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 Liu Subai spoke in great detail, and the emotions she revealed on her face weren't fake either. However, despite this, Zhao Fu was still unwilling to completely trust her. After all, who could completely trust a person he or she had just met?

"Do you want to take revenge? I can help you, but you have to pay a small price!" After saying this, Zhao Fu took out four Life-and-Death Contracts. Unless he held all of their lives in his hand, it would be impossible for him to fully trust them.

Liu Subai and the others' expressions became grim when they saw the four Life-and-Death Contracts. After all, who would be happy putting his or her life into someone else's hands?

Liu Subai thought for a moment before resolving herself and saying, "I can agree to forming the contract with you, but please spare my grandma, little brother, and servant. I don't want them to be threatened and controlled."

Zhao Fu thought about it and decided that controlling her was enough, so he nodded and agreed.

When the contract turned into countless motes of light and entered Liu Subai's body, Zhao Fu decided to start his plan. He first needed soldiers and the residents who supported the Liu family in order to contend with Zhang Hong.

Zhao Fu looked towards the bound bandit and a trace of a smile appeared on his face.A few hours later, Zhao Fu rode on his Graystone Beast with the bandit leading the way and Little Sha, who was still learning how to walk, walking behind.

They finally reached a fairly chaotic village. Everything was strewn everywhere without any sense of order, and everyone went about his or her own matters.

When the bandit appeared at the entrance bound by a rope, the other bandits inside all came over. Some were quite shocked and some hoped to see a good show, but all of them brought their weapons to the entrance of the village and looked at the three strange people in front of them.

"Deng Ke! Didn't you take ten or so brothers out to do some robbing? Why've you returned like this?" one of the bandits who knew Zhao Fu's captive asked as he laughed.

Deng Ke, the bandit who had led Zhao Fu here, looked quite awkward. However, he thought about it and also laughed as he replied, "I brought an esteemed lord here to Sole Wolf Village! This lord needs people to work for him, so I urge you all to submit to him!"

Deng Ke knew how powerful Zhao Fu was, and he was certain that he would take down this village. If he didn't curry favor now, when would he have the opportunity? Not only would he be able to keep his life, but he might also be given a minor official role in the future.Deng Ke's words surprised the rest of the bandits, and they immediately became serious. They weren't stupid, and they all looked at Zhao Fu riding on the Graystone Beast.

"What? You traitorous thing, your elder's going to slaughter you!" A ferocious-looking big man walked to the entrance of the village. He was the Chief of Sole Wolf Village, and he yelled furiously when he heard Deng Ke's words.

When he saw how frightening the Bandit Chief looked, Deng Ke was quite fearful. Normally, he would always give in and retreat, but with Zhao Fu's support, he no longer had to fear him. Just as he was about to retort, Zhao Fu said calmly, "I'm here to take over Sole Wolf Village. It's not too late for you to surrender; I don't want to commit a massacre!"

"Hahahaha..." the Bandit Chief laughed uproariously when he heard Zhao Fu. There were only three of them, yet he dared to say such a thing. Following this, he ordered, "Fire the arrows! Kill these people for me."

_Swish, swish, swish..._

60 bandit Archers obeyed and released their arrows. Facing these arrows, Zhao Fu raised his right hand, and just as the countless arrows were about to hit him, a black shield with dragon inscriptions expanded out, covering the two meters around Zhao Fu and knocking away all of the arrows.Following this, an aura that was stronger than even that of a Stage 2 expert's erupted out from Zhao Fu, covering everyone nearby.

Immediately, everyone was given a big fright. They had never witnessed Stage 2 power before, as the strongest one among them, the Bandit Chief, was only at Stage 1.

"You will die today. Anyone else who wants to die can also continue attacking!" Zhao Fu drew the Sky Demon Sword and pointed it at the Bandit Chief. All of the others bandits started to hesitate - they were bandits and didn't have very high Loyalty. When they saw how powerful Zhao Fu was, they knew that they couldn't defeat him, so they didn't want to just throw their lives away.

The Bandit Chief was completely infuriated and he roared, "Anyone who doesn't obey my orders will be drawn and quartered! There are only three of them and 400 of us; what are you all afraid of?"

The bandits couldn't help but agree, and just as they were about to start attacking Zhao Fu...

A small and unremarkable figure darted into the crowd of bandits. A chain of pained cries sounded out as a bloody light swept around, causing blood to fly in the air. In just an instant, 20 or so people had died.

This instantly shocked all of the bandits. The figure returned to Zhao Fu's side, and they realized that it was that unremarkable-looking boy. Deng Ke, who was hiding behind Zhao Fu, laughed in a pleased manner as he thought to himself, " _Now you all know how terrifying that little monster is!_ ""I said that anyone who wants to die can continue attacking. Do you really think that I don't have the power to slaughter your entire village?" Zhao Fu's cold gaze swept around, his words carrying a dense killing intent, causing all of the bandits' hearts to feel a chill.

"Hurry and attack! Archers, fire..." the Bandit Chief started panicking and yelled a chain of orders. However, under Zhao Fu's cold gaze, not a single bandit dared to move. They already knew how this would end, so they no longer followed the Bandit Chief's orders.

Seeing this, the Band Chief was filled with rage. He had no other choice but to rush at Zhao Fu with his spear.

The Bandit Chief's actions were incredibly quick and violent, and he reached Zhao Fu in an instant. He gripped his spear and thrust forwards, sending the spear tearing through the air at Zhao Fu.

At that moment, Zhao Fu casually waved the sword in his hand, knocking the spear away. This left the confident Bandit Chief completely dumbfounded.

Following this, Zhao Fu immediately slashed out the other way, and a black sword light flashed as the Bandit Chief's head flew off his neck, killing him instantly.This Bandit Chief's cultivation was only at Stage 1, so how could he hope to defeat Zhao Fu?

As soon as the Bandit Chief died, the other bandits immediately threw their weapons to the ground and kneeled as they pleaded for their lives, apologizing for offending Zhao Fu before.

Deng Ke walked out with a big smile. This was exactly what he had expected!

Following this, Zhao Fu took over Sole Wolf Village. Liu Subai and her party, who were waiting a distance away from the village under Zhao Fu's orders, were brought in. After finding out that Zhao Fu had taken over this village so quickly, they were completely flabbergasted.