When Zhao Fu saw how serious Wu Qingniang looked, he couldn't help but smile and nod, expressing that he understood how terrifying Great Qin's Legatee was.

Seeing Zhao Fu act like this, Wu Qingniang was somewhat angry and slapped Zhao Fu's arm as she said, "I'm completely serious here. I hope that you won't be traumatized after meeting him; Great Qin's real Legatee is quite terrifying. I've personally experienced how monstrous he is, which is why I'm giving you this warning; why are you being so carefree?"

Zhao Fu stopped smiling and once again nodded but with a serious expression this time. Asking him to fear himself was simply quite amusing, but when had Wu Qingniang experienced how terrifying he was? Could it be that time with the dragon's roar?

Seeing this, Wu Qingniang lightly harrumphed. Seeing that they had almost arrived at where Zhao Fu was staying, she said, "Zhao Fu, are you sure you don't want my help? It'll be difficult to create a large faction with your own strength."

"Mm," Zhao Fu replied, "I'll take care of everything myself, but... thank you, Qingniang!"

Wu Qingniang was quite surprised because this was the first time that she had heard Zhao Fu say her name. However, she still looked at Zhao Fu earnestly as she said, "Zhao Fu, if you need anything, let me know, and I'll do my best to help you. From the first time I met you, I knew that you wouldn't be an ordinary person in the future. Since I view you so favorably, I've already started to see you as mine in my heart. Regardless of whether you're willing or not, I'll make you submit to me wholeheartedly one day. In the chaotic and dark times ahead, I'll need your help as well."

Zhao Fu looked surprised after listening to Wu Qingniang - he simply couldn't understand why Wu Qingniang saw him so favorably. In the real world, he was an unimpressive, small figure, so he felt that she thought of him too highly.

However, before Zhao Fu could say anything, Wu Qingniang continued and said, "I know what you want to say, but in this world, the ones who know how to judge men the best are the Wu family. After all, most of us have Phoenix Dragon Constitutions. You're someone who I have chosen, so I believe that you'll achieve great things one day. I'm sure that you won't let me down."

Zhao Fu listened to Wu Qingniang's words and was speechless towards how domineering she was. Even though he was weak in the real world, he didn't want to submit to her. After all, he was the master of Great Qin. Nevertheless, he did not bear any ill will towards Wu Qingniang, as she was trying her best to help him. Even though she was, in a sense, doing this to help herself, Zhao Fu couldn't think badly of her.

Now that Wu Qingniang had made her intentions clear, she smiled as she said, "Zhao Fu, I'll give you some time to develop, but after that period of time, I'll start stepping in."

Zhao Fu had no choice but to sigh and temporarily give in, "Alright!"

"Don't be so reluctant - do you know how many men would want this but don't have the opportunity?" Wu Qingniang lightly smiled as she softly hugged Zhao Fu's arm.

However, in the next instant, Wu Qingniang suddenly leaned in and sniffed Zhao Fu, curiously saying, "Zhao Fu, I've always been meaning to ask you - what have you been doing this whole time in the Heaven Awaken World? I feel like my body constitution's attraction towards you has been growing stronger and stronger."

This question shocked Zhao Fu because He Xianru had reminded him that he could not hide his Fate in the real world. Zhao Fu suspected that Wu Qingniang's body constitution was related to Fate, and he decided that after going back to the Heaven Awaken World, he would ask He Xianru what the Phoenix Dragon Constitution was.

Zhao Fu could only quickly extricate himself from Wu Qingniang before finding an excuse to quickly return to his room.

Elsewhere, Su Yuyan finished talking with Ying Wu and entered a luxury car.

At this moment, she received a call. After picking it up, she said earnestly, "Big sister, Great Qin's Legatee was indeed fake; he's just a shield pushed by the Ying family. However, he doesn't seem to intend to fully submit to the Ying family, so he might have some value."

A mature voice sounded out from the other end, saying, "I see. Also, I'll leave you to manage the Three Provinces' Heaven Awaken World forum; there are a few hidden families that seem to be about to come out of hiding, so pay some attention to that."

"Understood. Thank you, big sister," Su Yuyan said somewhat happily after listening to the other person's words.


After Zhao Fu got back to his room, he didn't waste any more time in the real world, and he once again entered the Heaven Awaken World.

After entering the Heaven Awaken World, Zhao Fu realized that because one day in the real world was equivalent to three days in the Heaven Awaken World, the three Flower Spirits had been waiting for quite some time. As such, he apologetically smiled as he said, "Sorry, I've made you three wait!"

"Hmph!" Roserose crossed her arms and lightly harrumphed, saying somewhat angrily, "Zhao, you said that you would be back soon, but you've made us wait for such a long time. I thought you had forgotten about us!"

"Roserose, Zhao most likely had matters he couldn't get away from," Lilylily said amiably before Zhao Fu could reply. She was quite good at understanding others.

"Mhmm!" The red-faced Peachy also nodded.

Roserose's character was quite simple, and when she heard them say this, she was no longer angry. Instead, she smiled and said, "Alright, Zhao, I won't be angry at you then."

Seeing how pure and simple she was, Zhao Fu couldn't help but laugh, and he took out three spirit fruits as compensation. Following this, he continued killing the Goblins in the Rolan Historical Remnant.

He stuck with his method from before, using his voice or pebbles to attract teams of Goblins over. With his experience from the previous time, Zhao Fu chose places with many structures and darted around the structures, slowly wiping out team after team.

He dealt with a second, a third, and a fourth team.

Zhao Fu thought that killing all of the Goblins here would be quite simple, but something unexpected happened when he started to take on the fifth team.

He had suddenly appeared from the side, instantly killing three Goblins. However, at that moment, one of the Goblins took out a black horn and started to blow it.

The horn seemed to be quite special, and the sound that came from it wasn't very loud. However, all of the Goblins could hear it, and they were all attracted by it.

The instant that the horn sounded out, countless Goblins immediately rushed this way, causing a rumbling sound to sound out. Zhao Fu's hairs stood on end, and he didn't hesitate to run away.

The situation immediately reversed, and the Goblins madly chased Zhao Fu. In the end, Zhao Fu was able to rely on his agility and skills to pitifully escape from the Rolan Historical Remnant.

It was only half a day later that Zhao Fu dared to venture into the historical remnant again. However, now, the Goblins were gathered in groups of roughly 20, and they seemed more alert. It would be more difficult to assassinate them now.

Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to change his strategy into a group battle.