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 After spending a lot of effort, Zhao Fu and the 29 Goblins found a village about 10 kilometers away from the historical remnant. It was a Man Clan village - the Man Clan was a clan during the Spring and Autumn Period, and it was filled with uncivilized, barbaric people who idolized strength.

This village was only a Basic Village and had around 300 people. Both the men and women were quite tall and well-built, and they looked like good fighters.

Even though this village had 300 people, it posed no threat to Zhao Fu and his Goblins, as the Man people's cultivation was only around Stage 0-3 to 0-4, while everyone on Zhao Fu's side was at least at Stage 1.

Because there were Minotaurs in Gloomy Jungle as well, Zhao Fu didn't worry too much about running out of Ancient Power orbs. In order to protect this place well, he had given each of his Goblins an Ancient Power orb. Now, all of his Goblins were covered with muscles and as sturdy as oxen.

In terms of strength, most of his Goblins had already reached Stage 1-5; soon, they would see the advantage higher Stage soldiers held over lower Stage soldiers.

Zhao Fu didn't use stealth as he walked out with his Goblins. Instead, they gave off a dense killing intent. When the Man people saw Zhau Fu and his Goblins, the Man people started to become wary, and their soldiers gathered at the entrance of the village.

Perhaps it was because they realized Zhao Fu's group was quite powerful, but a big man with a fierce-looking face stepped forwards and started yelling. He seemed to be telling Zhao Fu to piss off or face the consequences.

Zhao Fu could not understand their language, nor did he have any special feelings for these minority clans. In history, whenever minority clans attacked China, they would kill, plunder, destroy, and rape, committing countless evils.

"Kill everyone who resists!" Zhao Fu said as calmly looked at the village ahead. Even though his voice was quite soft, it was filled with killing intent.

"Yes, Lord!" The Goblins heeded his orders and rushed at the Man Clan village. The villagers had already aimed their bows at Zhao Fu's party, and when the Goblins started to rush at them, the arrows were released at the Goblins.

The Hobgoblins slashed out with their swords, releasing numerous sword lights and sending the arrows flying away. The Blue-Red Goblins also released iceballs and fireballs and sent them towards the village.

The Goblins charged into the village like ferocious tigers rushing into a herd of sheep - this was the outcome of Stage 1 soldiers fighting against Stage 0 soldiers. If the Stage 0 soldiers had decent equipment, they could use numbers to fight against superior soldiers. However, how could this normal village defend against Goblins who were many times stronger than them? It was a completely one-sided massacre.

The wooden walls of the village were like bubbles in front of the Goblins. A Hobgoblin swung his sword and completely obliterated a section of the wall, sending wood flying.

The Man people were quite fierce and tough. There were men and women holding all sorts of weapons, but they were completely outclassed. These Hobgoblins were even more powerful than normal Stage 1 soldiers, and they enjoyed killing. They savagely smiled as they rushed up with their swords.

Ten minutes later, the battle had ended quite quickly. Zhao Fu lowered his head and said to the three Flower Spirits, "If you don't want to look, then just hide inside my clothes."

The three Flower Spirits nodded - they didn't dare to look at such a bloody scene, so they ducked within Zhao Fu's clothes. Following this, Zhao Fu walked into the village, stepping over corpse after corpse. Fresh blood had sprayed everywhere, and the scene was incredibly gory.

After stepping over numerous bodies, Zhao Fu arrived at the Village Hall. There were 20 or so Man people remaining, and their faces were pale as their bodies trembled. In just an instant, the 300 or so villagers had been reduced to just 20.

Around them were bloodied but savagely-smiling Goblins, and they looked like terrifying demons. They hadn't killed to their heart's content yet, and they stared at the people who surrendered. Because Zhao Fu had only ordered them to kill those who resisted, they didn't dare to kill those who had surrendered.

Zhao Fu was very calm about this because he had experienced such things many times before. He went to the Village Hall and prepared to go in to conquer the village.

At this moment, within the group of surrendered people, a woman holding a baby suddenly ran and knelt before Zhao Fu, sobbing as she said, "Lord, please spare my child!"

Zhao Fu stopped walking, but because of his cloak, no one could see his expression. Seeing this, one of the Goblins thought that Zhao Fu was going to blame him for not keeping the captives in check, so he quickly stepped up and raised his sword, preparing to kill the mother and son.

Seeing this, the mother hugged her child in her arms and desperately kowtowed as she wept and pleaded, "Lord, please spare my child!"

At that moment, the Goblin's sword descended and was about to slay the mother and son.

"Stop," Zhao Fu said, his voice soft from beneath his cloak.

The Goblin immediately stopped and looked quite afraid as he said, "Lord, it was my fault for this; please punish me."

"No need; step down for now. And you, get up. I won't kill you or your son," Zhao Fu said before walking into the Village Hall.

The Goblin let out a sigh of relief, and the woman emotionally took the child in her arms back into the crowd. The other captives all gradually felt less fearful and anxious.

Even though they spoke the Man language, because they had surrendered to Zhao Fu, their intentions were automatically translated, so they could understand each other. Even though Zhao Fu did not possess any favorable feelings towards these minority clans, he would not act inhumanely. These surrendered people were now his subjects, and he would treat them equally and fairly.

It was just that he had felt slightly moved when he saw that woman pleading for mercy. Some of it was because she reminded him of his mother when he was younger, and some of it was pity for the weak. The Man people were incredibly fierce people, but if they were defeated, they could only obediently kneel on the ground and beg for mercy. This stimulated an even greater desire within Zhao Fu to become stronger so that he would never fall into such a situation.

Zhao Fu went to the Village Hall and was slightly surprised to find that the village was a Blue grade Village. He chose to conquer it and [Relocate] it, obtaining 100 Achievement Points.

For some reason, he had been obtaining quite a lot of Achievement Points, and the Great Qin Town had been obtaining a lot of EXP recently. He would often receive notifications that his subordinates had taken down villages. What's more, he had also received 1,000 Achievement Points when he had killed Gu Feng.

Now, Zhao Fu had 2,800 Achievement Points, and he was 200 Achievement Points away from becoming a First-Ranked Baron. However, a high status didn't mean anything right now because he couldn't leave East Green.

Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to divert most of the Achievement Points in the future to Bai Qi. That way, he could continue to open up paths to the outside world, buy properties, and create new restaurants.

Even though he was stuck here for now, someone had to do those things. Time was money, and each region had massive profit-earning opportunities. They couldn't let go of such opportunities just because he was stuck here.

However, this small decision shook all of Great Qin.