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An icy saber qi rushed into the sky and a cold aura spread out. Dussi gripped his saber with both hands and slashed down, sending an enormous saber light that seemed to be able to blast apart the heavens and earth to slash down.

The countless ghosts dissipated into ghostly qi, and a massive saber gash appeared in the ground, and the ground around it was completely frozen.


Hu Baimei raised her sword and sent a massive power into it, causing it to give off boundless white light. She vigorously slashed out, sending out an enormous sword light that flooded towards the remaining ghosts.

As the ghosts and sword light clashed, the ghosts were slashed apart and dissipated into traces of ghostly qi. Suddenly, Zhao Fu appeared in front of the Dussi, and his sword gave off shocking power as he slashed towards him.

Dussi was given a fright and he blocked with his saber, but he was slashed flying dozens of meters and crashed to the ground.


At that moment, Hu Baimei stretched out a hand and massive amounts of white aura flowed out, forming an enormous fox paw that gave off terrifying power and massive wind as it grabbed towards Zhao Fu.


Zhao Fu was sent flying by this massive paw, and he heavily crashed to the ground, opening up a large crater.

Hu Baimei held her sword as she rushed towards Zhao Fu, reaching him incredibly quickly. She sent massive amounts of power into her sword, causing it to give off intense sword light, and she vigorously slashed out, sending out a sword light containing terrifying power towards Zhao Fu.

As Zhao Fu lay on the ground, he looked at Hu Baimei and a black and blood-red sword pupil in his eye dilated, causing Hu Baimei to feel quite startled.

Shing, shing, shing...

Traces of black and blood-red sword qi rushed out incredibly quickly, shooting towards Hu Baimei's sword light. The sword light was instantly destroyed by the countless traces of sword qi and continued onwards towards Hu Baimei.

Hu Baimei immediately released a defensive barrier, and as the countless traces of black and blood-red sword qi slammed into it, the barrier shattered and Hu Baimei was sent flying backwards. She coughed up a mouthful of blood and a few small gashes appeared on her chest, from which blood flowed out.

Zhao Fu had once again used the Killing Sword Pupil's power; after resting, it had greatly recovered.


Dussi gripped his saber with both hands as he once again slashed at Zhao Fu, sending out an enormous icy saber light.

Zhao Fu got up and sent massive power into the Emperor Killing Sword and powerfully slashed out, and a black and blood-red sword light giving off sharp power flew towards Dussi.


The two attacks collided, resulting in a loud sound. Sword light and sabre light shot out everywhere, causing a gale to spread out.

Shing, shing, shing...

Sword hums suddenly sounded out as Hu Baimei raised her sword, looking quite furious. She sent immense power into her sword, causing countless traces of sword qi to shoot into the sky. The Heaven and Earth Power into surroundings quickly gathered, and a massive sword image giving off an incredibly sharp aura appeared in the sky. The space around it was unable to bear its power and started to crack.


Dussi exploded out with a powerful icy flame that caused a storm of cold wind to blast out. An ice pearl floated out from within his body and floated into the air. Heaven and Earth Power continuously flowed out of it and it gave off power that was extremely icy as it expanded into a massive ice ball.


Zhao Fu's expression became grim as he exploded out with all of his power, igniting a massive black aura flame around him. He slowly raised his sword and a black sword light rushed into the sky. Heaven and Earth Power rapidly gathered, forming a massive black magic formation that gave off terrifying sword intent.


Hu Baimei's sword descended, and the massive sword image gave off power that seemed to be able to slash apart anything as it flew towards Zhao Fu, dragging behind massive amounts of sword qi behind it.


Dussi's saber also descended, and the massive ice ball gave off a power that seemed to be able to seal everything shot towards Zhao Fu. The sky became covered with frost as it passed through.

"Arghh!" Facing the two extremely terrifying attacks, Zhao Fu loudly roared and sent all of his power into the sword formation, causing it to start to spin. An aura of destruction spread out as an enormous blood-red sword light containing world-destroying power shot out.


A shocking explosion sounded out, and the ground trembled as a massive dome of destructive energy blasted out. The ground, trees, boulders, mountains, rivers, and everything else within it were completely annihilated and turned to dust.

After everything settled, a 100,000 meter wide crater appeared in the ground, from which traces of destructive aura rose up. Anyone who saw this felt their souls trembling.

The people on the viewing platform felt incredibly shocked as they looked at this scene. Even despite not being there themselves, they could feel how terrifying that destructive power was. It was not power that ordinary people could wield, and even gods and demons would be terrified.

Who won? Countless people looked at the crater and could not feel certain. Was it the mysterious person who had won, or the two geniuses?

"Roar!" A dragons' roar sounded out as an icy aura flame rushed into the sky, causing the surrounding temperature to plummet. A chilling storm of wind blew out and the ground started to freeze.

A figure appeared within the icy aura flame - he was tall and powerfully-built and was covered with icy-blue scales. He had a crystal horn on his forehead and had a pair of icy-blue dragon wings on his back. He gave off incredibly immense power - it was Dussi.


A terrifying aura flooded out as a shocking might covered the surroundings, causing the ground to tremble.

A 10,000 meter long fox with ten tails and snow-white fur rose up from the ground. It gave off an incredibly powerful aura that blew out like a wild gale - it was Hu Baimei.

Everyone's gazes then fell on Zhao Fu, who was covered with blood. He looked quite weak as he lay on the ground, and he stretched out a hand as a gash opened on his arm and six chains shot out, sinking into the air.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Six massive waves of ghostly qi flooded out, seeming to inundate the world, and the world was filled with a coldness and eeriness.

Six massive figures giving off terrifying power appeared. One was covered with violet scales and held a spear, one had skinny limbs and a bulging belly, one looked like a demon, one looked like a powerfully-built asura, one had a pair of wings, and one looked like a ghostly human.

The people in the surroundings were dumbfounded and could not believe their eyes. Those six figures were the Six Paths Demon Images. Just who was this person? He could even control the Underworld's sovereign existences.