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A shocking explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu lay on the ground, streams of blood trickling out of his eyes. The sky was covered by a black and blood-red starlight, which condensed into a pillar of starlight and fell on Zhao Fu's body, causing an extremely terrifying power to blast out.

The ground violently trembled and a countless massive white roost burst up from the ground, tearing the ground apart. Soon, all that could be seen was white roots.

After the roots shot out, they gave off shocking power as they flooded towards the sky with unstoppable momentum, seeming to be able to cover the sky.

The Three-Headed Ogre felt greatly dismayed and loudly roared, causing the green sun to give off an even more intense light. An even more terrifying devouring power spread out, destroying everything in the surroundings.

However, the countless roots showed no fear and gave off a ferocious power as they continued to shoot towards the Three-Headed Ogre.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the two terrifying powers collided, causing a monstrous shockwave to blast out. Countless trees were uprooted and boulders were blown into the sky. Even the people standing far away were caught in the radius, forcing them to retreat.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Loud sounds rang out as something shocking happened - the green light that had been devouring everything could not devour those roots, and the white roots gave off terrifying devouring power as they instead started to devour the green light and continued to ferociously shoot towards the Three-Headed Ogre.

The Three-Headed Ogre's expression fell. He had wanted to give off an even more intense light, but the countless roots had shot within the green ball of energy and rushed towards him. The Three-Headed Ogre could only retreat or else he would definitely die here.

Countless people watched this scene in shock - just what were those roots? They were so terrifying that even Devouring Heaven could not devour them, and they instead devoured Devouring Heaven. Looking at those dense roots, everyone felt quite terrified.

There was also the starlight in the sky; it gave off an incredibly powerful demonic power. Only a star of the Demon Race could give off this kind of power.

Just who was this person? Everyone felt even more curious about Zhao Fu's identity because he had used terrifying Death Race power before and was now using Demon Race power, which made him seem even more mysterious.

Now, everyone saw the Three-Headed Ogre leave the secret realm, and they were sure that Zhao Fu had won. He had successfully challenged his fourth genius.

Countless people looked incredibly excited; this battle had not disappointed them at all. It was yet another battle that made their blood boil, and it had been decided with pure power and no trickery at all.

Now, Zhao Fu had a group of supporters. Even though they knew that Zhao Fu was quite licentious, his power had convinced many people.

The starlight in the sky disappeared and so did the white roots. The world once again became peaceful, and this time Zhao Fu did not receive very serious wounds. He found a place to recover his strength and prepared to find his next opponent.

After defeating the Three-Headed Ogre, Zhao Fu had obtained one-third of his points, causing him to rise two ranks. Even more Outlander Fate flowed into his body and he felt that his affinity with the Outlander Star had once again increased.

Outside the door to the secret realm, the Three-Headed Ogre came out covered with blood. Gudu, who was recovering outside, smiled because he could guess that the Three-Headed Ogre had also been defeated.

Seeing Gudu's smile, the Three-Headed Ogre said angrily, "What are you so pleased about? You were also defeated by that boy."

Gudu gave a mocking smile and said, "Yes, but you're ranked higher than me. Since you also lost, there's nothing for me to say. Also, it looks like you're not that strong either, to be defeated by that boy."

The Three-Headed Ogre coldly harrumphed, "Even so, I'm still stronger than you. Also, that boy's power is unfathomable and he's most likely hiding even more. I lost wholeheartedly and have no complaints."

Gudu felt quite surprised and asked with a serious expression, "What did he use to defeat you?"

The Three-Headed Ogre coldly laughed, "Why should I go tell you? If you're so capable, go and challenge him again and see how much of his power you can draw out."

Gudu looked quite displeased but felt quite shocked - just how much more power was that mysterious person hiding?

A day later, Zhao Fu had finished recovering his strength and he went to find his next opponent. It was the sixth-ranked White Lion person, Madio.

The difficulty of this battle would be much higher, as the Lion person had Divine Realm Cultivation; it was far superior to the World Realm.

The Lion person held a spear and had been guided to a certain place by that power, and he was waiting for Zhao Fu.

The Lion person's white eyes fell on Zhao Fu as he said, "For you to make it here is already a miracle, but your run will end here. I will not fall at your hands. Also, your cultivation is far too low."

Zhao Fu calmly replied, "Is that so? We'll know after we fight."

The Lion person coldly laughed, "Just what I wanted. I want to see just how special you are and whether you're worth paying attention to."


A powerful aura blasted out, causing a massive wind to spread out. The Lion person held a spear and started to attack.

The Lion person turned into a ray of light and rushed at Zhao Fu. His spear shot out white light as he ferociously stabbed at Zhao Fu, causing the air to explode.

Zhao Fu took out the Sadistic Killing Sword and vigorously slashed out a sword light, knocking the spear off-course. The Lion person pulled back the spear before forcefully stabbing towards Zhao Fu's throat. Zhao Fu once again slashed out, blocking the spear.

The Lion person spun, and the spear drew an arc of light as it horizontally slashed towards Zhao Fu.,

Zhao Fu was somewhat startled and blocked with his sword in front of him.


Zhao Fu felt a massive impact and slid back ten or so steps before he stopped. The Lion person instantly caught up to him and ferociously pierced out like a bolt of lightning.

Facing this attack, Zhao Fu immediately released a defensive barrier.

The Lion person coldly laughed and sent massive amounts of power into his spear, causing it to give off an intense white light.


A powerful white ray of light shot out, slamming into Zhao Fu's defensive barrier and shattering it. Zhao Fu flew backwards and crashed to the ground, a trace of blood leaking out of his lips.

This sixth-ranked Lion person was indeed quite powerful and was actually able to injure Zhao Fu right from the start. His Divine Realm Cultivation could completely suppress a Harmony Realm Cultivator.