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 The Gnome elder nodded in agreement, "That's absolutely impossible. No matter how terrifying he is, or even if he defeats the Sun Elf, he's still not from our Outlander Race. How can he become the new King of Kings?"

Even the Bear person elder who supported Zhao Fu nodded seriously, "It's indeed impossible. He's not from our Outlander Race, so it's impossible for him to draw out the King of Kings Sword. Perhaps if he was an Outlander it could be possible."

The Fox Race man nodded and said, "That's right, being part of the Outlander Race is the greatest limitation. No matter how terrifying he is, he's not from our race, so how can he pull out the King of Kings Sword?"

I believe that the prophesied person is the person who caused the 23 statues to give off ten-colored light. I'm just curious why that person still hasn't been revealed. He has hidden himself quite well. However, in the key moment he'll definitely reveal himself - I'm looking forward to that very much."

The elegant-looking beauty lightly laughed as she said, "I'm also looking forward to the appearance of that person. However, if that person wants to pull out the King of Kings Sword, his greatest obstacle will be the Sun Elf. There will definitely be a terrifying battle."

Hearing this, everyone else nodded.

Currently, the Sun Elf looked incredibly serious and started to pay mind to the mysterious person, as that person was gaining too much momentum.

When that person had only defeated the seventh-ranked person, he had not cared too much because he could easily do so as well. However, he had defeated everyone from tenth place to fourth place, and he was now ranked third. His power was quite terrifying.

The Sun Elf felt as if there was an incredibly ravenous monster rushing up from below, glaring at him.

Medusa also changed her thinking and now considered Zhao Fu a rival. From the points rankings, Zhao Fu was ranked third and was right behind her. However, she had not fought with him yet and did not know just how strong he was.

Even though she was arrogant and did not place anyone in her eyes, she was not stupid either. With such a ferocious monster by her side, she could not just ignore it, or else she would not even know how she died.

From Zhao Fu's performance, he was qualified to become a competitor. He would most likely find her soon and challenge her.

The Treasure Dwarf's expression was quite unsightly. Even though he had not yet crossed paths with that person, that person's points now exceeded him, bumping him down to fourth place. In a way, Zhao Fu had already defeated him.

The Treasure Dwarf did not dare to be careless and did not continue to kill creatures to earn points, as there was no longer any point.

That person had defeated the fourth-ranked and fifth-ranked people, and he would be next. There would definitely be an intense battle, and because he did not dare to be careless, he started to recover his strength so that he would be in peak condition.

Outside the door to the secret realm, the Three-Headed Ogre was preparing to enter the secret realm again, while the Lion person was recovering from his injuries.

When the Three-Headed Ogre found out the Lion person had also fallen at that person's hands, he felt quite shocked. Just how strong was that person, to have defeated yet another genius? However, he felt a bit better as someone stronger than him had been defeated, so there was no shame in him losing.

At that moment, two figures flew out, covered in blood and looking heavily wounded. The Three-Headed Ogre felt quite shocked and found that they were the fourth-ranked Dussi and fifth-ranked Hu Baimei.

How come both of them had come out heavily wounded? Thinking about the experiences of the various geniuses, the Three-Headed Ogre realized and felt even more shocked. Had both the fourth-ranked and fifth-ranked people lost to that person as well? That person was truly terrifying.

The Lion person also looked at the two heavily wounded people in shock; he had never thought that they would lose to that person as well.

However, those were only their guesses. In the end, the Three-Headed Ogre could not help but ask, "Were you two also defeated by that person?"

Dussi nodded and sighed with an unsightly expression. They had both lost to that person, and he had challenged them together. This made him feel incredibly uncomfortable; it was the first time he had taken such a blow.

Hu Baimei harrumphed angrily, "That bastard was terrifyingly powerful; he challenged both of us together and yet he still won. I'm so angry I could die."

Hearing this, the Three-Headed Ogre and Lion person looked dumbfounded; that person had challenged two geniuses together and had still won. No wonder Dussi and Hu Baimei had come out together; they had been defeated together.

That person completely surpassed their expectations. How could he have such great power? Now, they felt a trace of fear and respect towards him.

They had been feeling that Zhao Fu was hiding power, and now it was proven that Zhao Fu had not gone all-out against them. This made them feel even worse.

At that moment, Hu Baimei accidentally touched one of her wounds, causing her to cry out in pain, and she said angrily, "That bastard didn't even treat a woman like me gently. I'll definitely teach him a lesson next time."

The Three-Headed Ogre felt quite surprised; it was the first time he had seen Hu Baimei like this. Normally, she looked incredibly flirtatious and enticing.

The Three-Headed Ogre was quite powerful and could resist Hu Baimei's charm, and he asked in curiosity, "What is it like inside? How is that person doing?"

Dussi's expression became serious as he said, "That person now ranks third and was most likely somewhat injured. After he recovers, he'll challenge the top three."

Those words caused everyone's hearts to tremble. The top three gave them immense pressure, and they felt fear and respect towards them.

The Lion person asked seriously, "Do you think he'll be able to succeed?"

Hu Baimei pouted as she said, "I think that bastard can defeat the second and third-ranked people, but facing the Sun Elf, I don't think he'll be able to win. Even though that bastard is very powerful, he's not a match for the Sun Elf. That Sun Elf is too terrifying."

The Three-Headed Ogre said, "Even if he can only defeat the second and third-ranked people, he will be incredibly terrifying, much more so than us. Even if he stops at second place, I would feel immense respect for him."

The Lion person nodded in agreement and said with a sigh, "I wonder what kind of person he is, to have such great power."

Those words caused everyone to feel quite curious as to Zhao Fu's identity. After all, they were the Outlander Race's top ten geniuses and yet they had fallen at his hands.