to look through them. The first one was the blood-red rhombus-shaped crystal:

Malicious Ghost Crystal: A Ghost Festival Item that can be exchanged in main cities for 1,000 Ghost Crystal Points. Ghost Crystal Points can be used to exchange for items in the Exchange Stone Steles.

Just like Flower Tears, Ghost Crystals were worth ten Ghost Crystal Points. However, comparatively speaking, Ghost Crystals were worth much more than Flower Tears, so items cost less Ghost Crystal Points. This Malicious Ghost Crystal was quite good - it gave 1,000 Ghost Crystal Points, which was the equivalent to 100 normal Ghost Crystals.

Following this, Zhao Fu looked at the second item. It was a black, old, rotten-smelling sack.

Ghost Treasure Sack: A mysterious little sack carried by Ghosts. After opening it, one can obtain a type of treasure.

Zhao Fu was quite interested in this little sack and opened it. A black light shot out, and a black dagger appeared within it. The black dagger floated in front of Zhao Fu while the sack turned into motes of light and disappeared. Zhao Fu looked at the dagger's stats:Ghostshadow Dagger: Grade: Silver, Stats: Strength +2, Agility +2, Description: A dagger that contains ghostly qi. It is one of the items of the Ghost Treasure Sack.

The equipment's stats were ordinary, but it was still an unexpected gain. Zhao Fu casually put it away before looking at the last item, the rock.

The rock was grey-colored and shaped like a square. It felt quite rough to the touch, but its material was quite cold, making one's hairs stand on end when holding it.

City God Rock: One of the Ghostworld Stones. Collecting ten City God Rocks will result in one obtaining a City God Temple that can protect residents and ward off evil.

"City God Rock?" Information about the City God Temple appeared in Zhao Fu's mind. While its uses were similar to the Earth Temple, protecting residents, there were some slight differences. The City God Temple protected people and prevented disasters, while the Earth Temple was for favorable conditions.

Moreover, the City God was an Official of the Underworld, and he was also responsible for capturing and punishing Ghosts who disturbed the human realm.

Zhao Fu was interested in the City God Temple and wanted to create one to see what its stats were like. As such, he continued searching for Ghosts.