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A massive sound rang out as the terrifying sword intent and saber light clashed together, causing a powerful shockwave to rush out. The ground cracked and trees were knocked over as the three people all stumbled back five or six steps before stopping. Their expressions all became quite serious.

Dussi and Hu Baimei were quite shocked that Zhao Fu had such terrifying power; he really could challenge both of them together. Zhao Fu also felt immense pressure - defeating them both together was incredibly difficult.


Dussi exploded out with an icy-blue aura flame and an icy wind blew out from the sky. Dussi gripped his saber with both hands and sent out a massive icy saber light towards Zhao Fu with ferocious power.


Hu Baimei also exploded out with terrifying power and a white aura flame blazed around her. She raised her sword and pointed it towards Zhao Fu before stabbing forwards. An incredibly sharp sword light stabbed towards Zhao Fu incredibly quickly with unstoppable momentum.

"Arghh!" Facing the two attacks giving off terrifying auras, Zhao Fu loudly roared and ignited his Divine Bloodline. A massive black aura flame spread out and large amounts of power flowed into the Emperor Killing Sword as he vigorously slashed out.


An explosion sounded out as an enormous black crescent containing terrifying sword energy slashed out towards the two people.


A loud sound rang out as the three attacks collided and resulted in another enormous explosion. Light shot out in all directions as a shockwave spread out, and the ground caved in as broken rocks scattered everywhere.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Massive sounds continued to sound out as the three people continued to ferociously fight. Dussi continuously sent out icy saber lights, and Hu Baimei continuously slashed out sword lights, while Zhao Fu also sent out sword lights towards the two of them.

Massive gales spread out and countless trees swayed as dust billowed and rocks rolled. It was like a terrifying disaster that could strike fear into anyone's hearts.

"Roar!" A massive dragon's roar sounded out as Dussi raised his saber and countless traces of icy qi flooded out, forming an ice dragon that looked somewhat like a lizard with wings. It gave off a chilling aura and seemed to freeze the aura around it.

"Roar!" Another roar sounded out as Hu Baimei raised her sword, causing a white aura flame to explode out and form a ten-tailed fox. Its ten tails continuously danced, causing wild gales to blow out.

The two of them slashed down with their weapons, and the ice dragon and ten-tailed fox rushed at Zhao Fu with power that seemed to be able to destroy everything.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Zhao Fu fully ignited his Divine Bloodline and the black aura flame around him became many times bigger as nine dragon's roars sounded out, and nine ferocious black dragons giving off ferocious mights appeared.


Zhao Fu raised his sword and heavily slashed downwards, and the nine black dragons around him gave massive roars and gave off incredibly terrifying power as they rushed towards the ice dragon and ten-tailed fox.


A shocking explosion sounded out as a destructive power blasted out. The ground continuously collapsed as countless trees and boulders were reduced to small pieces, and a 10,000 meter wide crater appeared.

The ground continuously shook and shockwaves containing terrifying power rushed out, inundating everything.

Sensing these terrifying ripples, the people nearby looked excited as they hurried over, because it was most likely that mysterious person challenging another genius.

Now, everyone felt a lot of anticipation. The mysterious person had defeated the sixth-ranked Lion person, so he should now be challenging the fifth-ranked Hu Baimei. No one knew if he would be able to succeed this time.

Everyone was filled with expectation as they came to the edge of the battlefield, and they were shocked to see that Zhao Fu was actually challenging two geniuses.

Wasn't this a bit too much? Did he really have such terrifying power? No one dared to challenge two geniuses at once, and if he could achieve this, he would create a new legend.

As the shockwaves blasted out, the three people were all sent flying back and coughed up mouthfuls of blood.


Dussi got up from the ground and gave off a powerful aura as he rushed at Zhao Fu. He quickly reached Zhao Fu and his saber slashed at Zhao Fu with an icy light.

Zhao Fu dodged to the side and avoided this attack, while he slashed back at Dussi, sending out a sharp arc of light towards him.

Dussi leapt backwards and avoided this attack, and he formed a fist and gathered large amounts of dragon energy. He punched out with great force, causing the air to explode as a mountain-shattering energy blasted out.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed as he used the Billion Sovereign Dragon Imperial Bloodline's power, and he gathered a large amount of dragon energy in his fist. Small, violet dragon scales appeared on his fist as he also punched out with great power.


The two fists collided and resulted in a massive explosion, causing a wild gale to sweep out, and both people were sent back a few steps.

Dussi looked quite confused, as he found that Zhao Fu could actually use pure dragon energy, and it seemed to be of a higher level than his.

However, he had the highest grade of dragon bloodline in the world; how could anyone's bloodline surpass him? Just who was this person? How could he have such powerful dragon energy? Dussi did not have much time to think as a sword light gave off terrifying power and tore through the air, slashing towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu did not use his sword, and instead his violet dragon claw-like hand slashed out with great power, sending out five arcs of violet light with terrifying power.


An explosion sounded out as the sword light and arcs of light collided, turning into motes of light as they dissipated.


A sword hum sounded out as Hu Baimei leapt into the air, gave off a powerful aura, and hacked down with shocking power, and Zhao Fu raised his sword to block.


The two swords collided, resulting in a massive explosion as a shockwave blasted out, and the 100 meters around Zhao Fu collapsed.

Suddenly, Hu Baimei's ten tails quickly grew and became massive as they slammed towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu's cross-shaped pupil in his right eye quickly spun as massive amounts of ghostly qi flowed out. Under Zhao Fu's control, they became ten massive gray dragon tails and gave off shocking power as they slammed towards Hu Baimei.


A massive sound rang out as the tails collided and a massive wind blew out, causing both people to be blasted back ten or so steps.

Both sides looked at each other seriously, knowing clearly how terrifying the other side was.

"Arghhh..." Zhao Fu released all of his Six Paths of Reincarnation Power as a flood of ghostly qi rushed out, turning into terrifying ghosts that howled and ferociously charged towards the two people.