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 Right now, Great Qin had less than ten Stage 1 soldiers, and most of them were around Stage 0-7 to Stage 0-8. With the Blood God Pills, Zhao Fu would be able to develop a whole team of Stage 1 soldiers incredibly quickly.

Right now, the most important thing to do was to obtain a large amount of Stage 1 corpses because the Blood God Pills were refined from corpses. At the same time, refining corpses consumed energy stones, and a large figure at that. Refining a Stage 1 corpse required ten energy stones, which was 100 gold coins. Refining ten Stage 1 corpses would cost Zhao Fu 1,000 gold coins.

Zhao Fu now faced a big problem - only main cities had that many Stage 1 corpses, and it wouldn't be so easy to obtain a large number of them. He could kill many city guards, but he would no longer be able to stay at such a place. In fact, another devastating battle might erupt.

Moreover, Zhao Fu didn't dare to use his Nation Armaments for the time being. After the previous battle, Great Qin's Fate still hadn't fully recovered.

It was only at cities like Battle City that he would be able to easily obtain Stage 1 corpses, but even still, he wouldn't be able to obtain the numbers that he wanted.

Furthermore, regarding energy stones, at 100 gold per corpse, refining 100 corpses would cost him 10,000 gold coins. Even though Zhao Fu was now quite rich, spending such a large amount of money still made Zhao Fu's heart ache.

Right now, he could only wait for a good opportunity. Following this, Zhao Fu went to Battle City and went to see Ge Nia, who was becoming more and more famous.

By now, Ge Nia's cultivation had reached Stage 0-8, and this was because he had been suppressing his cultivation. This was because he was already able to fight with those at Stage 1, and if he broke through to Stage 1, he would only be a match for those at Stage 2. Even within Battle City, there weren't many of them.

As such, Ge Nia suppressed his cultivation and kept it from rising too quickly so that he could continue to hone his skills here. However, his time here would come to an end - once Ge Nia broke through to Stage 1, he would be done here. Afterward, he would become Zhao Fu's personal bodyguard. By now, Ge Nia had already become one of the most famous people in Battle City!

Zhao Fu went to find the big man, Zheng Li, and gave him a large sum of money in exchange for keeping any Stage 1 corpses for him.

Corpses were quite useless, and they would normally be dragged away to be casually buried. Zheng Li had never expected to receive so much money for such a thing, and even though he didn't know what Zhao Fu was going to do with the corpses, he knew not to ask. Instead, he cheerfully agreed to keep all the Stage 1 corpses from the Arena for him.

There would usually be around 20 Stage 1 corpses per day in Battle City, and Zhao Fu would have to make do with this figure for now. After taking care of these matters, Zhao Fu returned to the Great Qin Town.

Zhao Fu suddenly felt that his cultivation was quite close to breaking through to Stage 1, so he looked at the last Stage 1 Blood God Pill.

He returned to his room and sat cross-legged on the bed before consuming a Blood God Pill. He felt a massive wave of energy emanate from his dantian, and that massive cultivation power caused Zhao Fu's cultivation to quickly rise. Bloody traces rose up from his body as his aura became more and more powerful.At that moment, he felt a formless barrier around him, and he gathered his strength. He then released it and broke through that barrier. Following this, his body trembled, and Zhao Fu realized he had broken through to Stage 1.

At the same time, a few system announcements sounded out within his mind. He ignored them for now and steadied his new cultivation. This took quite some time, and it was only at midnight that Zhao Fu opened his eyes and breathed out a breath of impure air.

Zhao Fu could feel great changes in his body after breaking through to Stage 1 - he felt much stronger than before, and this wasn't just because of the stats but because of the power within himself growing stronger.

Zhao Fu stood up and familiarised himself with his new strength before looking at his stats. They had all risen due to his new cultivation, and his lifespan had also increased by 10 years. Finally, Zhao Fu checked the system announcements that he had ignored earlier.

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have broken through to Stage 1."

"System announcement! Because your cultivation has reached Stage 1, your King Profession has unlocked the King's Guard Profession."

Zhao Fu ignored that first announcement, but he was surprised and curious when he saw the second one. What was the King's Guard Profession? Following this, Zhao Fu started to read through the information given to him by the system.

The King's Guard Profession came from the King Profession. It also wasn't a type of military profession. Instead, it was a master-servant relationship. The more powerful the master was, the more powerful the servant would become as well.

This was because the King's Guards also possessed King's Power; however, it wasn't from themselves but from the person with the King Profession.

The King's Guard Profession was similar to the role of imperial bodyguards in ancient times. Right now, Zhao Fu could have three King's Guards, and he quickly decided who they would be. However, because it was midnight, he decided to do it tomorrow. From the information he received, he found out that he also had to condense a King's Seal.

Every King had his own unique King's Seal that represented him. They were usually characters or a simple image.

If a King also had a family, the family would be referred to as a Royal Clan. A King's Seal was the insignia for every Royal Clan, which meant that if Zhao Fu had descendants, they would belong to his Royal Clan, and his King's Seal would be passed on, representing his Royal Clan. This was quite important!

Following this, Zhao Fu started to think about what he would use for his King's Seal. After thinking for a while, Zhao Fu finally decided what it would look like.

First, it needed to have a dragon in it. While dragons didn't represent absolute strength to Chinese people, they represented the sovereignty of an Emperor.

However, if his King's Seal was just a dragon, it would be too simple. Furthermore, Zhao Fu wanted to keep his King's Seal consistent with those used in ancient China, and he wanted it to be something that represented Great Qin.

Zhao Fu decided to have nine dragon inscriptions with the head of each connected to the tail of the next, forming a circle. There was a character at the center, Qin. However, it wasn't written in simplified Chinese but in Qin Script!

Qin Script was the writing used after Great Qin united China. It looked more elegant than the other character systems and was filled with a fine and mysterious feeling. Finally, Zhao Fu chose the color of the King's Seal to be black!After deciding what his King's Seal would look like, Zhao Fu sat cross-legged on his bed and closed his eyes. He calmed his heart and used his King's Power to draw a symbol within his mind.

This King's Seal was incredibly important, so Zhao Fu had to be incredibly careful. He drew the King's Seal stroke by stroke using his King's Power, and each stroke made him feel an immense pain as if his soul was being stabbed.

Once the King's Seal was formed, it would form Zhao Fu's Origin Seal, and it would be imprinted onto his soul. It would never be changed, and it would be passed down through his bloodline.