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 Zhao Fu stood at the other side of the trap and watched the Minotaur Chief and the 20 or so normal Minotaurs behind him rush over. Zhao Fu started to feel nervous.

The Minotaur Chief was extremely fast, and it was possible that he would reach Zhao Fu before the rest of the Minotaurs had even stepped within the trap.

He had to limit the Minotaur Chief's speed!

Zhao Fu took out the Great Spirit Roc Bow again and rapidly shot out arrows in quick succession. The arrows turned into violet streaks of light and shot towards the Minotaur Chief's head.

Facing so many arrows, the Minotaur Chief punched out, knocking away an arrow each time.

Zhao Fu continued to stand still and repeatedly shoot out arrows, and the Minotaur Chief gradually came closer and closer. Soon, he was only 5 meters away.

Staring at this despicable enemy, the Minotaur Chief tightened his fists and prepared to deliver a mighty blow to turn this person into meat paste.

However, at that moment, the Minotaur Chief saw that the cloaked figure was slightly smiling underneath his hood. This caused the Minotaur Chief to become confused.


The hidden Goblins grabbed this opportunity to activate the mechanism for the trap. The wooden planks fell, as did the Minotaurs who were standing on top of them. At the same time, the Minotaur Chief also lost his balance and started to fall.

However, at that moment, a cold light flashed in the Minotaur Chief's eyes, and he punched out with the force that he had gathered.


The punch sent out an invisible shockwave, and Zhao Fu quickly leaped to the side. The shockwave rushed past, obliterating the right corner of Zhao Fu's cloak. Luckily, Zhao Fu had reacted quickly and was not injured.

After sending out this punch, the Minotaur Chief fell into the pit.

Bang, bang, bang...

Heavy thuds sounded out as the Minotaurs crashed down into the pit.

A few moments later, the thudding noises stopped, and Zhao Fu went to the edge of the pit and looked down. Most of the Minotaurs had been turned into swiss cheese, but there were still a few who were still alive.

What shocked Zhao Fu was that despite falling from so far up, the Minotaur Chief had broken the Silver grade spears that he had fallen on, and those spears had only left small wounds on his body.

"Roarrrr!!!" The Minotaur Chief was completely enraged, and his 6 meter tall body released a ferocious green aura, causing the size of his body to double. His skin became bronze in color, and his horns gave off a green light as he radiated an incredibly terrifying aura.

Zhao Fu was shocked and quickly ordered, "Hurry!"

The Goblins quickly placed the wooden boards together and formed a ramp before pushing down the massive rocks that they had prepared earlier. As the rocks rolled down, they loudly crashed against the bottom of the pit.

Zhao Fu didn't hesitate to use all of his strength to throw down a giant rock that was 3 meters wide. He then continued picking up rocks and throwing them down.

After going through all of the rocks that they had prepared and the other ones in their vicinity, they had filled up 30 meters of the 100-meter deep pit.

Only then did Zhao Fu let out a breath of relief. Luckily, Zhao Fu had considered the possibility of not being able to kill the Minotaur Chief instantly, so he had made backup plans to bury them alive. If that berserk Minotaur Chief had charged out, the situation would have become disastrous.

Zhao Fu decided to confirm it for himself, and he looked over the edge of the pit. He was surprised to find that there was still movement from below the rocks - it seemed that the Minotaur Chief was still alive. Zhao Fu immediately yelled for the mouth of the pit to be destroyed.

Hearing this, the exhausted Goblins were also dumbfounded, and they used either iceballs, fireballs, or sharp sword lights to attack the sides of the pit, causing the ground around the pit to collapse and fill up the pit.

Soon, Zhao Fu and the 32 Goblins, feeling incredibly panicked, filled up the entire pit.

However, before they could relax, the ground started to tremble as if there was an earthquake. Fortunately, this stopped after a short while.

"The Minotaur Chief's strength was quite incredible!" After everything went silent for a while, Zhao Fu couldn't help but feel amazed. The Minotaur Chief's strength was most likely no less than his when he was at his peak.

He wasn't sure if the Minotaur Chief was dead yet, but it was a pity that the items that were going to drop were down there. However, Zhao Fu didn't dare to dig down - not only would it take too long, but they would also be doomed if the Minotaur Chief wasn't dead yet.

Just like that, that matter came to an end. Zhao Fu took the Goblins to the ruined castle and arrived before a set of doors. The doors were about 4 meters tall and quite ancient-looking, and there were beautiful carvings engraved on it.

Zhao Fu hadn't been able to see the doors clearly before because he had been too far away, but he found that at the middle of the door, there was a magic seal that was half a meter tall with a silver ring at the center.

This silver ring looked quite beautiful. There were mysterious pictures engraved on it, and they looked like beautiful Elves. Zhao Fu gently took it off from the door and looked at its description.

[Celia Klumin]: Grade: Legendary, Stats: All Stats +10, Description: A mysterious girl transformed into a ring, and this ring can bring its wearer luck.

"Legendary grade equipment!" Zhao Fu was pleasantly surprised. Since he was able to obtain this Legendary piece of equipment, all of the time he had spent here wasn't wasted.

Zhao Fu put on the ring, and it suddenly gave off waves of faint silver light as a figure appeared beside him.

The figure was a 17 or 18-year-old girl, and she looked incredibly graceful and beautiful. Her figure was slim, and her skin was snow-white. Her eyes were red, and she wore a gothic-style dress that had a green top and a white skirt. She gave off a refreshing and moving aura.

"Hello, master," the girl said in a clear voice as she sweetly smiled at Zhao Fu after she appeared.

Zhao Fu stared in surprise and realized that this was a Ring Spirit before smiling back and nodding.

Following this, Zhao Fu chatted with her and found that the Ring Spirit's temperament was quite good, and she was quite lovable and cute - she was much better than Sky Demon. He also found out that her name was the same as the ring's name, Celia Klumin, so he decided to call her Celia.

Afterward, Celia returned to the ring, and Zhao Fu looked up at the stone doors.