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 After everything settled, a 200,000 meter wide crater appeared in the ground, looking incredibly shocking and terrifying.

Traces of destructive aura rose up from the crater, and all signs of life had been eradicated.

Who had won? Countless people looked at the crater - by now, a victor had most likely been decided. The three people had most likely used their full strength to unleash such devastating attacks, and it was impossible for them to hold back anything.

Some rocks rolled down and a person covered with blood walked out. That person was wearing a ragged cloak - it was Zhao Fu.

No one else could be seen, so everyone looked at the rankings and found that Dussi and Hu Baimei's rankings had fallen, while Zhao Fu's had risen. He was now ranked third - it was evident that Zhao Fu had won.

Countless people cried out in excitement and shock.

"Heavens! That person actually defeated two geniuses by himself; how OP! He's the person I'll worship from now on!"

"Just who is he? My blood was boiling from that battle. Now, seven out of the Outlander Race's ten top geniuses have fallen at his hands. Who can compare to him?"

"I like him so much! I feel that being his woman would be so blessed. I really admire any woman who can receive his love and have such a powerful man."

"He's ridiculously strong. Before, I didn't feel any confidence that he could win, but it turns out that he was hiding such terrifying power. I'm totally convinced by his power."

"I'm so excited; he actually won! I've been supporting him all this time."

Everyone was sent into an uproar and countless people talked about Zhao Fu. They felt even more curious as to who Zhao Fu was. Seeing that he could summon the Six Paths Demon Images, it was possible that he had a high standing in the Underworld, and ordinary Imperial Princes would not be able to compare to him.

Now, no one dared to call Zhao Fu a perverted bandit or bastard; everyone talked about him with immense respect and fear. In fact, many women wanted to become his.

The two Empires that had wanted to kill him now felt even better about him. Before, they had wanted him to marry into their Empires, but now they were wondering how to give their Princesses to him.

With Zhao Fu's terrifying power and his ability to summon the Six Paths Demon Images, it was possible that the faction behind Zhao Fu was dozens of times more powerful than theirs. Now, they were the weaker side and were not worthy of Zhao Fu. They felt quite worried that he would not want their Princesses.

If they could ally with that terrifying faction, their Empire would feel much more confident. Almost everyone agreed to marrying the two Princesses out, and no one felt dissatisfied or displeased at all.

As for the Fox Race Empire, even though their Princess was defeated, they did not feel angry or view Zhao Fu with animosity. Zhao Fu had defeated their Princess with true power, and he had fought two geniuses by himself.

They felt completely convinced of Zhao Fu's strength, and given how terrifying Zhao Fu was, losing to him was not shameful at all.

Thinking about how Zhao Fu had spoken to Hu Baimei earlier, the Fox Race Empire's higher-ups guessed that Zhao Fu was quite interested in her, and they considered marrying her to him.

Firstly, Zhao Fu's status and strength were higher than Hu Baimei's, so they felt that it would be a good match.

Moreover, the Fox Race Empire's higher-ups all quite liked Zhao Fu and felt that he had immense potential. He would definitely shake the Heaven Awaken World in the future and become one of the most brilliant people in the world. As such, they wanted to marry Hu Baimei over.

They knew that Zhao Fu was quite licentious but they could accept this. However, as the most powerful Fox Race Empire, they were one of the most powerful factions in the entire Outlander Domain, so they would require Hu Baimei to be the main wife. Only that would be worthy of her.

The Dragon person Empire's people looked quite serious. They found that that mysterious person had one of the highest grades of Dragon Race bloodline, and they guessed that he was not from the Ghost Race but from the Dragon Race.

As Dragon people, they were part of the Dragon Race. Facing someone like this, they felt an instinctive respect and wanted to have a good relationship with him. With his strength, he deserved them to treat him like this.

Even though their Imperial Prince had fallen at Zhao Fu's hands, they could accept this, as Zhao Fu was stronger in terms of both strength or bloodline.

They also wanted to marry their Princess over; even if she could not become the main wife, that was alright. They wanted to obtain that sovereign Dragon Race bloodline - it was incredibly important to their Empire and would be of great help to them.

Outlander Ten College's teachers also felt quite shocked about Zhao Fu challenging two geniuses by himself.

The elegant-looking beauty laughed as she said, "I really underestimated him; he actually had such terrifying power. Also, Dong Leng, you said that he couldn't even defeat the sixth-ranked genius, and yet he defeated these two geniuses by himself; what do you have to say?"

The serious-looking middle-aged man had a cold expression as he said, "He surpassed my expectations; I underestimated him. It seems that his background is quite special, and it's hard to tell just what race he is.

"However, from the abilities he's used, he definitely has a terrifying identity. He's worth us paying attention to, but who knows if he can defeat the top three."

The Gnome elder nodded and said, "I also underestimated him. I had never thought that he would reach this point with just Harmony Realm Cultivation. He actually defeated seven of the top geniuses - this is not something an ordinary genius can do. No wonder countless people are worshipping him.

"However, I don't like his character. I don't think he can defeat the Sun Elf either; the Sun Elf is the Outlander Race's most brilliant genius, and everyone else can only live under his light and cannot surpass him. He is the limit of the Outlander Race."

The chubby Bear person elder laughed and said, "I'm on that boy's side; I think he'll once again surpass our expectations."

The elegant-looking beauty felt quite curious as she smiled and asked, "Do you think he's the prophesied person?"

The serious-looking middle-aged man replied with a definite tone, "Absolutely impossible!"