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 Zhao Fu had long since read on the forum that border regions were extremely chaotic and cruel, and only after seeing it for himself did he realize the extent of these rumors.

When he saw that the two sides were like fire and water and always at war with each other, an idea surfaced in Zhao Fu's mind. After all, where there was war, there was always a great opportunity for profits!

Zhao Fu took out his map and found that out of the ten border regions between Vietnam and China, seven regions, including North Nam, formed a line. North Nam and the six other regions in the line had the greatest contact with China, so Zhao Fu decided to develop his businesses in those regions.

Zhao Fu not only wanted to make massive profits here, but he also used a large amount of money to hire servants. Now, as they unlocked more and more regions, they earned incredible sums of money. Sometimes, they even worried about not being able to spend all of their money.

That concluded the matters for the day. Zhao Fu told Bai Qi and the others to return to the Great Qin Town to summarise their plans and ideas, while he stayed there to purchase properties and open restaurants.

However, Zhao Fu could only open restaurants on the Chinese side, as the restaurants would most likely be smashed on the Vietnamese side. Because of this, he didn't go there for now.

After doing these things, Zhao Fu started to consider creating a player faction. He had wanted to create one for some time, and it seemed like the time had come.As a Chinese person, he wouldn't be able to develop on the Vietnamese side, but if he wanted to conquer Vietnam, he would have to send people in to gather intelligence.

However, after walking around, apart from finding a few people who wanted to kill him, he couldn't find anyone useful.

Zhao Fu soon realized the difficulties of establishing a player faction. One had to find people who were loyal and capable, and they also had to be able to keep their identities a secret. Once a person's identity was exposed, no matter how powerful he or she was in the Heaven Awaken World, if he or she wasn't protected in the real world, he or she could be easily killed.

Because of this, Zhao Fu decided to give up on forming a pure player faction. He instead decided to form the core of his faction from indigenous residents and the periphery from players. That way, establishing his 'player faction' would be much easier.

There were many benefits to establishing a player faction: it would allow one to gather intelligence easily; there were many players; and the players wouldn't truly die. Those were the biggest advantages of a player faction.

Zhao Fu thought about it and set his eyes on a Vietnamese indigenous resident who had decent looks. While she had her guard lowered, he swept her into an alleyway in an instant.

This indigenous resident had been walking along in a good mood when a dark figure had suddenly grabbed her and forced her into an alley.

She was immediately scared witless and thought that Zhao Fu wanted to do something to her, so she desperately struggled. She tried to scream for help, but just as she opened her mouth, it was covered, and she was taken over to a secluded corner without being able to resist.

Tears fell from her eyes - she knew what was going to happen next. She had never thought that the chastity she had protected for 20 years would be taken in such a way. When she thought about that, even more tears flowed out.At that moment, she heard the man speak in a language that she didn't understand, but she knew that it was Chinese. She realized that Zhao Fu was a Chinese player and saw him hand over a Life-and-Death Contract.

When she saw the contract, her heart became cold. She thought that it wasn't enough for this man to just sully her; he wanted to control her life and death as well. If that was the case, she would be better off dead.

"I won't agree! Kill me if you dare!" the young woman said in Vietnamese as she looked at Zhao Fu resolutely. She decided that she wanted to keep her chastity and stop this pervert from getting his way.

However, just as she finished speaking, a hand gripped her neck and raised her up. Immediately, a suffocating feeling came over her, and she desperately struggled. Feeling a cold gaze on her, she started to feel terrified, and her entire body trembled.

A deathly aura slowly crept into her mind, and she could feel that she could no longer breathe. Her consciousness became hazy, and she wondered if she really was going to die. In the last moment, her fear overwhelmed her, and she chose to give in.

The person immediately released her and put her back on the ground, where she desperately gulped in air. Only after a while did she recover.

At that moment, the man handed the contract over, and she could only weep with grief as she accepted. The contract turned into motes of light and entered her body.

Suddenly, the man's voice sounded out, "What's your name?"

Even though she couldn't understand the words, she could now understand the man's intent. She lowered her head as she sobbed and said, "I'm Ly Qinqian!"Zhao Fu saw how pitiful and wronged she looked, and he felt that he had gone too far. He felt quite sorry and comforted her by saying, "Don't worry; now that you've submitted to me, I'll definitely treat you well in the future."

When she heard Zhao Fu, she was able to slightly relax because, under the contract, she now belonged to him.

"Alright, I'll take you back now," Zhao Fu said as he stretched out his hand.

Ly Qinqian still thought that Zhao Fu wanted her body. She looked around and found that this place wasn't very suitable for that sort of thing, so she nodded and held Zhao Fu's hand as she got up.

Following this, she went with him and used many teleportation channels before arriving at a very beautiful place. There were flowers everywhere, and a faint flowery fragrance filled the air.

"Your Majesty! Your Majesty!" the people around Zhao Fu respectfully said to him when he arrived. Ly Qinqian couldn't understand Chinese, but she could feel that this man had an important and esteemed position.

Zhao Fu slowly took off his cloak, allowing her to see his appearance. His delicate and handsome face gave off an aura of majesty and authority, and it made Ly Qinqian feel that she couldn't look at him directly. She lowered her head, not daring to look up, and wondered why he would do such a thing to her if he had such an esteemed status.

She followed behind him until they came to an empty plot of land.

"Right here?" Ly Qinqian looked around. Even though there was no one else around, it was still out in the open. Her face became red, and she said with an embarrassed expression, "Sir, can't we find a small forest to do it in?"

Zhao Fu looked at her with a confused look and replied, "It won't be convenient to do it in a forest; I think this place is quite good."

Ly Qinqian's face became completely red and felt that this person was quite perverted. However, since she now belonged to him, she would do whatever he asked her to. Just as she was about to start taking off her clothes, Zhao Fu stretched out his hand.

"This is for you!"

Zhao Fu handed over a City Creation Stone that he had bought earlier. Since he had set his eyes on Vietnam, he would need many Vietnamese people to achieve his goals. If any Chinese people went over, they would likely be ineffective and would be mistreated. As such, Zhao Fu gave Ly Qinqian a City Creation Stone to create a village that would spawn indigenous Vietnamese residents who were loyal to him.