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 The Lion person gave off thunderous momentum as he rushed forwards; everything in his way and around him were sent flying away, and he was completely unstoppable.

Zhao Fu was expressionless as he completely ignited his Divine Bloodline, and a black and blood-red aura flame that was dozens of meters tall erupted around him. Terrifying shockwaves rippled out, turning into gusts of wild wind. Trees trembled and dust billowed as Zhao Fu also shot out.

The two terrifying auras collided like two mountains, causing large gales to blow.

The Lion person held his spear and sent terrifying power into it. The spear gave off intense white light and he vigorously stabbed forwards towards Zhao Fu with immense piercing power.

Zhao Fu also sent large amounts of power into the Emperor Killing Sword, and an incredibly pure sword intent spread out. Zhao Fu vigorously slashed out, sending out a sword light that seemed to be able to slice through all things.


A loud sound rang out as the sword light and spear light collided, and an incredibly terrifying destructive force blasted out. The ground collapsed, opening up a massive crater and annihilating all of the surrounding trees.

Both of them flew back over 100 meters before stabilizing themselves, and they quickly turned into rays of light as they once again shot at each other.

The Lion person stabbed out, his spear bringing with it a cold light, while Zhao Fu swung his sword and blocked it. The Lion person retracted his spear before once again ferociously piercing out, and Zhao Fu dodged to the side in response.

The Lion person gripped his spear with both hands and vigorously slapped it at Zhao Fu with great force, causing the air to explode.


Just as Zhao Fu moved his sword to block, the spear heavily slammed into the sword, and Zhao Fu felt a massive impact as he was sent stumbling a few steps.

The Lion person looked savage and his spear shot out large amounts of light as he once again stabbed at Zhao Fu, and a terrifying white beam of light containing terrifying power caused the air to explode as it shot towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu's eyes shot out cold light as he sent massive amounts of power into the Emperor Killing Sword. The Emperor Killing Sword gave off a loud sword hum, and Zhao Fu powerfully slashed out.


The powerful beam of light was slashed apart by the sharp sword light, scattering into countless motes of light.

The cross-shaped pupil in Zhao Fu's right eye quickly spun and a massive wave of ghostly qi flowed out, causing the temperature to plummet. The ghostly qi turned into a ghost that was hundreds of meters tall, and it roared as it rushed at the Lion person.

The Lion person roared as he showed no fear and charged at the ghost, his spear giving off a brilliant white light.


The Lion person gave off a powerful aura as he turned into a ray of light and pierced through the ghost's chest, causing it to dissipate into ghostly qi.

After stabbing through the ghost, the Lion person continued to give off a powerful aura as he rushed at Zhao Fu.


Zhao Fu had already sent large amounts of power into the Emperor Killing Sword, causing it to give off an intense sword light. Zhao Fu also shot at the Lion person, dragging out a black sword light behind him.


The two people collided with terrifying power, resulting in a massive explosion and for countless sword qi and spear light to shoot everywhere.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The battle did not stop, and the two of them turned into rays of light and continuously clashed, causing wild gales to erupt out and for clouds to swirl.

Sensing this aura, countless people once again looked incredibly excited, as two geniuses were clashing again. They could guess that it was the mysterious person challenging the sixth-ranked genius.

Countless people had seen the mysterious person fighting before, and they felt great anticipation. Now, the tenth-ranked, ninth-ranked, eighth-ranked, and seventh-ranked geniuses had all fallen at his hands, and they all wanted to see how far he could go and if he could take down all of the geniuses, shaking the world.

By the time everyone arrived, it was just as they expected - it was that mysterious person fighting intensely with the Lion person. They had turned into rays of light and continuously clashed, causing large gales to blow out.

They were not disappointed, and countless peoples fixed their eyes to the battlefield, feeling incredibly excited.

As the two people continuously clashed in the air, both of them had received some injuries and had some blood on them.

"Roar!!" The Lion person looked furious and gave an enraged roar as terrifying power flowed into his spear. His spear gave off countless rays of white light and gave off terrifying ripples that caused the space around it to twist.

"Arghh!" Zhao Fu gave a long yell and sent all of his power flooding into the Emperor Killing Sword. An extremely terrifying sword intent spread out, causing the heavens and earth to chill, and everyone in the surroundings felt an icy feeling in their hearts.


The two people once again collided with terrifying power, causing an immense shockwave to blast out. The clouds in the sky were annihilated and wild gales blew out, causing countless trees to tremble.

Both people were blasted back and heavily crashed into the ground, opening up craters as they coughed up mouthfuls of blood.


The Lion person's expression was savage as he exploded out with an extremely terrifying power. His body gave off an intense white light, covering the surrounding 10,000 meters, and the ground beneath him seemed to sink as it endured a terrifying might.

The Lion person raised his spear, which gave off faint white light as it rose into the sky. The Lion person grabbed at the air, and Heaven and Earth Power madly gathered and flowed into the spear. The spear gave off a large amount of white light, filling the sky with light.

The Lion person looked at Zhao Fu with eyes filled with killing intent, and he sharply lowered his hand.


A 1,000 meter long spear of white light gave off terrifying power as it shot down from the sky incredibly quickly, dragging behind it traces of light as it pierced towards Zhao Fu.

Facing the spear of white light, Zhao Fu exploded out with all of his Divine Bloodline's power, sending it into the Emperor Killing Sword. The Emperor Killing Sword gave off a pure sword intent that seemed like it could easily tear through space.


Zhao Fu slashed out, and a terrifying and formless sword intent flew out, destroying the white spear of light and causing it to dissipate into countless motes of white light.

Following this, Zhao Fu shot at the Lion person, while the Lion person's gaze was cold and he raised both hands. Heaven and Earth Power once again quickly gathered, before he brought his hands together and heavily lowered them.

Boom! Boom!

Two white spears of light that were 1,000 meters long shot out from the sky like two lasers, shooting towards Zhao Fu with enough power to stab through the heavens and earth.

As the spears approached, Zhao Fu sent even greater power into the Emperor Killing Sword, and the space around it was unable to withstand this power and started to crack.