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 Hearing this, Liu Sheng and Yue Linping looked quite serious, and they lowered their heads and cupped their fists as they said, "Please give us orders, City Lord!"

Shi Jian thought before replying, "Go and talk to those three people. If they can help, Heavenstone City will not be in as much danger."

After talking to Shi Jian, Liu Sheng and Yue Linping turned and left. 'Those three people' were the City Lords of the three other main cities in East Green!


Back over at Zhao Fu's side, he and the 32 Goblins had spent 10 days and 9 nights digging a pit that was 30 meters wide and 100 meters deep.

After digging this hole, Zhao Fu affixed 50 or so Silver grade spears at the bottom. These were all of the spears that Zhao Fu had, and they definitely wouldn't be enough. As such, Zhao Fu went and found an Iron Tree, and he used its wood to create another 100 or so spears.

Following this, he prepared some more things; after that, the super big pitfall trap was completed.

It was easy to guess Zhao Fu's aim - to lure all of the Minotaurs into this super-big pitfall trap!

This time, Zhao Fu would have to personally lure the Minotaurs instead of using Goblins again. The Goblins temporarily waited here and set an ambush - when Zhao Fu lured the Minotaurs over, they would activate the mechanism for the pitfall trap.

In order to prevent anything from going wrong, Zhao Fu checked everything many times, and after making sure that everything was perfect, he started the plan.

Zhao Fu hid his presence as he stealthily entered the castle. He found a high place to stand as he looked down at the Minotaur Chief lying down on the ground.

At this moment, Zhao Fu took out the Great Spirit Roc Bow and nocked an arrow as he used his full strength to draw the bow. He sent his King's Power into the arrow and aimed it at the Minotaur Chief's head.


After releasing the arrow, it turned into a streak of black and violet light and gave off a ferocious and sharp aura as it tore through the air. It flashed and drew an arc in the air before arriving before the Minotaur Chief.

Suddenly, the Minotaur Chief, who had been lying down, leaped to his feet and formed a fist. All of the muscles in his body bulged as he punched out.


A massive explosion sounded out as if the air had erupted, and the massive amount of force behind the Minotaur Chief's punch sent the arrow flying away.

In the next moment, Zhao Fu revealed himself. Now that their hidden enemy had finally revealed himself, the Minotaur Chief's eyes became blood-red with fury as he looked at the mysterious black-clothed person standing high up above with a bow in his hand.

The Minotaur Chief grabbed a rock that was the size of a millstone and easily threw it like a normal person throwing a pebble. The massive rock made a whooshing sound as it flew towards Zhao Fu with great force.


Zhao Fu stared in surprise before leaping down. The massive rock smashed into where Zhao Fu had been previous standing, leaving a 5-meter deep crater. The force it contained was simply monstrous.

When he saw that his attack hadn't hit Zhao Fu, the Minotaur Chief's legs tensed before turning into a blur, and he charged towards where Zhao Fu was. The other Minotaurs also went berserk, and their eyes became blood-red as they followed the Minotaur Chief towards where Zhao Fu was.

Just as Zhao Fu jumped down, he felt a dangerous aura approach. He turned around and saw that the Minotaur Chief was already within 20 meters of him.

"So fast!" Zhao Fu couldn't help but gasp in surprise. He immediately turned and ran in the direction of the pitfall trap. Zhao Fu was also extremely fast, and he turned into a black blur as he dashed and leaped around the structures, appearing far away in just a few moments.

However, the Minotaur Chief was not slow either, and he was savage to the extreme. He charged his way through structures and even gradually closed the gap between Zhao Fu and himself.

Zhao Fu saw that if he didn't do anything, the Minotaur Chief would catch up to him. As such, Zhao Fu could only take out the throwing knives that he used very rarely.

Swish! Swish! Swish...

Following this, Zhao Fu started to throw the throwing knives one after another. They tore through the air and gave off cold glints as they flew towards the Minotaur Chief's head. However, the Minotaur Chief exploded with a green aura and ignored those throwing knives. As the throwing knives hit his body, it was as if they had collided with metal, and clanging sounds rang out as they bounced off.

This greatly surprised Zhao Fu, and the Minotaur Chief continued to close the distance. As such, Zhao Fu could only give up on the throwing knives and decided to use Hell Fireballs. Zhao Fu didn't use Hell Fireballs much these days, but with the Sky Demon's Power, their might was greatly boosted.

Zhao Fu stretched out his hand, and a blood-red flame gathered within it, instantly growing to the size of a basketball. As soon as the Hell Fireball formed, Zhao Fu threw it at the Minotaur Chief's head.

Facing the incoming fireball, the Minotaur Chief roared and clenched his fist, which also gave off a green light and gathered a monstrous energy.


The Minotaur Chief once again punched out, and the force behind the punch caused even the air to explode. An invisible force collided with the Hell Fireball that Zhao Fu had thrown, causing it to scatter into fiery sparks and disappear.

What was even more terrifying was that the invisible force did not disappear and continued towards Zhao Fu.

This greatly surprised Zhao Fu, and he twisted in the air to avoid this attack. The invisible force continued forwards and hit a wall, creating a crater in the image of a massive fist.

By now, the Minotaur Chief had greatly closed the distance between himself and Zhao Fu, and he was now only 10 meters away. The Minotaur Chief once again raised his fist, and Zhao Fu realized that there was no more he could do.

Suddenly, three green vines exploded out from the ground and bound the Minotaur Chief's feet. They Minotaur Chief quickly broke free of them, but during that time, Zhao Fu was about to extend the distance between himself and the Minotaur Chief to 20 meters. Zhao Fu smiled and looked down at the three Flower Spirits hidden in his clothes. This time, it was all thanks to them.

Because of the vines, the Minotaur Chief lost a lot of his momentum, and the distance between them started to grow. Zhao Fu could now maintain a safe distance between them without having to worry too much.

Very soon, Zhao Fu lured the group of Minotaurs over to the trap. He stood on the other side of the trap and watched as the Minotaurs charged over, feeling somewhat nervous. He was not completely sure if the trap would work or not.

Since he wanted to lure all of them in, a normal-sized trap wouldn't work. This was because if the Minotaurs at the front fell in, the ones behind them would stop, and he would not be able to catch them all in one fell swoop.

As such, Zhao Fu's trap was designed differently. It had hay over it to conceal it, but under the hay was a layer of wooden boards. These wooden boards were extremely sturdy and could bear the weight of the Minotaurs.

Zhao Fu's plan was to wait until all of the Minotaurs had stepped onto the boards, following which the hidden Goblins would activate the mechanism, causing the wooden boards to fall. The Minotaurs standing on top of them would also fall into the pit, hopefully killing most of them.