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 After recovering for a day, Zhao Fu went to find his next opponent. This time, he was surprised to find two geniuses.

These two geniuses were the fourth-ranked Ice Dragon person Dussi and the fifth-ranked genius Ten-Tailed Fox Race Hu Baimei.

According to Zhao Fu's plan, the person he should have faced was the fifth-ranked Hu Baimei, and she had been guided by a mysterious power to wait for him here.

She looked quite serious - that mysterious person had climbed so high from being last place, and five of the top ten geniuses had fallen at his hands. Even though she had never seen him before, she felt an immense pressure.

Right now, she did not have much confidence as that person had the strength to defeat people of the Divine Realm. Relying on her cultivation would not be enough.

However, she was surprised that the fourth-ranked Ice Dragon person was nearby, and seeing that Hu Baimei had come here, he understood what was going on and also waited nearby.

The Ice Dragon person felt quite curious about that mysterious person and wanted to see what kind of person he was. He had challenged genius after genius, and this could be counted to be a miracle. Zhao Fu also threatened his standing.

When Zhao Fu arrived, Hu Baimei and Dussi's gazes fell on his body, while he looked back at them.

Hu Baimei gave a flirtatious laugh and asked, "Who are you, sir? I really want to get to know sir, and I can tell that sir has a slight Fox Race aura. Sir's relationship with our Fox Race must not be ordinary!"

Hearing Hu Baimei's flirtatious voice, Zhao Fu's heart could not help but tremble, as Hu Baimei had an extremely terrifying charming power. Any ordinary person who heard her voice would lose their reason and would be controlled by her like puppets.

Facing Hu Baimei's words, Zhao Fu did not show any courtesy and gave a trace of a domineering smile as he said, "I'll tell you who I am if you come and serve me."

Hu Baimei frowned; she was the Crown Princess of the Fox Race's strongest Empire. No one in the Outlander Domain dared to talk to her like that, and her gaze was cold as she said with a light smile, "You want me to serve you? You're really quite daring. I don't know who you are, and even if you're extraordinary, I wouldn't serve you. With my status, I don't fear any faction in the Heaven Awaken World, unless you're the second King of Kings.

"However, for you, that's impossible. Even though I don't know what race you're from, you're definitely not an Outlander, so it's impossible for you to become the legendary second King of Kings. Only the King of Kings can enjoy my body, and you don't qualify; you can't compare to even one of his fingers."

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and asked curiously, "What's a King of Kings?"

Seeing how curious Zhao Fu looked, Dussi said coldly, "You're currently about to fight based on the King of Kings' will; hurry up and start! If you don't fight, I'll be initiating. I want to see just how powerful you are."

Hu Baimei flirtatiously laughed, "I can't allow that; he's my prey. I'm going to train him well later."

Zhao Fu did not know what the King of Kings was, but his current goal was to defeat the people in front of him and obtain points so that he could obtain more Outlander Fate and gain materials that would help him awaken the Outlander Emperor Star. As such, he did not mind and said, "Since you've both come, come at me together!"

The people on the viewing platforms were sent into an uproar. When they saw Zhao Fu encounter the two geniuses, they excitedly waited for Zhao Fu to start fighting with Hu Baimei, but they had never expected Zhao Fu to challenge both at the same time.

"Heavens! It's the fourth-ranked and fifth-ranked geniuses; they're the strongest apart from the monstrous top three. If they attack together, wouldn't that be way too much?"

"How arrogant! He doesn't take anyone seriously at all; who would dare to say such a thing to two of the top geniuses?"

"That's right, those words gave me such a big scare. Does he really have the strength to challenge two of the top geniuses? He's simply too overconfident and he'll be beaten up badly later."

"I don't believe that he can do it. Challenging a single genius is one thing, but challenging the fourth-ranked and fifth-ranked geniuses is simply seeking death."

Neither Hu Baimei nor Dussi thought that Zhao Fu would say such a thing. Both of them looked quite confused before they started to feel angry; Zhao Fu was not taking them seriously at all.

Zhao Fu did not have such intentions; rather, he was thinking that since they had both come together, he could deal with them both. That way, he could go and challenge the top three, and as long as he could defeat them, he would be number one. When that time came, he would be able to awaken the Outlander Emperor Star.

"Since you're seeking death, don't blame me." Dussi coldly harrumphed and exploded out with a powerful icy aura, causing the temperature of the surroundings to drop.

Hu Baimei flirtatiously laughed and a formless aura exploded out as her body gave off an illusory light, making the surroundings seem dreamlike.

Facing the two of them, Zhao Fu did not dare to be careless at all. He directly took out the Emperor Killing Sword and exploded out with a black aura flame.

Dussi held an icy-blue saber and did not hold back at all. He sent large amounts of power into the saber and vigorously slashed out, sending an enormous icy saber qi towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu sent large amounts of power into the Emperor Killing Sword, causing it to give off faint sword light. He vigorously slashed out, and a black and blood-red sword light containing sharp power flew towards Dussi.


The two attacks clashed, resulting in a massive explosion, causing a storm of icy qi and sword qi to ripple out.

Suddenly, a figure appeared behind Zhao Fu - it was Hu Baimei holding a sword, and she stabbed it towards Zhao Fu, bringing with it a cold light.

Zhao Fu slashed backhanded, sending out a sharp sword light that cut Hu Baimei's body in half. However, Hu Baimei's body faded like an illusion.


A sword hum sounded out as Hu Baimei appeared on Zhao Fu's side, and her sword gave off a sharp sword light and pierced at Zhao Fu incredibly quickly.

Zhao Fu was startled and immediately released a black energy barrier.


The sword slammed into the energy barrier with great force, resulting in a loud sound. Zhao Fu was sent back a few steps and his barrier was covered with cracks.


An explosion suddenly sounded out as Dussi leapt into the air and gripped his saber with both hands. He vigorously slashed down an enormous icy sabre light that seemed to be able to split the ground in two, bringing with it a shocking aura.

"Sword Master!" At that dangerous moment, Zhao Fu coldly cried out and an incredibly sharp sword intent slashed out with terrifying power.