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 The enraged Minotaur gave off a murderous aura as it charged over, knocking over a few walls in the process. Sand and dust immediately filled the air, and his blood-red eyes searched around for the Goblin.

However, after looking around for a while, he found that the Goblin had disappeared, causing him to become even more furious. Just as he was about to vent his anger, the Goblin appeared in the distance and continued to provoke him. The Minotaur roared, vowing to tear the Goblin into pieces, and he once again rushed over.

Just like last time, after the Minotaur rushed over, the Goblin once again disappeared and reappeared further away. If any rational person saw this, he or she would have detected that something was off.

However, the Minotaur had completely lost his ability to reason, and he didn't even consider that this was quite suspicious. Right now, he just wanted to rip that Goblin to shreds, but the Goblin was able to escape every time.


The Minotaur blew up a wall with a punch, causing bricks to fly everywhere, and he gave off a monstrous aura.

In the distance, the Goblin that Zhao Fu had pushed out saw this, and his face paled. If he was hit by that punch, he would be turned into meat paste. His body trembled and turned to say to Zhao Fu, who was hiding in the shadows, "Lord, you have to protect me! My tiny life is in your hands right now!"

"Alright, alright, don't worry," Zhao Fu said as he looked at the berserk Minotaur and smiled.

This smile made the Goblin feel quite worried, but with his own strength, he wouldn't survive if the Minotaur chased and attacked him, so he could only rely on Zhao Fu. As such, he continued to point at the Minotaur and curse, "You bastard, cow-headed pig, you're the shame of the Tauren race..."


The Minotaur furiously charged at the Goblin again, and Zhao Fu immediately picked up the Goblin and used his agility to dart around the structures. In a few dashes and leaps, he appeared in the distance again. This happened time and time again.

Finally, the Minotaur chased them to a street, and when he saw that the despicable Goblin was no longer running, flames of fury erupted from his heart, and he started to unleash all of his rage. His eyes became more and more blood-red, and he breathed out white steam. Each of his steps was incredibly heavy as he rushed at the Goblin again. From how ferocious he looked, it seemed like he could stomp the Goblin into meat paste.

However, his feet suddenly stepped onto an unremarkable pile of hay.

The Minotaur was given a big shock, and he felt that his feet had been caught by something. In the next moment, the sound of a massive rock hitting the ground sounded out as his entire body was lifted into the air.

Zhao Fu's trap was very simple; he used a Goblin to lure the Minotaur out and an iron chain to form a trap. When the Minotaur stepped into the trap, Zhao Fu would cause the massive rock attached to the other end of the iron chain to fall, bringing the Minotaur into the air by his foot.

Now that the Minotaur was strung up in the air, no matter how powerful he was, he could not use his strength. He was currently swinging his fists about furiously, but if he calmly thought about it, he would most likely be able to free himself from the iron chain. However, right now, the Minotaur only wanted to destroy things.

This iron chain was something that Zhao Fu had specially made, so how could he allow the Minotaur to destroy it?

Zhao Fu smiled as he walked over. The Minotaur was going mad and had completely lost his mind. He continuously roared and wanted to rip apart everyone in front of him. This Minotaur's strength was quite powerful, and even the wind from swinging his arms around was enough to injure people.

Zhao Fu walked over and released a faint shield from his King's Domain to defend against the wind from the Minotaur's flailing, and Zhao Fu took out a Life-or-Death Contract. He had set up this trap not to kill the Minotaur but to force him into submission. After all, if he had a few Minotaurs, it would not be too difficult to defeat the other Minotaurs within the castle.

After Zhao Fu used the Life-and-Death Contract, the contract turned into motes of light and flew towards the Minotaur. However, they were unable to enter his body. Instead, they were repelled by an invisible force.

Zhao Fu frowned and used another contract when he saw the motes of light scatter, but it also failed. This caused Zhao Fu to sigh - it seemed that Life-or-Death Contracts were useless against Minotaurs.

Since there was no way of subduing this Minotaur, Zhao Fu could only kill him. Seeing how berserk he was, it was best to not give him an opportunity to draw the other Minotaurs here.

Zhao Fu slowly drew the Sky Demon Sword at his waist and sent his King's Power into it. The sword gave off a sharp and black sword light, and Zhao Fu slashed out with it, causing the Minotaur's head to fall from the rest of his body. It was as if a bottle of blood had been opened, and blood continuously poured out from his neck.

The Sky Demon Sword happily devoured the Minotaur's fleshly essence and delightfully cried. Such powerful fleshly essence was great nourishment for it.

After the Minotaur died, he dropped an orb of green light. This orb of light was about as big as a fist and gave off an ancient aura, and one could sense the power coming from it. As such, Zhao Fu picked it up and looked at it.

[Ancient Power]: A type of pure physical power that can be fused into one's body or equipment.

"Ancient Power?" After looking at its description, Zhao Fu looked down and asked the Sky Demon Sword, "Do you want this?"

The Sky Demon, who was enjoying its feast, rapidly shook its head as it said, "I don't want that type of physical power!"

Zhao Fu decided that since the Sky Demon didn't want it, he would use it on himself and see just what effects it had. After all, this power felt quite rare.

Following this, Zhao Fu pressed the orb of green light against his chest, and it entered his body before turning into a ray of green light and dispersing.

Immediately, Zhao Fu felt like some sort of power had entered his body, causing him to tremble. His heart then started to thump rapidly as his body heated up.

This lasted for an hour before stopping because Zhao Fu's King's Power had directly devoured a portion of the Ancient Power. It seemed that Ancient Power was definitely inferior to King's Power, or it wouldn't have been devoured so easily.

Despite this, the Ancient Power's effects were still evident. Zhao Fu's Strength and Constitution stats rose considerably, and Zhao Fu could feel the Ancient Power within his body. It was a power that had greatly nourished his fleshly body.

Moreover, the Ancient Power had also made Zhao Fu's slightly-skinny body become a bit more muscular, which surprised Zhao Fu.

Feeling the Ancient Power coursing through his body, Zhao Fu looked up at the Minotaur's dry corpse. Since he could not subdue these Minotaurs, he could only kill them. As such, this trap was useless.

Zhao Fu decided to set up a more convenient trap, but that would take some time to prepare.