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 After this, the bodyguard came back with stir-fried capsicum and beef as well as a bowl of rice. Zhao Fu quickly finished it and filled his empty stomach before preparing to go into the Heaven Awaken World again.

At this moment, Wu Qingniang came over with a few female bodyguards, and when she saw that Zhao Fu had just finished eating, she smiled and said, "Zhao Fu, come; I'll take you to open your eyes."

Zhao Fu was quite surprised. " _Take me to open my eyes?_ "

He saw that Wu Qingniang was wearing a formal dress, had put on makeup, and had styled her hair. He realized what she meant when he remembered that the banquet was tonight,

Zhao Fu shook his head as he replied, "It's best that I don't go; that banquet's for big figures like yourself, so small figures like me shouldn't go."

Wu Qingniang lightly laughed as she said, "You mind your status? I couldn't tell that you were such a person. Today's the banquet for welcoming Great Qin's Legatee, and since you're part of the Ying family, don't tell me you don't want to see him. He's the future leader of the Ying family and is someone who will hold immense power."

Zhao Fu couldn't help but lightly laugh and say, "Do you really think he's really Great Qin's Legatee?"

Wu Qingniang looked quite surprised and walked up to Zhao Fu, looking into his eyes as she asked, "Do you know something?"

Wu Qingniang was incredibly close, and Zhao Fu felt that something was off. Facing Wu Qingniang, who was so close, Zhao Fu felt quite awkward and turned his head away as he said, "This matter is too high-profile, and it is way too different compared to how low-profile Great Qin's Legatee acted in the past. The Ying family seems to have done this to attract attention to itself."

"Looks like I wasn't wrong about you!" Wu Qingniang suddenly grinned and held Zhao Fu's arm, pulling him up from his chair as she said, "Let's go! I just so happen to be lacking a plus one."

Zhao Fu was speechless, and he expressed that he really didn't want to go. After all, that banquet was just a farce. However, in the end, Zhao Fu was still dragged there by Wu Qingniang.

After arriving at the banquet, Zhao Fu found that it was filled with upper-class people dressed in gorgeous clothing. Wu Qingniang was wearing a red dress and looked beautiful, and she gave off a slight domineering air as she walked arm in arm with Zhao Fu.

They immediately attracted many people's gazes, but despite being somewhat good-looking, Zhao Fu's plain aura made Wu Qingniang seem less impressive.

Zhao Fu had no choice about this - he wanted to be as low-profile as possible and couldn't attract attention to himself. As such, he dressed and acted as plainly as possible. Because Wu Qingniang was so attractive, this was the only thing he could do.

The sight of them together was like a brilliant flower being placed on a pile of cow dung, or a perfect head of cabbage being eaten by a pig. Many handsome men looked at Wu Qingniang with pity in their eyes.

A few of the people who knew Wu Qingniang were quite surprised when they saw Zhao Fu beside her. They greeted her with strange looks and looked at Zhao Fu while asking in a friendly and curious manner, "May I ask who this is?"

Because they didn't know Zhao Fu but he was treated like this by Wu Qingniang, they suspected that he was the young master of some large but reserved family.

Before Wu Qingniang could reply, one of the Ying family's members whispered into their ears, and after finding out that Zhao Fu was just an ordinary member of the collateral family, their attitudes towards him completely changed.

However, even if they didn't have to give Zhao Fu face, they still needed to give Wu Qingniang face. As such, they didn't mock him, but they couldn't hide their disdain for Zhao Fu.

Seeing this, Wu Qingniang slightly frowned. However, the other people had already given them a lot of face, so she could not say much. Afterwards, those people found an excuse to leave Wu Qingniang and Zhao Fu.

At this moment, Wu Qingniang turned to look at Zhao Fu, who looked quite calm, and curiously asked, "Zhao Fu, aren't you angry?"

Zhao Fu suddenly smiled and looked at her as he replied, "Why would I be angry? Just because they look down on me? With my current status, there's nothing surprising about that."

Wu Qingniang wasn't quite sure how to reply to this, but a faint smile appeared on her lips as she said, "Then don't you want to change your status? Even though the Ying family isn't willing to support you, I can give you some resources to help you establish your own faction. Perhaps one day you'll be able to rise to fame."

"No need; I can do it on my own." Zhao Fu suddenly gave off a calm, indescribable aura. Rise to fame? How could that be his goal? Zhao Fu's ambition was to conquer the world!

The aura that Zhao Fu suddenly gave off caused Wu Qingniang's heart to tremble.

However, Wu Qingniang immediately became serious and gazed at Zhao Fu as she said, "Zhao Fu, is there something you've been hiding from me this entire time?"

Zhao Fu was quite surprised, but he felt that he hadn't said anything that could give him away. This woman's instincts were quite amazing, so he ambiguously said, "Not really, and even if there was, they'd all be small matters to you."

"Really?" Wu Qingniang looked at Zhao Fu suspiciously, seeming to not fully believe him.

Zhao Fu nodded earnestly. Just as Wu Qingniang was about to say something, surprised cries came from the entrance, drawing many people's attention.

Zhao Fu also turned and looked, and he saw a peerlessly beautiful woman walk in. She had a graceful bearing and was wearing a white dress. Her skin was white as snow and seemed incredibly tender, and she had a flawlessly beautiful face. Her dark hair fell to her shoulders, and she was so beautiful that the people who saw her felt like they were being suffocated.

When she appeared, she seemed to radiate light, drawing the attention of everyone present.

After listening to the discussions around him, Zhao Fu realized that this woman was Su Yuyan, a superstar. Zhao Fu didn't care much, and he looked away.

"Not bad; you only looked at such a beautiful superstar for three seconds." Wu Qingniang's voice suddenly came from beside him.

Zhao Fu rolled his eyes at Wu Qingniang as he replied, "I'm not someone who places great emphasis on looks, nor am I interested in those things. Everyone has their own desires and ambitions, so don't judge everyone the same way. Plus, your looks aren't inferior to hers at all!"

Wu Qingniang smiled as she looked at Zhao Fu and said, "I'm starting to like you more and more!"

Zhao Fu felt quite awkward and wasn't sure what to do.

At this moment, the people around them started clamoring again. A handsome young man, who had a few elderly people around him, slowly walked into the hall. The 'main character' of the banquet had officially arrived!