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 Zhao Fu turned his gaze to a small team of Goblins near the outer region within the historical remnant and started to move.

There were only 10 or so Goblins in this team because the outer region was not too important, so the defenses here weren't as strong.

Zhao Fu stayed low as he snuck over. The Goblins didn't notice Zhao Fu at all and were idly chatting with each other. Zhao Fu directly took out the Sky Demon Sword and jumped down from a structure, dealing with a few normal Goblins in just a few strikes.

With Zhao Fu's current strength, he was still unable to instantly deal with the remaining Goblins. As such, he had to use the structures to dodge their attacks.

The team of Goblins furiously chased Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu took advantage of his agility and the structures to deal with a few Goblin Rock Throwers.

Finally, there was only a red Goblin and two Hobgoblins remaining. Zhao Fu set a trap, and they were bound by green vines from the three Flower Spirits.

Only then did Zhao Fu walk out from a dark corner with a smile. The three Goblins desperately struggled on the ground as they hatefully glared at Zhao Fu; if their mouths were not bound by vines, they would most likely be loudly cursing at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu walked over and slashed apart the vines covering the Goblins' mouths. One of the Goblins immediately yelled, "Despicable human! You've killed so many of us; we definitely won't let you go. If you release me, I'll definitely kill you!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu couldn't help but laugh - this was simply too stupid. Who would be stupid enough to release and fight the enemy that he or she had caught?

Zhao Fu said in the Goblin language, "Now that you've been caught by me, you have two options: surrender to me or die."

When the Goblin heard Zhao Fu speak in the Goblin Language, the Goblin was completely shocked and immediately roared, "I won't submit to you; kill us if you dare!"

"Hmph! You have guts." Zhao Fu took out a whip and started to whip the Goblins to force them to surrender through pain. However, Zhao Fu was surprised when the Goblins did not give in; they indeed had guts.

After lashing them tens of times, leaving countless wounds all over their bodies, the Goblins still weren't willing to surrender. At the side, the three Flower Spirits were unable to watch on and said, "Zhao, don't keep abusing them like this; they look so pitiful."

Zhao Fu also felt that this method was quite ineffective. The Goblins within the historical remnant were indeed different to the ones outside; if they were like the Goblins from outside, they would have surrendered already. As such, Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to use the Life-or-Death Contracts he had purchased before to force them to submit.

These Life-or-Death Contracts were master-slave contracts that forced them to hand their lives to him. He could do whatever he wanted with them, and even if they died, it would not affect him. It was only through this that Zhao Fu could force them to surrender to him.

After using the Life-or-Death Contracts, the contracts turned into motes of light and entered the three Goblins' bodies. Even though the Goblins still looked quite reluctant, they still decided to give in.

Of course, the Goblins were not very loyal to Zhao Fu, but they would at least follow his commands. Zhao Fu told the three Flower Spirits to release them, and after being unbound, the three Goblins knelt on the ground and called out, "Lord!"

Zhao Fu smiled - he had achieved his goal. He took out some healing medicinal pills and gave them to the Goblins before taking out two Silver grade swords and a Silver grade staff and handing them to the Goblins.

These Silver grade pieces of equipment were all from Gu Feng's spatial ring, and there were still hundreds of them. This was not very surprising because most elite soldiers in main cities had full sets of Silver grade equipment, and as one of the three Great Generals, it was normal for Gu Feng to possess so many so that he could distribute them his subordinates.

The three Goblins consumed the medicinal pills while joyfully receiving the Silver grade weapons. They became much more loyal towards Zhao Fu, and because they only had some external injuries, they were able to heal quickly.

Now that he had subdued these three Goblins, Zhao Fu had effectively gained three capable subordinates. Even though normal Goblins and Goblin Rock Throwers had decent fighting strength, they were not good enough to be chosen by Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu let them rest for a while before taking them to find another team with 10 or so Goblins.

With these three Goblins helping him, things became much simpler for Zhao Fu. At the beginning, Zhao Fu rushed in, killing a few normal Goblins before they could react, while his three Goblins rushed in from the other side.

They split up the remainder of the team into two groups, and Zhao Fu's Goblins took care of a few while Zhao Fu quickly dealt with the rest.

Afterwards, the four of them attacked the remaining blue Goblin and two Hobgoblins together.

While they were distracted, three green vines crept up from the ground and bound the three enemy Goblins in an instant. Now, all that was left was to force them to surrender.

This time, the enemy Goblins' anger was not directed at Zhao Fu but at the three Goblins who had submitted to him. The enemy Goblins cursed at them and said that they were traitors.

Following this, Zhao Fu once again used the Life-or-Death Contracts to force these Goblins to surrender, and they continued to look for other weaker teams.

After repeating this a few times, Zhao Fu's team expanded to 15 Goblins: there were two blue Goblins, three red Goblins, and 12 Hobgoblins.

With these 'soldiers' of his, there was nothing that Zhao Fu feared. He lured a team of 20 Goblins and attacked them directly without using any tricks.

The blue and red Goblins threw fireballs and iceballs at the enemy Goblins, while the Hobgoblins rushed over with their weapons.

Zhao Fu held the Sky Demon Sword, and Sky Demon qi entered his body as he entered the fray.

Three Goblins swung their wooden clubs at him, and Zhao Fu slashed out with his sword, the massive amount of force sending their clubs flying away. He then slashed the other way, sending out a black arc of sword light that hit the three Goblins in their chests. A horrifying wound appeared on their chests as blood quickly flowed out of them, and they died on the spot.


A Goblin Rock Thrower threw a rock at Zhao Fu with all his might. Zhao Fu leaned to the side and dodged the rock before rushing at the Goblin Rock Thrower.


The battle concluded quite quickly. However, this was not because of Zhao Fu but because of his 15 Goblins. After all, the other side only had one blue Goblin, one red Goblin, and four Hobgoblins, and the rest were normal Goblins and Goblin Rock Throwers.

On the other hand, Zhao Fu's force only had the most powerful Goblins, which was why he had been able to deal with this team of Goblins so easily.

After dealing with those 20 Goblins, some of Zhao Fu's Goblins had received some injuries. After gathering the spoils, Zhao Fu told them to rest before they continued taking down more teams of Goblins.