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 The people on the viewing platforms understood that this battle would be quite difficult; it was possible that Zhao Fu's run would end here, as that Lion person was simply too powerful.


An explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu exploded out with a powerful aura, causing a black aura flame to erupt around him as he unleashed all of his power.


The Lion person gave a trace of a cold smile and also exploded out with a powerful aura. A white aura flame appeared around him, and a terrifying power spread out.

The two people gave off powerful auras as they rushed at each other. The Lion person quickly stabbed out with his spear, bringing with it a sharp spear light, while Zhao Fu vigorously slashed out a terrifying sword light that destroyed the incoming spear light.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Loud sounds rang out as sword lights and spear lights continuously collided, causing shockwaves to blast out and turn into wild gales.

The Lion person looked at Zhao Fu condescendingly; he was now clear about Zhao Fu's strength. Even though Zhao Fu was quite powerful, he had a great advantage in terms of cultivation and he could still deal with Zhao Fu easily. He had overestimated Zhao Fu.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The Lion person gave a condescending smile as he gripped his spear with both hands and stabbed out even faster, sending sharp white spear lights towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu continuously slashed out blood-red sword lights, destroying the incoming spear lights. However, facing such fast and ferocious attacks, Zhao Fu was forced to continuously retreat and was completely suppressed by the Lion person.

"Arghh!" Zhao Fu looked slightly angry as he loudly roared and exploded out with all of his power, causing the black aura flame around him to become even bigger. It covered the surrounding ten meters, including the Lion person, and Zhao Fu's power became many times greater.


Zhao Fu vigorously slashed out and an enormous blood-red sword light containing terrifying power slashed out, destroying the countless incoming spear lights and causing them to dissipate into motes of light.

The Lion person was forced back a few steps by that sword light, and his expression became cold as he also exploded out with a terrifying aura. His white aura increased in size, becoming larger than Zhao Fu's, and he vigorously stabbed out with his spear, causing a massive white ray of light to shoot out.

Facing this attack, Zhao Fu powerfully slashed out, sending out a terrifying sword light towards the white ray of light. A massive explosion blasted out, forcing Zhao Fu back many steps.

"Roar!" A roar suddenly sounded out as the Lion person's aura flames formed an enormous white lion. The Lion person stabbed out with his spear, and the massive white lion gave off a ferocious aura and charged at Zhao Fu.

"Roar!!" Zhao Fu immediately sent large amounts of power into the Sadistic Killing Sword, dyeing it black. He vigorously slashed out, causing a savage black dragon giving off terrifying destructive power as it rushed towards the white lion.


The white lion gave off brilliant white light as it clashed with the black dragon giving off intense black light. A massive explosion sounded out as a shockwave blasted out, causing the ground to collapse and dust to billow.

Both people were hit by the shockwave, and the Lion person was forced back five or six steps while Zhao Fu flew backwards ten or so meters and crashed to the ground, coughing up a large mouthful of blood.

Seeing this, everyone felt quite disappointed. The battle had only just begun but that mysterious person was being completely suppressed by the Lion person. He was unable to retaliate at all and was not a match for the Lion person.

After all, his cultivation was too lacking, and the Lion person had a great advantage. If that mysterious person had World Realm Cultivation, perhaps he would be able to put up a fight. However, he only had Harmony Realm Cultivation.

It seemed that just as everyone had expected, the mysterious person would finally fall at the sixth-ranked genius' hands. At first, they had felt a trace of hope, but now that they had seen how the battle was going, they felt quite disappointed.

Many people had been hoping to see if Zhao Fu had a chance at challenging the top three geniuses, but it seemed that this was impossible.

Back at the battlefield, the Lion person held his spear and gave off a massive aura flame as he once again rushed at Zhao Fu. He coldly laughed and said, "With your current strength, you're still too weak to challenge me. Just admit your loss so you can suffer less."

Zhao Fu got up from the ground and wiped away the blood at his lips. The Lion person was right - the difference between the Divine Realm and the Harmony Realm was too great, and it was very difficult to make up for that difference.

Facing the Lion person's words, Zhao Fu put the Sadistic Killing Sword away and said seriously, "You're qualified to make me get serious."

Hearing this, the people on the viewing platforms felt quite confused; had he not been using his full strength all along? The power he had exploded out with was already quite terrifying, so just how strong was he?

Also, he only had Harmony Realm Cultivation and did not seem to be hiding his true cultivation; what more did he have? Was he just putting on a front?

The Lion person laughed; he did not believe that Zhao Fu had any more strength. With his Divine Realm Cultivation, he could completely suppress Zhao Fu, and now it was time to teach Zhao Fu a lesson.

"Roar!" The Lion person's white aura flame once again condensed into a massive white lion, which gave off a terrifying aura as it rushed towards Zhao Fu like a tsunami.

Zhao Fu was expressionless as he grabbed out with his hand, and a black and red sword with a plain and ancient aura appeared in his hand.

"Sword Master!" Zhao Fu lightly cried out as a massive wave of sword qi exploded out from the sword, forming a terrifying sword qi storm. The surrounding ground, trees, and rocks were cut with sword gashes, and a chill seemed to spread through the heavens and earth.

Sensing this terrifying sword qi, the Lion person looked quite startled, and Zhao Fu slashed out.


An extremely sharp sword light flashed out through the air, and all trees and boulders in the surrounding thousands of meters were split in half with clean cuts.


The Lion person was sent flying and only stopped after crashing into a large tree. Blood flowed out of his mouth and he looked incredibly furious.

The people on the viewing platforms felt quite shocked; that attack from Zhao Fu had been incredibly terrifying - was this his true power? It was much stronger than before.

At the same time, everyone sensed that the sword in Zhao Fu's hand was not simple at all and that it contained an extremely terrifying power.

"Arghh!" The Lion person furiously roared and exploded out with an even greater aura. Heaven and Earth Power continuously flowed into him and the aura flame around him covered the surrounding 100 meters, bringing with it a power that could cause people to feel immense despair.