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 Early the next day, just as the sun rose, a few birds flew through the air and chirped. Another day had come.

Within his room, Zhao Fu was still sitting cross-legged on the bed, and his face was incredibly pale. His body was covered with cold sweat, and soon, he collapsed to the ground in exhaustion.

He had finally finished forming his King's Seal, and he was both mentally and physically drained. However, to be able to successfully form his King's Seal, it was worth it.

After resting for a while and regaining his strength, Zhao Fu asked Ge Nia, Tuoba Qing, and Little Sha to come see him.

Very soon, those three people arrived at his room. They went to his side and were quite curious as to why Zhao Fu had called them here.

Zhao Fu explained to them the King's Guard profession, and after listening, their expressions were all quite different.

Ge Nia's expression was quite serious and dignified. It was as if what Zhao Fu had explained was what he had been preparing himself for all this time.

Little Sha was only eight years old, and he looked at Zhao Fu in a confused manner. Even though he didn't understand what was going on, he was happy with being able to stay by Zhao Fu's side. The fear he felt towards Zhao Fu had quickly become affection after spending time with him.

Tuoba Qing's face became slightly red, and she looked embarrassed. She was only 17 years old, and becoming a King's Guard meant that she would spend her life by Zhao Fu's side. She was very willing to do this, as she greatly wanted to repay Zhao Fu, but she couldn't understand why she felt so embarrassed about it."Do you all understand what I'm asking? If you're not willing, I won't force you," Zhao Fu said to the three people in front of him.

The three people nodded, and Little Sha and Tuoba Qing followed Ge Nia's lead, kneeling down and saying, "I am willing to serve my King!"

Following this, they closed their eyes and slightly raised their heads towards Zhao Fu.

When they all accepted, Zhao Fu took out a dagger and slashed open his palm, causing his blood to slowly flow from the cut.

Zhao Fu raised his palm and pointed it towards them, calling out softly, "King's Guards!"

The blood flowing from Zhao Fu's palm turned into three orbs of blood about as big as a fingernail that shot into the three people's foreheads. After entering, a black symbol appeared on their foreheads - it was a circle formed of nine dragons with the character 'Qin' within it. It gave off a mysterious and domineering feeling and was filled with majesty.

After this symbol appeared, it gave off a black light, and their trembled. Following this, the black light brought with it King's Power as it entered their bodies.

Their bodies started to go through unknown changes, and after a while, the black light gradually grew faint. The black symbol on their foreheads slowly disappeared, and they once again opened their eyes, a black light flashing within them.

At this moment, their bodies were all giving off extremely noble and mighty auras - this aura came from Zhao Fu, and a link formed between them and Zhao Fu.

They were now King's Guards and could use King's Power. This King's Power was weaker than the one Zhao Fu possessed, but it was still incredibly powerful.After making the three of them King's Guards, Zhao Fu felt a wave of weariness. The fatigue from forming the King's Seal the previous night hit him all at once, and he could only ask the three of them to leave before he started sleeping.

By the time he woke up, it was already night time. After resting, his body felt much more relaxed. Now that he was at Stage 1, he could use a Stage 2 Blood God Pill, so Zhao Fu consumed one.

The next day, Zhao Fu opened his eyes - by now, his cultivation had reached Stage 1-4. This speed was simply unimaginable, and he looked quite delighted as he left his room. He planned to go to Holy Light City and talk to He Xianru.

He wanted to ask how he could get rid of the azure energy within his body and what the Phoenix Dragon Constitution that Wu Qingniang had mentioned was. He felt that He Xianru knew much more about these matters than he did, so he planned to consult with her.

However, after using the teleportation channel to go to Holy Light City, Zhao Fu found that there seemed to be another festival. There were many people wearing monster masks, and there were also many people selling talismans, peach wood swords, bells, and black dog blood - all sorts of evil-warding items.

Zhao Fu asked someone about this, and he found out that this festival was called the Ghost Festival! This festival was also called the Hungry Ghost Festival or the Ullambana Festival, and it was similar to Halloween. Legends said that the doors of the lower realm would be opened during that time and that countless monsters and ghosts would come out, creating mayhem and havoc. However, they would drop Ghost Crystals when killed.

Ghost Crystals were the same type of item as Flower Tears, and they could be used to exchange for Ghost Crystal Points at main cities. Similarly, they could be used to exchange for countless items.The Ghost Festival lasted for 12 days, and it started at midnight tomorrow. However, the Ghost Festival wasn't something that everyone could participate in like the Ten Thousand Flower Festival, as the Ghosts would attack people. Some of the Malicious Ghosts were incredibly strong and ferocious.

There wasn't much danger involved the Ten Thousand Flower Festival, as it was just collecting Flower Tears. However, if one wasn't careful, one could lose his or her life in the Ghost Festival, so some people wouldn't participate this time.

However, even if one didn't participate, one would still have to be careful and remain within buildings. If one went out and was spotted by a Ghost, one could still be attacked. As such, many people bought evil-warding items.

Zhao Fu looked at the time and decided that he had enough time to visit He Xianru before going back to make preparations. He went to the Westfall Restaurant, and despite not seeing her for a while, she looked just as beautiful, elegant, and mysterious.

He Xianru prepared some dishes, and they sat down together. He Xianru got up and poured Zhao Fu a cup of wine as Zhao Fu started to ask her about the azure energy.

He Xianru thought for a moment before replying, "That sort of suppression energy is quite difficult to get rid of, and it can only be slowly dispelled. Alternatively, you can get rid of it if you destroy the source."

When he heard this, Zhao Fu was quite disappointed, so he asked his next question, "What's a Phoenix Dragon Constitution?"

Upon hearing this term, He Xianru suddenly gave Zhao Fu a mysterious smile, confusing Zhao Fu. Following this, He Xianru explained, "Since ancient times, dragons have represented emperors, and phoenixes have represented imperial concubines. There are those who are destined to become kings and emperors when they are born, Sons of Heaven, and there are also those who are destined to be imperial concubines, Daughters of Heaven.

"The Phoenix Dragon Constitution is a noble constitution that destines the person to become an imperial concubine. However, this sort of constitution is quite special; within the phoenix aura, there's a trace of dragon aura. If her husband's aura - the Son of Heaven's aura - can suppress her, she'll become an immense source of support and help.

"However, if the Son of Heaven's dragon aura is too weak and cannot suppress her, she'll devour the dragon aura and grow stronger, eventually suppressing the Son of Heaven or even replacing him. However, only a single family has the Phoenix Dragon Constitution, and that is the Wu family!"

When he heard He Xianru's final sentence, Zhao Fu felt a sense of shock within his heart.