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 Seeing this, Zhao Fu was actually pleasantly surprised. He had been looking for a village, and these people had delivered themselves to him.

"Boy, if you get down here and hand over all of your valuables, your granddaddy will spare your life," one of the bandits said as he pointed his saber at Zhao Fu and laughed arrogantly.

The other bandits savagely looked at Zhao Fu and also laughed. Putting aside whether the boy had any valuables on him, just the Graystone Beast alone was enough for a big feast of meat for them.

"Hahaha!" Hearing these bandits' words and seeing how much they underestimated him, Zhao Fu couldn't help but laugh.

Hearing Zhao Fu's laugh, the bandits were enraged, and the leader yelled, "Brothers, kill him!"

Following this, the bandits rushed up, brandishing their large sabers.

Zhao Fu continued to sit on the Graystone Beast, not showing any intent to act. However, an unremarkable small figure shot out from behind him.

When they saw that the one rushing at them was an 8-year-old boy, the bandits couldn't help but laugh. Charging at them like this was simply seeking death. They weren't merciful people, and they swung their sabers at Little Sha.

Suddenly, a bloody light flashed in Little Sha's hand as a blood-colored dagger appeared within it. He bent forwards and avoided a saber before going forwards and slashing out with his dagger, leaving a bloody light through the air.


Little Sha passed by a bandit, and his incredibly sharp dagger slashed across a bandit's abdomen. Even upon death, the bandit couldn't believe that he had been killed by such a little boy.

Soon, Little Sha arrived before another bandit. He jumped and slashed with his dagger, chopping off the bandit's head.

The dagger that Little Sha was currently holding was one of the pieces of the Kill Equipment Set. The Kill Equipment set had originally been a ring, a cloak, and a hidden blade. However, Zhao Fu found that Assassins could use any type of weapon, and the 12 Equipment Sets could change their forms based on what their masters wanted. This was what Little Sha had done by making his hidden blade a dagger.

From this, Zhao Fu realized that perhaps the previous Equipment Sets hadn't fully acknowledged their masters, which was why they hadn't obtained the full Legacy and full control over the Equipment Sets.

Because the Kill Equipment Set had chosen Little Sha and they had an extremely high affinity, Little Sha was able to display the full might of the Equipment Set. There seemed to be countless skills and techniques within Little Sha's mind, and his body gave off a boundless killing intent. Every motion he executed was like that of a seasoned Assassin's.

In just a few minutes, the battle had ended. The bandits had all died quite pitifully, as most of their bodies had been dismembered.

After all of this had concluded, Little Sha walked back to Zhao Fu's side and went back to his toddler-walking mode.

"Lord, please spare me!"

Zhao Fu smiled as he looked at the bandit kneeling on the ground and begging for mercy. This was the one who had initially yelled at Zhao Fu, and he was only alive because Zhao Fu had told Little Sha to keep one person alive.

"Get up; I won't kill you. Take me to your village!" Zhao Fu said as he lightly smiled.

When he heard this and remembered how powerful the tiny child was, the bandit felt that Zhao Fu was incredibly unfathomable.

If he brought such a powerful person back, the rest of the village would definitely be met with disaster. However, the bandit simply wanted to preserve his own life and disregarded the safety of everyone else.

"Of course, of course, I'll take you there," the bandit agreed very quickly and barely even hesitated. He stood up with a smile and started to flatter Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu ignored him and used the lasso he had used to capture the Greystone Beasts to bound the bandit, and he had him lead the way.

The bandit could only awkwardly nod and lead the way with Zhao Fu holding onto the rope binding him. Behind them, the boy walked along, seeming to not know how to walk properly.

"How many people are in your village?" Zhao Fu wanted some information. If the enemy had thousands of people, they would be able to overwhelm him with sheer numbers. If he went to attack them, it would be too shameful to turn tail and run when he saw their numbers.

"Lord, we have 400 brothers, and our leader is Niu Li," the bandit said without holding anything back. He told Zhao Fu everything to preserve his life.

Zhao Fu nodded and asked, "Does your village have a teleportation channel or any Scholars who can build teleportation channels?"

"Err, no, those aren't very useful to us," the bandit answered honestly, but he didn't understand why Zhao Fu would ask such a thing.

Zhao Fu inwardly sighed. Finding villages with teleportation channels was indeed quite difficult, and Zhao Fu didn't quite feel like going to the bandit village anymore. After all, going there might be useless, and even if he killed all of the bandits, all he would get was a City Creation Stone for his efforts. By now, City Creation Stones weren't very tempting to Zhao Fu.

"System announcement! The Great Qin Town has levelled up into an Intermediate Town."

"System announcement! A historical figure sleeping within Great Qin's Legacy has awakened."

The sudden system announcements surprised Zhao Fu - he hadn't expected the Great Qin Town to level up in such a short amount of time. It seemed that he had gained a lot of EXP in his battle at Heavenstone City, and adding on Great Qin's rapid attacks on the surrounding villages, the Great Qin Town had been able to level up quickly.

Zhao Fu also wondered who that new historical figure would be. He couldn't check here, so he could only wait until he returned to Great Qin.

"Hurry and chase! Don't let them escape!"

Just as Zhao Fu was about to release this bandit and give up on going to the bandit village, a shout sounded from ahead.

There were ten or so cavalrymen chasing a horse-drawn carriage. The person driving the horse-drawn carriage seemed to be incredibly frantic, and he vigorously whipped the horses, trying to escape the cavalrymen. However, the ten or so cavalrymen remained right behind them.

Finally, the cavalrymen caught up to the horse-drawn carriage and surrounded it. The cavalryman at the lead coldly laughed and said, "Big Miss Liu, you won't be able to escape this time. I suggest that you surrender, or don't blame us for being rude."

A beautiful woman in white walked out from within the carriage and said angrily, "We've already handed Mountain Willow Town to you; why won't you spare our family?"

"This is the order of the new Mayor. Bring them all back!" the cavalryman at the lead said loudly with a cold expression.

Following this, a few of the cavalrymen dismounted and walked towards the carriage. The woman in white tried to resist, but she was quickly subdued. The men also brought out an elderly woman and a 5 or 6-year-old boy from within the carriage.

Not too far away, Zhao Fu watched all of this happen and asked the bandit, "Mountain Willow Town?"

The bandit immediately did his best to curry favour with Zhao Fu and replied, "Lord, Mountain Willow Town is the largest faction in the surrounding 100-kilometer radius area. It should have teleportation channels."