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 When he heard this, Zhao Fu was delighted. Since Mountain Willow Town was a Town, it definitely had a teleportation channel.

By now, the beautiful woman in white had been caught by two of the cavalrymen and was desperately struggling, but she was unable to free herself at all. Even if she could escape, because her little brother and elderly grandma had also been caught, she would only be able to leave by herself.

However, she knew the consequences of being caught. She would be locked up by Zhang Hong until he had steadied his position. After that, he would cut the weeds and eliminate the roots. Not only her, but her little brother and grandma would both die!

Suddenly, the woman in white saw a strange group of three people in the distance, and she yelled with a trace of hope, "Save us! Please save us!"

The bandit smirked and thought, " _Who the hell would save you?_ "

Zhao Fu didn't do anything for now and started thinking about the costs and benefits. If it was a normal robbery or something like that, Zhao Fu might have intervened; even though he wouldn't obtain anything, he wouldn't lose anything. However, this matter was related to whether or not he could quickly return to Great Qin.

If he acted and offended the Town, it would be impossible for him to use its teleportation channel. What's more, he would be dragged into a big mess. On the other hand, the only benefit was some words of thanks.

At this moment, the captain of the cavalrymen also noticed Zhao Fu and his party and coldly harrumphed as he said, "Hmph, piss off if you don't want to die! This is Mountain Willow Town's matters, so it's best you don't stick your nose in."

Zhao Fu frowned.

When he saw that Zhao Fu wasn't moving and seemed to be ignoring him, the captain became enraged. He nodded at five of the cavalrymen, signaling them to kill Zhao Fu and his party. To him, these outsiders were just three ruffians, while they were part of the largest faction in the surrounding 100-kilometer radius area. It was only natural that they acted in such an unbridled manner.

The five cavalrymen mounted their warhorses and drew their swords as they charged at Zhao Fu.

Seeing this, the bandit hid behind Zhao Fu. He didn't have much to fear because these cavalrymen's cultivation level was only slightly higher than his, and they didn't have anything special about them. His group of bandits had been completely wiped out by the little monster behind Zhao Fu alone, and they hadn't even been able to retaliate!

As such, the bandit wasn't too worried, as the outcome was set. It was just that he was afraid of getting a lot of blood on him, so he had retreated behind Zhao Fu.

Very soon, the five cavalrymen and their warhorses reached Zhao Fu.

The bandit turned and looked at Little Sha and gulped, expecting him to start massacring again. However, when the five cavalrymen arrived, Little Sha only revealed a ferocious expression but didn't attack, surprising the bandit.


The sound of a sword's hum rang out as a five or six meter long black arc of light flashed out, instantly cutting the necks of the five cavalrymen. A large amount of blood spurted out, and they were instantly covered with an evil power.

In the next second, the five cavalrymen were quickly reduced to dry corpses. Even their warhorses neighed as their fleshly essence was also devoured.

The bandit was given a big fright and retreated a few steps away from Zhao Fu. He now knew that he had guessed correctly - Zhao Fu was indeed the more terrifying one.

Seeing this, the woman in white felt was delighted and yelled, "Young sir, if you're willing to save us, I will gift Mountain Willow Town to you!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu turned and calmly glanced at her.

When he saw his subordinates being killed, the captain became incredibly furious and rushed at Zhao Fu with his remaining cavalrymen. However, in just another few attacks, their blood flew as they were also killed. The captain, who had the highest cultivation, was only at Stage 0-8. How could he be a match for Zhao Fu?

After killing all of the cavalrymen, Zhao Fu rode his Graystone Beast towards the woman in white.

The boy by the woman's side was quite afraid when he saw the black-cloaked man, Zhao Fu, coming towards them. The elderly woman put her arm around the boy and was quite wary towards Zhao Fu after seeing him kill those people without hesitating. She could feel that the person coming over was quite terrifying, and the servant who had driven the horse carriage stood beside the woman in white to protect her.

"Do you remember what you said before?" Zhao Fu came before the woman in white and looked a her as he spoke calmly.

The woman recovered from her shock and fixed up her attire, regaining the airs of a lady from an aristocratic household. She performed a slight curtsy to Zhao Fu before saying, "Thank you, young sir, for saving us. I was speaking the truth, but young sir needs to first kill Zhang Hong before I can give Mountain Willow Town to you."

Now that the situation had become like this, there was no going back. Zhao Fu thought about the requirements to upgrade to a City, which was that he needed to control three Towns. Raising his own Villages to Towns would clearly take more time and effort than directly conquering one. This was why Zhao Fu was so interested.

"Let's go! We'll leave this place for now."

Following this, Zhao Fu led the party away from that place and went to a large tree to rest. Zhao Fu said to the woman in white, "Tell me everything you know and don't hide anything from me!"

The woman in white told Zhao Fu everything that he wanted to hear.

The woman was named Liu Subai, and she was the daughter of the original Mayor of Mountain Willow Town, Liu Ming. A month ago, Liu Ming suddenly died, and Liu Subai should have succeeded her father as the Mayor. However, the position was taken by Zhang Hong.

Zhang Hong was the strongest person in Mountain Willow Town, and he controlled a large portion of Mountain Willow Town's military forces. He held great authority within Mountain Willow Town. Liu Ming had always been quite wary of Zhang Hong, but she had never gotten rid of him. In fact, Liu Subai even suspected that Liu Ming's sudden death was related to Zhang Hong.

Even though Zhang Hong took over Mountain Willow Town and became the Mayor, his position wasn't very steady, as most of the residents supported the Liu family.

Even though Zhang Hong controlled a large part of the military, he didn't dare to clash against most of the residents and the other portion of the military. As such, he wanted to become Liu Bai's husband to solidify his position and officially take over, making Mountain Wilow Town his.

Liu Subai had found an opportunity to escape, but she had been discovered and chased after. This was how she had met Zhao Fu.

She also told Zhao Fu the specifics about the town itself: Mountain Willow Town was a Silver grade Town and had around 23,000 residents. They had roughly 4,000 soldiers; however, most of their equipment was still White grade, while only some elites had Blue grade equipment. Most of the soldiers' cultivation was also around Stage 0-4 to 0-6.

As for Zhang Hong, his cultivation was at Stage 2, and he used a sword that was most likely Gold grade. At the same time, he had multiple pieces of Silver grade equipment as well.

After listening to the woman, Zhao Fu started to think. This information was very detailed and useful. Luckily, Mountain Willow Town wasn't an impenetrable iron board, and it was possible to use Liu Subai to kill Zhang Hong!