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A massive explosion sounded throughout the sky, and Zhao Fu vigorously slashed out, sending a formless sword intent out. It split apart the space that it passed through, causing a massive rift to appear. The two spears of light were split in half and dissipated into motes of light.

After slashing apart the two spears of light, Zhao Fu continued rushing towards the Lion person.

The Lion person's expression was icy as he raised a hand and massive amounts of Heaven and Earth Power gathered, and a suction force burst forth. Following this, the Lion person's hand once again descended.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Five 1,000 meters long white spears of light gave off terrifying power as they shot down from the sky incredibly quickly. They dragged out five traces of light and gave off world-piercing power as they blasted towards Zhao Fu.


The five spears of light were incredibly fast and did not give Zhao Fu any chance to react. They slammed into him with thunderous momentum and a terrifying shockwave rippled out, destroying everything and causing the ground to tremble.

The spectators could not help but gulp; seeing the Lion person's terrifying power, their bodies instinctively trembled. Was that mysterious person still alive after being hit? Ordinary people would be dust after receiving such an attack.


A sword hum suddenly sounded out throughout the heavens and earth as a black sword light blasted out, destroying the five spears of light and causing them to dissipate into motes of light.

The black sword light continued on into the sky and Heaven and Earth Power madly gathered, forming an enormous black vortex that gave off a terrifying might.

A black and blood-red magic formation appeared in the sky, giving off boundless black and blood-red light. A supreme sword intent flooded out from the magic formation, inundating everything. Under the sword intent, everything was annihilated and was unable to resist at all.

The Lion person was given a big fright and his expression became quite unsightly. He felt a terrifying power and roared as he raised his hands, and a terrifying white aura flame rushed to the sky as Heaven and Earth Power madly gathered.

The spear absorbed countless traces of Heaven and Earth Power and gave off intense white light that covered the sky. Many 1,000 meters long spears of light appeared, at least 100 of them, and they gave off incredibly sharp auras and an aura of death.

Half of the sky was white, filled with piercing spear light, and the other half of the sky was black and filled with sharp sword intent. The two of them continuously clashed, resulting in terrifying ripples.

Within the large crater in the ground, Zhao Fu raised the Emperor Killing Sword and his gaze was icy. The black and blood-red magic formation in the sky gradually spun as an aura of destruction flowed out, and Zhao Fu's raised sword descended.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Shocking explosions tore through the sky as the black and blood-red magic formation blasted down fathomless blood-red sword light, seeming to tear the heavens and earth into pieces. Space shattered like a mirror, and as the sword light descended on the ground, the terrifying power destroyed the ground.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The Lion person controlled the 100 massive spears of light to point towards Zhao Fu, and they gave off terrifying piercing power as they shot out, seeming to tear through the heavens and the earth.


A shocking explosion sounded out, making it seem as if the world was going to split apart as the two attacks collided, resulting in a terrifying shockwave. Everything in the surrounding 1,000 kilometers was obliterated and the shockwave blasted out with terrifying momentum.

The ground collapsed as countless massive rocks and trees turned to dust. Dust covered the sky, and the ground continued to violently shake as traces of destructive aura rose up from the ground.

After everything settled, a 100,000 meter wide crater appeared in the ground, from which traces of destructive aura rose up. Everyone felt immense despair - everything in the surroundings had lost all traces of life and had been exterminated.

Everyone looked shocked as they looked at the crater, wanting to know the outcome of that clash.


A terrifying aura flooded out as boundless white light shot into the sky. A massive might seemed to cause the ground to sink as a 10,000 meter long white lion appeared in the sky; the aura he gave off was the same as the Lion person's.

However, this lion was covered with many wounds, from which blood flowed out, making it look quite wretched.

Lying within the rubble, Zhao Fu lightly coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood and stood up from the ground. He also had a few bloody gashes and did not look well either.

"Roar!!" The 10,000 meter long white lion gave a furious roar and opened its mouth, causing countless rays of light to gather, and an extremely dangerous aura spread out.


An enormous white beam of light shot out from the lion's mouth, giving off world-destroying power. It was extremely fast and caused space to explode and crack.

Zhao Fu quickly dodged to the side, and the enormous white beam of light struck where he had been standing, resulting in an enormous explosion. Rocks flew everywhere and dust billowed as a 10,000 meter wide crater appeared.


An enormous ghostly flame burst forth around Zhao Fu's body, and the temperature around him plummeted as a cold, eerie wind blew out.

The cross-shaped pupil and six gray dots in Zhao Fu's right eye quickly spun as a supreme ghostly power spread out, and Zhao Fu grabbed at the air towards the white lion.

Clang, clang, clang...

The sound of chains sounded throughout the sky as two meter wide chains shot out for the ground and gave off ferocious power as they shot towards the white lion. There were at least hundreds of thousands of them.

The white lion was given a big shock and it swung its paws, sending out massive waves of energy that destroyed many incoming chains. However, there were simply too many chains, and in the end the 10,000 meter long white lion was bound up by countless chains.

However, the white lion was incredibly powerful and it continuously struggled, breaking apart the chains around it.

Zhao Fu's expression was cold as he once again raised the sword in his hand. A black and blood-red sword light rushed to the sky, and Heaven and Earth Power once again madly gathered as a black magic formation appeared in the sky and gave off destructive sword intent.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Terrifying rays of sword light giving off destructive power slashed into the white lion's body, causing blood to spray everywhere and making it seem like there was a rain of blood. The lion continuously roared in pain before it finally disappeared.

The Lion person had chosen to leave the secret realm; if he did not do so, he most likely would have died under Zhao Fu's Heavenly Punishment Sword Formation.

"He won!" countless people excitedly cried out - they were the people who supported Zhao Fu. Many people had said that Zhao Fu would fall to the sixth-ranked genius and would not be able to continue, but Zhao Fu had proved them wrong with his strength.

Many people were incredibly shocked and never thought that Zhao Fu would be hiding such immense power.