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 After accepting these 200 new soldiers, Zhao Fu's force expanded to 600 soldiers.

At first, Sun Xiaowei didn't believe that Zhao Fu and his people could help Liu Subai take back Mountain Willow Town. However, there was no other choice. Zhao Fu was their only hope, and if they didn't struggle, Mountain Willow Town would definitely fall into Zhang Hong's hands. Not much time had yet passed, so most of the residents were still loyal to the Liu family. However, once enough time passed and most of the residents became loyal to Zhang Hong, it would be impossible to take back Mountain Willow Town.

At the same time, Zhao Fu explained his plan to them, which increased the confidence in him, and they all agreed with his plan.

Apart from this team, there were two other patrol teams. However, there were people who Zhang Hong had planted within those teams, so they needed to be weeded out first.

The three teams patrolled different regions, and because Zhao Fu saw that it was getting late, Sun Xiaowei suggested splitting into two groups to gather the other teams.

Sun Xiaowei would lead one group to bring in the other team and kill Zhang Hong's spies, while Zhao Fu would take care of the other team.

Zhao Fu approved, and they split up to find the other two teams.


Over at Mountain Willow Town, ten arrogant soldiers swaggered about at the front with a group of discouraged and sighing soldiers behind them."Hurry it up! This captain wants to go back quickly to cuddle with my darling!" the man at the lead turned and yelled in displeasure at the group behind him.

A trace of anger appeared in the eyes of the soldiers behind him because the ten people in front relied on Zhang Hong's position to treat them extremely disrespectfully. They ordered the other soldiers about while they did nothing, and even though the other soldiers were quite angry, they held down their anger.

Suddenly, figures rushed out from the side and surrounded them. The patrol team was quite surprised, and the man at the lead looked around in panic as he yelled, "We're from Mountain Willow Town; piss off if you know what's good for you!"

"Hmph, of course we know you're from Mountain Willow Town," a female's voice said, and everyone looked over and saw Liu Subai. The ten or so people at the front stared in surprise, while those at the back said joyfully, "Big Miss Liu, why are you here?"

Liu Subai came out and said everything that she had said to Sun Xiaowei.

The ten soldiers at the front who were loyal to Zhang Hong yelled, "Big Miss Liu has been muddled by other people; Mayor Zhang wouldn't do such a thing. Hurry! You all stop these people, and we'll go back to report this matter to Mayor Zhang."

These ten people felt that the situation was getting worse, so they wanted the others to stop Zhao Fu's soldiers so that they could escape. However, no one was willing to follow their orders.

"Alright! Big Miss, we're willing to help you retake Mountain Willow Town. We all received Mayor Liu's good graces back then." The soldiers only thought about it for a couple seconds before making a decision.Hearing their words, the ten or so people at the front started to panic and immediately tried to escape. However, they were immediately surrounded by the bandits and killed in just a few moments. But, they kept one alive.

After joining up with this team, Zhao Fu's team and Sun Xiaowei's team once again joined together. Because every patrol team had roughly 200 soldiers, Zhao Fu's force had now expanded to 1,000 soldiers.

By now, the sky had darkened, and stars started to appear in the night sky. However, tonight was a moonless night.

Following this, Zhao Fu started to discuss his strategy with the captains. The soldiers who had been killed before would be replaced by the bandits, and they would enter Mountain Willow Town in waves under the cover of night.

This wouldn't be too difficult with the soldiers they had kept alive who were loyal to Zhang Hong. The captains followed Zhao Fu's plans and took their soldiers back to rest and recover.

Right now, Mountain Willow Town was like how it had always been, but the gears of change had already started to turn.

Outside Mountain Willow Town, Zhao Fu told his soldiers to rest and conserve their strength while they waited for a good opportunity. Time gradually passed, and it became darker and darker. Soon, it was midnight, and Mountain Willow Town completely fell silent as if the entire town had fallen asleep.

The wind blew, bringing with it clouds that covered the faint stars, causing the lighting to become even dimmer. The time had come, and within Mountain Willow Town, Sun Xiaowei and the other soldiers started to move. They put on their equipment and went to one of the town walls. He told the rest of the soldiers to hide while he took a few soldiers and walked towards the town wall.The soldiers standing guard were quite surprised when they saw Sun Xiaowei and immediately stopped the group, saying, "Sun Xiaowei, why are you here at such a late hour?"

Sun Xiaowei smiled, seeming to be currying favor as he said, "Brother Li, I've thought about it recently, and I can't take this sort of treatment anymore. I'd like to submit to Mayor Zhang, but because I was too stubborn before, I'm afraid that Mayor Zhang won't accept me. I know that Mayor Zhang values brother Li greatly, so I was hoping that brother Li could help me out."

Following this, Sun Xiaowei took out a sack filled with gold coins and handed it to the soldier. Seeing this, the soldier became ecstatic - Sun Xiaowei was quite capable, but he was incredibly stubborn and refused to pay allegiance to Zhang Hong. If he helped Sun Xiaowei submit to Zhang Hong, he would be heavily rewarded.

"No problem! I'll definitely say a few good words for you to Mayor Zhang," the soldiers said while smiling. However, in the next moment, he felt a chill in his heart as his hairs stood on end.


A sharp dagger pierced through his chest, and the soldier revealed an expression of shock, unable to work out why Sun Xiaowei would suddenly kill him.

The soldiers behind Sun Xiaowei rushed up and caught the other soldiers standing guard by surprise and killed them. They dragged the corpses to a dark corner, and the hidden soldiers all rushed out, killing the rest of the soldiers standing guard.

After taking control, Sun Xiaowei lit three torches on the town wall, signaling that he had succeeded, and he ordered for the town gates to be opened. Time was of the essence, and Zhao Fu immediately took the rest of his force to join with Sun Xiaowei. Then, Zhao Fu's 1,000 soldiers went to storm the Mayor's residence.However, as the current Mayor, Zhang Hong had already received word as to what had happened. Even though he was startled when he woke up, he immediately started yelling orders.

Mountain Willow Town, which had previously been sleeping, suddenly came awake and burst into chaos as a large number of soldiers gathered at the Mayor's residence.

Zhao Fu noticed this and gave orders to Sun Xiaowei.

Immediately, loud gongs and drums accompanied by yells sounded out, "Zhang Hong killed Mayor Liu and wanted to kill Old Lady Liu and sully Big Miss Liu. He even wasn't willing to let Young Master Liu off. Big Miss Liu is leading people to take back Mountain Willow Town; please help us get rid of that evil bandit, Zhang Hong!"