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 Three days later, Zhao Fu and his team had nearly wiped out all of the other Goblins. His team had now expanded to 32 Goblins, and because the battles in the last few days had been quite intense, some of his Goblins had been injured or killed. Because of this, he added some more Goblins to his team. He now had five blue Goblins, seven red Goblins, and 20 Hobgoblins.

This was now quite a big team, and Zhao Fu led them towards the inner regions of the historical remnant. Zhao Fu had also received some information from his subdued Goblins about this historical remnant.

The region he had been in before was the outer region, while the true inner region was guarded by a group of Minotaurs. Minotaur was a special military profession for Tauren, and Minotaurs were especially violent. The Goblins could only stay in the outer regions of the historical remnant because they feared the Minotaurs, and they did not dare to venture into the inner regions of the historical remnant.

From what he heard, Zhao Fu knew that the inner region of the historical remnant would be even more dangerous, and he understood how powerful the Minotaurs were. However, he still wanted to take a look - after all, riches and honor were found with danger. Good fortune very rarely came easily, and it usually took risks to obtain.

The Goblins who were familiar with this area led the way, and Zhao Fu followed behind them. They passed by more and more structures until they arrived at a ruined castle.

The castle was quite large and majestic, and it was a western-styled castle. However, it had fallen into ruin, and most of the walls had collapsed. Weeds and grasses had also grown all over the castle, making it look quite desolate.

What's more, Zhao Fu saw a stage with four grey stone steles that were about 1 meter tall, which seemed to be Profession Change Stone Steles.

Zhao Fu walked over and found that they were indeed Profession Change Stone Steles, and they corresponded to the four types of Goblins he had found in the historical remnant.

[Goblin Club-Wielder]: E+ grade Military, Description: Goblin soldiers who wield clubs, Effect: Receives skill [Blunt Attack].

This first military profession somewhat surprised Zhao Fu. This was because it was E+ grade, which was slightly higher than Great Qin's E grade Soldier profession.

However, Zhao Fu's Great Qin Soldier profession did not have a limit. An unlimited number of people could obtain that profession, while there was a limit of 1,000 Goblins for this profession. However, because of the Great Qin Town's bonus stats, he could have 2,000 Goblin Club-Wielders.

At the same time, Zhao Fu suddenly felt that the Great Qin Soldier profession's grade was too low and wouldn't be enough for future battles. However, Zhao Fu did not know how to raise its grade. Following this, Zhao Fu looked at the other Goblin professions.

[Rock Thrower - Goblin]: E+ grade Military, Description: Goblin soldiers who have terrifying rock-throwing abilities, Effect: Receives skill [Rock Throwing].

[Hobgoblin]: D grade Military, Description: Powerful Goblin soldiers who wield sharp swords, Effect: Receives skill [Sword Essentials].

[Blue Red - Goblin]: D+ grade Military, Description: Goblin Mages who can cast powerful magic, Effect: Receives skill [Ice Fire].

These three professions also had limits: the Goblin Rock Thrower profession had a limit of 500, the Hobgoblin profession had a limit of 200, and the Blue Red Goblin profession had a limit of 100.

Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and found that the Profession Change Stone Steles could be moved, making him quite happy. He immediately put them into his King's Ring; with these four Profession Change Stone Steles, the Goblins would have a complete set of professions.

Next, Zhao Fu turned his gaze towards the castle. He told his Goblins to wait outside while he went inside to scout out the situation. With his Assassin profession, he didn't need to worry. However, if he brought too many people in, it was likely that they would be found out.

The Goblins heeded his orders and remained outside - after all, they were quite afraid of the Minotaurs. Zhao Fu entered the castle from a hole in a wall and suppressed his aura as he ventured inside.

At first, Zhao Fu did not find much, and his surroundings were quite normal. It was very quiet, but as Zhao Fu advanced, he started to hear sounds from ahead.

There were loud snores, the sound of things being smashed, and loud roars. The various voices all sounded like they came from cows.

Zhao Fu slowly climbed up a rather tall structure and looked ahead, and he saw roughly 50 or so Minotaurs.

These Minotaurs had the body of a human and the head of a cow. They also had muscles all over their bodies and a piece of beastskin covering their waists.

However, these Minotaurs were exceptionally big, about 4 meters tall, and they were easily angered. When they went berserk, their eyes would turn blood-red.

Furthermore, apart from the normal Minotaurs, he also saw the Minotaur Chief standing in front of a pair of exquisitely-carved doors.

This Minotaur Chief was 6 meters tall and had a pair of sharp horns that gave off a dark light. His muscles were well-defined, and he gave off an incredibly powerful aura of suppression.

After observing these things, Zhao Fu left and thought about how he could deal with these Minotaurs. They possessed a profession that had powerful, explosive strength, and with how easily they went berserk, they were even more dangerous. After all, their strength increased by many times in their berserk state.

With how terrifying these Minotaurs were, it was best to not confront them in a direct fight. Rather, using strategies and tricks would be much more effective.

Zhao Fu thought of something and found a tree that was 10 or so meters tall. He took out a chain that was two fingers wide that he had prepared a while ago in the Great Qin Town, and he found a large rock.

Whether this plan could work depended on cooperation.

Moreover, because of the existence of the Minotaur Chief, Zhao Fu had to be careful. After all, the normal Minotaurs would obey the Minotaur Chief, and if the Chief detected anything, the entire plan would fall apart. Right now, Zhao Fu's strength wasn't enough to take on the Minotaur Chief.

Following this, the plan went into motion. Zhao Fu took a few Goblins into the castle and chose a Minotaur who away from the rest of the group. He threw a rock at him before pushing out a Goblin, who continuously provoked the Minotaur.

The Goblin pushed out by Zhao Fu felt wronged because he feared Minotaurs. However, he was unable to resist Zhao Fu's threats, and because Zhao Fu had guaranteed his life, he could only reluctantly provoke the Minotaur.

Facing a Goblin from outside, the Minotaur wasn't too wary. If it was Zhao Fu provoking them, the Minotaurs would have been very wary of him, and many Minotaurs would have come to kill him.

Very soon, under the Goblin's repeated provocations, the Minotaur became angered, and its eyes became blood-red as it breathed out steam and rushed at the Goblin.

It was a success! Zhao Fu hurriedly picked up that Goblin and turned and ran.