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 Following this, Zhao Fu led his 32 Goblins to dig a pit. Zhao Fu stabbed his sword 1 meter deep into the ground and then sent his power through the sword, obliterating the ground around it.

Digging the pit went quite quickly, as he found that the Hobgoblins could also dig efficiently with their swords. What's more, the 20 Hobgoblins were all at least Stage 1.

Zhao Fu worked together with the Goblins, and after half a day of work, they had dug a pit that was 6 meters wide and 20 meters deep. After digging such a massive pit, the Goblins and Zhao Fu were all exhausted. Sweat ran down their bodies as they sat down and panted.

Seeing this, the three Flower Spirits took out three small towels and helped Zhao Fu wipe his sweat.

A while later, Zhao Fu affixed 20 or so sharp Silver grade spears to the bottom of the pit before returning to the surface. They layered some hay on top of the trap and all over the surrounding area, completing the trap.

Zhao Fu felt satisfied when he saw the result. Now, they had to continue luring Minotaurs, and Zhao Fu looked at the Goblin who had done well in provoking the Minotaur earlier.

The Goblin's body trembled when he saw Zhao Fu's evil look. He tried to shrink within the crowd of Goblins - after all, he simply didn't want to provoke anymore Minotaurs. Before, his heart had almost been scared out of his chest.

However, despite his unwillingness, Zhao Fu grabbed him from the group of Goblins. That Goblin's expression became incredibly despairing and bitter, and he looked incredibly wronged.

However, after Zhao Fu threw over a bottle of Little Spirit Pills, the Goblin's expression immediately changed to one of determination.

After coming to the castle again, Zhao Fu's gaze fell on a Minotaur who was lying on the ground towards the outside and snoring loudly.

Zhao Fu picked up a pebble and threw it at the Minotaur, striking him squarely on his head.

However, the Minotaur did not react much - he merely scratched his head before continuing to sleep.

Zhao Fu was speechless and picked up a rock that was as big as a fist and threw it. The rock tore through the air in a graceful arc before slamming down onto the Minotaur's head.


After being hit by the rock, a large bruise appeared on the Minotaur's head. The Minotaur leapt to his feet and became incredibly berserk; his eyes became blood-red as he searched for the bastard who had disturbed his sleep.

This time, without Zhao Fu having to push it, the Hobgoblin jumped out and yelled, "Big cow-head! You stupid cow, come and catch me!"

"Roarrr!!!!" The Minotaur furiously roared again. The ground beneath his feet cracked as he shot out like a cannonball towards the Goblin.

This ferocious charge caused the Goblin's face to pale as he suddenly felt the aura of death. His body froze on the spot, and he started to sweat. Just as the Minotaur was about to smash into the Goblin, a hand grabbed him, and he disappeared.


The Minotaur smashed into where the Goblin had been, leaving a large crater in the ground and sending a lot of sand and dust into the air. The Minotaur's blood-red eyes searched around for that despicable figure, and saw he saw the Goblin in the distance, causing the Minotaur to charge after him.

After this happened a few times, the Minotaur once again saw the Goblin provoking him in the distance. He was completely infuriated by this point, and he roared as he stormed over, vowing to rip the Goblin into shreds.


The Minotaur was incredibly fast, and just as he was about to reach the Goblin, he suddenly could no longer feel the ground under his feet, causing him to fall down.


Zhao Fu grinned as he walked out from the side and looked down into the pit. The Minotaur had been impaled by 10 or so spears, and blood flowed down the shafts of the spears. The Minotaur had not died, and he was still whirling his arms around, trying to get up.

Zhao Fu quickly descended into the pit and ended the Minotaur's life, not allowing him to continue struggling.

This Minotaur also dropped an Ancient Power orb, and his fleshly essence was devoured by the Sky Demon. Following this, Zhao Fu brought the Minotaur's dry corpse to the surface.

This luring and killing tactic was very successful.

The next thing was, of course, to lure the Minotaurs here one by one and make them fall into this trap.

This took Zhao Fu a few days, and he led over 30 or so Minotaurs one by one, dealing with them individually. During that time, nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Zhao Fu had also obtained 30 or so Ancient Power orbs. He had tried to use more but found that one person could only use one, so these orbs were useless to him.

This had somewhat messed up Zhao Fu's plans. After using the Ancient Power orb, he had found that his internal injuries had slightly recovered. The azure energy stopping his recovery was slightly reduced, and Zhao Fu regained some of his strength. He had hoped to use the Ancient Power to fully heal himself and to return to the peak of his strength. However, it seemed like this was not possible, so he could only put them away.

However, Zhao Fu used one to reward the Goblin who he used each time to lure Minotaurs. After using the Ancient Power orb, great changes happened to his appearance.

The 1.3 meter tall Goblin became 1.5 meters tall. His body was covered with muscles, and his stats also greatly rose. It was like watching a poor and haggard-looking man turn into a muscular man filled with vitality. At the same time, his aura became many times more powerful, making the other Goblins admire him greatly.

The Goblin changed so much because his bloodline was far inferior to this power. Because Zhao Fu already had a Level 9 Royal Bloodline, he didn't change much.

After killing 30 or so Minotaurs, the Minotaur Chief sensed that something was wrong, and Zhao Fu didn't dare to act rashly anymore. If Zhao Fu tried to lure anymore Minotaurs, it was possible that he would draw all of the remaining Minotaurs, including the Minotaur Chief.

Zhao Fu had the confidence to deal with an ordinary Minotaur, but he wasn't confident against the Minotaur Chief - the aura he gave off was simply too dangerous.

As such, he could only remain in this stalemate. Zhao Fu didn't dare to rashly act while the Minotaurs still didn't know who their enemy was.

In the end, Zhao Fu could only strengthen his resolve and take a big risk to deal with the remaining 20 or so Minotaurs and the Minotaur Chief.