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 After looking at the enchantment card's effects, Zhao Fu put all of the items he had obtained into his King's Ring. At that moment, Roserose rubbed her flat stomach and said, "Zhao, I'm so hungry."

Zhao Fu looked up and saw that it was getting late, so he decided to stop there. As such, he came out of the Rolan Historical Remnan, went to an empty area outside, and lit a bonfire.

He gave each of the three Flower Spirits a Black Forest Fruit while he went around and found some wild chickens.

These wild chickens were slightly bigger than normal roosters, and they had many feathers. However, they didn't look very pretty because their colors were incongruously mixed.

Zhao Fu had heard from the Goblins that these chicken were quite delicious, so he caught one and defeathered it before roasting it over the bonfire.

Soon, the chicken was cooked and Zhao Fu tasted it, and he found that its flavor wasn't bad at all. The chicken meat was incredibly savory and tender, and anyone who ate it would eat incredibly heartily.

However, only Zhao Fu could eat the chicken, as the Flower Spirits only ate fruits and vegetables. After devouring the entire wild chicken, Zhao Fu's belly was incredibly full.

After this, Zhao Fu felt that it was time to leave the Heaven Awaken World to take a look at the forum. He told the three Flower Spirits about this and told them to hide and to be safe before leaving the Heaven Awaken World.

After Zhao Fu's consciousness returned to the real world, he asked his bodyguard to order him some food. Just like before, he opened up the Heaven Awaken World forum and was somewhat shocked to see what he had caused.

The matter at Heavenstone City has undoubtedly created a great sensation, and the School of History and the School of Minor-talks had started to make records.

The School of History, or Historians, did not normally care about politics or the lives of commoners; their only aim was to record history.

The School of Minor-talks, or Novelists, appeared in the early years of the Qin Dynasty. They gathered all sorts of stories and turned them into novels, and they also made up their own stories. Even though the School of Minor-talks was called a 'school of thought,' it was not an orthodox school. This was why there was a saying of 'nine genres and ten schools': the 10 main schools of thought were the School of the Military, the School of Legalism, the School of Taoism, the School of Confucianism, the School of Yin Yang, the School of Logicians, the School of Miscellany, the School of Agriculture, the School of Vertical and Horizontal, and the School of Minor-talks; however, the ones counted as the true orthodoxy were the first 9.

Even though the School of Minor-talks was not viewed very favorably in ancient times, it now flourished and had many different branches. The books and novels they wrote were innumerable, and now, the internet age was its golden age for development.

They recorded this matter mainly to keep a record of history. This matter caused simply too great of a stir - it was the first clash between a player and a main city, and it was something that had to be recorded in the annals of history.

A smaller reason that they recorded this was so that it could be used to write stories.

Zhao Fu did not mind this, but what he was worried about was that they might have guessed his status and his rough location, which made him sigh.

Back then, if he had restrained himself, things would have been much more simple. However, the king's majesty within his heart could not be offended. Moreover, Zhao Fu had continuously held himself back, and they had forced him into that state. After all, a cornered beast was the most dangerous.

Zhao Fu's emotions were quite complicated, but what was done was done; he could not change the past. There were downsides to him being exposed, but there were also benefits.

The downsides were that countless factions and families would become incredibly wary of his rough location and may become obstacles to him. They might try to restrict Great Qin's development, which would bring many troubles to Great Qin.

The benefits were that after he was exposed, he did not seem as mysterious, terrifying, and threatening. As such, he wouldn't arouse the enmity of the masses and could use East Green as a cover-up to draw the attention of many factions there, instead of the Forest of Horrors.

After thinking about this, Zhao Fu found that the situation wasn't as bad as he had thought. He then looked at another thread that greatly shocked him: 'Great Qin's Legatee has revealed himself and has triumphantly returned to the Ying family!'

What was going on? He had come to the Ying family long ago, so why did this make it seem like he had suddenly returned to the Ying family with great fanfare?

Zhao Fu was quite confused and clicked on the thread, and he found that the person was a fake. Just what was going on?

After reading through the thread, Zhao Fu found that it was the Ying family who had announced this and made such a big deal of it, but why had they done such a thing?

Zhao Fu thought about it and realized that it was possible that the Ying family was trying to help him. Did they suddenly develop a conscience? Or was this just a ploy?

Zhao Fu couldn't fully understand the Ying family's intentions, but the appearance of a fake was quite good for him. He would become a big meat-shield for Zhao Fu.

What's more, in order to welcome the return of Great Qin's Legatee, the Ying family would be holding a grand banquet and had invited many famous and powerful families. However, these families didn't include their greatest competitors, making the Xia, Shang, and Zhou Dynasties displeased.

This banquet caught the attention of countless people. Most people were quite excited to see what Great Qin's mysterious Legatee was like, but how could normal people enter this sort of banquet?

As such, the forum was filled with people raging and venting their frustrations.

'Fudge, why doesn't the Ying family do a television broadcast of this big event? Even though we're just lowly commoners to them and can't participate in the banquet, they should at least let us take a look!!!'

'I really want to see what Great Qin's Legatee is like... is he handsome? Is he assertive? I really want to know!'

'I heard that Su Yuyan, who has had a crush on Great Qin's Legatee all this time, has been invited!'

'Ai, I don't have many desires in this lifetime; I just wanna to be able to see Great Qin's Legatee once. Great Qin's Legatee has brought a lot of face to China, and many superstars and leaders of countries wanna meet him. If I ever meet him, I'll ask him to do 10 or so autographs for me and sell them for a million each! It'll be such easy money, hahaha...'

'I also want to meet Great Qin's Legatee! I even dreamt about meeting him. In my dreams, he was super handsome and really gentle and affectionate towards me. I feel like he's my one true love, my god. Maybe we were lovers in a past life... >///<'

'I'm just a passerby, and even though I don't know why Great Qin's Legatee is so popular, seeing how everyone wants to see him, I also want to see him. If anyone can go, bring me as well. I'm at xx town, so please take me!!'

Zhao Fu saw that the time of the banquet was tonight, but he hadn't received an invitation. After all, how could someone from the collateral family like him be invited to such a high-profile banquet?

Nevertheless, Zhao Fu hadn't intended on going even if he was invited. Even though this matter was related to him, he didn't care about it at all. It would be better for him to explore the Rolan Historical Remnant more once his food was delivered and he ate.