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After this terrifying tornado was formed, it seemed to stir the heavens and earth and gave off massive rumbling sounds as a destructive aura of suppression appeared. The ground continuously crumbled apart, and the space around it was unable to withstand its power and started to crack.

What was even more terrifying was that the tornado sucked in all of the surrounding trees, rocks, and earth before shredding them into dust.

The people spectating from the surroundings and the people on the viewing platforms all felt incredibly shocked. That tornado seemed like it had world-destroying power; could this person withstand it?

It seemed that the Three-Headed Ogre had made great improvements and had become much stronger than before.

Everyone's gazes fell on Zhao Fu's body, wondering how he would face this incredibly destructive power. If he could not block this attack, he would definitely lose.


A massive sound rang out as Zhao Fu raised his sword of light with both hands, pointing it towards the sky. He ignited all of his Divine Bloodline and a terrifying power exploded out, flooding into the sword of light. The sword of light blasted out with an all-surpassing sword qi, slashing apart the space around it.

Gray and blood-red sword lights shot into the sky, and Heaven and Earth Power madly gathered, forming an enormous vortex in the sky that absorbed large amounts of Heaven and Earth Power. The ten meter long sword of light instantly became 1,000 meters long and gave off an incredibly mighty aura.


The terrifying tornado rushed towards Zhao Fu with incredibly destructive power, seeming completely unstoppable.

Facing the incoming tornado, Zhao Fu's expression was serious as he tightly gripped the sword of light before slashing down with all of his strength.


An enormous sword light containing world-destroying power blasted out, bringing with it boundless sword wind as it slammed into the tornado, resulting in a shocking explosion.

The sword light gave off a power that seemed to be able to slash apart anything, and the power that the tornado gave off seemed to be able to shred apart everything. As the two of them collided, a monstrous shockwave blasted out as terrifying gales spread out.


In the end, the sword light was proved stronger, splitting open the tornado and causing it to dissipate. The Three-Headed Ogre at the center of the tornado was sent flying and was covered with blood as he slammed into a mountain. No one could tell if he was dead or alive.

Zhao Fu gave off a supreme aura as he stood in the air, holding a sword in each hand; the 1,000 meter long sword of light had already disappeared.

"He won!" countless people excitedly cried out. They had witnessed Zhao Fu successfully challenging another genius, and they felt incredibly stirred up.

This was the fourth genius, and there were still six geniuses left in the top ten. They wondered how far Zhao Fu would go, but he definitely would not disappoint them. Also, just where did that mysterious person come from? Countless people felt incredibly curious.

Someone said with admiration, "It'd be great if I had such great power; I also want to challenge the top geniuses and shake the Outlander Domain, feeling the admiration and worship of countless people."

Suddenly, a confused voice said, "The rankings haven't changed; the Three-Headed Ogre still hasn't lost yet."


Right as that person spoke, an unimaginably powerful aura blasted out, causing the heavens and earth to tremble. Everyone felt a chill in their hearts as the mountain that the Three-Headed Ogre had crashed into was instantly devoured by a ray of green light and disappeared.

A figure appeared amidst the green light - it was the Three-Headed Ogre, but his appearance had greatly changed. A horn had appeared on each of his heads and he looked ugly and savage. There were many more sharp fangs in his mouth, his hands were sharp like claws, and he also had a tail.

"It's Devouring Heaven!" some people cried out seeing the Three-Headed Ogre's appearance.

Devouring Heaven was one of the Ogre Empire's most powerful techniques, and very few people could use it. All of those people had Emperor Heaven Realm Cultivation, while this Three-Headed Ogre only had World Realm Cultivation, making many people shocked.

The Three-Headed Ogre looked at Zhao Fu with his dark-green eyes and grabbed out with his hand. A massive wave of energy gathered, forming a green ball of energy.


The Three-Headed Ogre vigorously threw out the green ball of energy, and it flew out incredibly quickly as it expanded out to 100 meters wide, slamming towards Zhao Fu.

Facing the incoming ball of energy, Zhao Fu powerfully slashed out a blood-red sword light.

However, something shocking happened - just as the blood-red sword light reached the ball of energy, it was absorbed into the ball of energy and did not affect it at all, and the ball of energy continued onwards with a powerful aura.

Zhao Fu was greatly shocked and quickly dodged to the side.


The green ball of energy struck where Zhao Fu had been, exploding out with countless rays of green light and resulting in a massive sound. The surrounding space disappeared, forming a spherical black hole.

Seeing this power, Zhao Fu felt quite startled; this power seemed to be able to devour even space.


Suddenly, the Three-Headed Ogre appeared in front of Zhao Fu and grabbed at him with a hand glowing with terrifying green light, giving off a loud sound.

Zhao Fu was shocked and hurriedly released a defensive barrier, but he was still sent flying by that power. He heavily crashed to the ground, smashing open a large crater.

The Three-Headed Ogre stood in the air with a look of condescension. "You're not a match for me at all. I need to thank you for helping me comprehend Devouring Heaven. If you scram now, you can keep your life."

Zhao Fu's expression was cold as he replied mockingly, "Is that so? Let me witness your Devouring Heaven's power then and see if it can devour me."

"Hmph! As you wish." The Three-Headed Ogre coldly harrumphed and exploded out with an intense light, forming a 1,000 meter wide green ball of light. It looked like a green sun had appeared in the sky, with the Three-Headed Ogre standing at the center like a godly spirit.


The green sun blasted out with an intense green light that covered the heavens and earth, and a terrifying devouring energy spread out. The surrounding mountains, streams, trees, rocks, and ground all seemed to be devoured. Even the sky seemed to turn into nothingness and fell into darkness.

The people watching on the viewing platforms looked quite shocked. It was the first time many people had seen the power of Devouring Heaven, and it was terrifying beyond belief. It could easily devour the heavens and the earth - no wonder it was called Devouring Heaven.

Zhao Fu was covered by the green light as well, and he could feel a ferocious power savagely trying to devour him. However, Zhao Fu showed no fear and his eyes became blood-red as his pupils turned into rose-like flowers that gave off evilness, devilishness, and darkness.

Facing these eyes, the Three-Headed Ogre felt a chill in his heart and his hair stood on end.