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 After the battle, everyone rejoiced, and Liu Subai walked over with a look of gratitude. She paid her respects to Zhao Fu as she said, "Thank you, young sir, for your kindness by helping me take revenge!"

Zhao Fu was also quite happy about obtaining a Town so easily. When he heard Liu Subai, he lightly laughed and replied, "It's nothing!"

Liu Subai was quite surprised to hear Zhao Fu laugh. He had always given her a very dangerous aura, and this laugh made him seem much less scary.

Following this, Liu Subai also lightly laughed and turned around, announcing in a loud voice, "This young sir is not only the person who saved my life but also someone who has helped me take back Mountain Willow Town. He has helped me take revenge, and I am unable to pay back such a great favor. I'm willing to give up the position of Mayor to this young sir."

This officially transferred the rule of Mountain Willow Town to Zhao Fu!

However, while some people were in support of this, others were against it. To them, Zhao Fu was a mere outsider. Even though he had done a favor for them, giving the entire Town to him was simply overdoing it.

Sun Xiaowei didn't know of the agreement between Liu Subai and Zhao Fu. As such, he walked up and decided to try to persuade Liu Subai. Even though Zhao Fu was quite powerful and capable, Sun Xiaowei was only loyal to the Liu family. In his heart, Zhao Fu was more suitable as a Vice-Mayor.

"No need, Mountain Willow Town will still belong to the Liu family. The role of Mayor will be taken up by the Liu family's eldest daughter, Liu Subai."

Suddenly, Zhao Fu's quiet voice sounded out clearly.

Those words caused everyone to become incredibly confused, but Zhao Fu didn't explain. He entered the Town Hall and chose to conquer Mountain Willow Town and make it a subsidiary of the Great Qin Town.

Immediately, a black dragon-inscription light filled Mountain Willow Town, and Great Qin's information entered everyone's minds, making them feel completely stupefied. Only now did they find out that Zhao Fu's true status was that of a King!

After conquering the Town, Zhao Fu didn't obtain any Achievement Points. A system announcement told him that conquering a Town a short while after it had just been conquered didn't give Achievement Points - after all, Zhang Hong had only recently conquered the Town.

Following this, Zhao Fu walked out and saw everyone staring at him in shock. Zhao Fu realized that they now knew his status, so he took off his black cloak and allowed them to see his true features.

When they saw his well-proportioned body, black clothes, black hair that reached his waist, and his delicate and handsome face that was filled with majesty and dignity, they couldn't help but kneel and shout, "Your Majesty!"

"You can all rise!" Zhao Fu said and faintly smiled as he looked at the mass of people kneeling.

Everyone got up, and the shocked expressions on Liu Subai and Sun Xiaowei's faces didn't disappear. Zhao Fu's gaze fell on them as he said, "Liu Subai, you're now the Mayor, and Sun Xiaowei is now the Commander of Mountain Willow Town. Don't let me down!"

When they heard the system announcement in their minds and what Zhao Fu said, the two of them came to their senses and paid their respects to Zhao Fu again. They now understood why Zhao Fu didn't want the position of Mayor - he was already a King! No wonder he didn't want that position.Following this, Liu Subai and Sun Xiaowei started to go through the numbers for the battle.

Zhao Fu looked at Zhang Hong's corpse and found that it was SS grade, so he put the corpse into his King's Ring.

Zhang Hong also had a spatial ring, and Zhao Fu looked into it with great interest; however, he found that there were only some money and items, disappointing him.

"Your Majesty, there's no need for you to tire yourself out; this lowly one will come and serve you." The bandit he had caught at the start, Deng Ke, immediately ran over and started to curry favor with Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu looked at him but didn't refuse.

"Ma... jesty..." Little Sha appeared beside Zhao Fu with blood all over him. He had only just learned how to speak, so he wasn't good at it yet. However, he could understand most words.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu looked down at Little Sha. His face was covered with blood, and adding on his ferocious appearance, he looked quite terrifying. Of course, this blood didn't belong to him - he had killed many people during that battle, and the blood belonged to all of the people he had killed.

At the same time, the killing aura coming from his body had become stronger. The Kill Equipment Set contained the power of killing and became stronger by killing.

Zhao Fu patted his little head and smiled as he said, "Go and take a good bath; someone will bring you lots of yummy food and new clothes for you."

Little Sha looked up at Zhao Fu, who was patting his head, and a trace of an unfamiliar emotion appeared in his heart, causing his ferocious gaze to somewhat soften. He stiffly squeezed out a smile - he was quite happy but didn't know how to smile.

Zhao Fu turned to look at Deng Ke and gave him a meaningful look - he wanted Deng Ke to look after Little Sha.

Deng Ke could only squeeze out a smile that was as stiff as Little Sha's. Deng Ke was incredibly terrified of Little Sha, and even though he was desperately unwilling, he still had to do it. As such, he nodded and took Little Sha away.

Over at the other side, Sun Xiaowei had finished compiling the numbers from the battle. Before, Mountain Willow Town had 23,000 or so people, and there were now roughly 20,000 left. Out of the 4,000 soldiers, roughly 2,500 were left.

Most of the deaths were from Zhang Hong's side, while Zhao Fu's side only had a few hundred casualties. They didn't bother counting the equipment and items because they all belonged to Mountain Willow Village anyway.

This event inflicted some serious losses on Mountain Willow Town, and it would only recover after a period of time. Now that Sole Wolf Village had been conquered and relocated by Zhao Fu, the bandits also joined Mountain Willow Town and became a part of the Town.Now, Zhao Fu decided to return to Great Qin. He had left for more than half a month, and he missed the Great Qin Town quite a lot.

After a few hours, Zhao Fu found Little Sha again. He was now wearing his own little clothes, and his face had been washed clean. The difference between him right now and the previous day was like the difference between the heavens and the earth.

"Your Majesty, please come back and visit Mountain Willow Town often," Liu Subai said as she smiled at Zhao Fu. Even though she hadn't known Zhao Fu for long, she was quite reluctant to see Zhao Fu leave.

Zhao Fu nodded and used the teleportation channel, causing him and Little Sha to instantly disappear and reappear within a main city. He then teleported again, returning to the village he had established to reach here.

Those who were in charge of looking after that village were delirious with joy when they saw Zhao Fu, and they said that they were going to report to the upper officials. However, Zhao Fu stopped them, as he was planning on returning to the Great Qin Town immediately.