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 Within the Rolan Historical Remnants, Zhao Fu started to see more and more structures, and they looked like the structures from the western middle ages. There were more and more Goblins and two new types of Goblins.

These new types of Goblins looked quite similar to the other Goblins, but the color of their skin was different: one type had blue skin and could use Ice magic, while the other type had red skin and could use Fire magic.

The auras that these two types of Goblins gave off were even more powerful than the aura that a normal Hobgoblins gave off. Each group of Goblins usually had around four normal Goblins, three Goblin Rock Throwers, two Hobgoblins, and one blue Goblin or red Goblin.

Each of these teams was quite powerful, so it would be quite difficult to deal with the teams. Luckily, there were many structures within the Rolan Historical Remnant, so it was easy for Zhao Fu to hide, which gave him a chance. He would have to completely rely on his Assassin profession - this profession was becoming more and more useful.

Soon, Zhao Fu began. He hid behind a tall structure and threw a pebble, which hit a wall and fell to the ground.

This time, the situation was not as awkward as before. This noise quickly drew over a team of Goblins, and they immediately walked over.

Zhao Fu hid in an inconspicuous corner and waited for his prey to deliver themselves to him.

These Goblins were clearly more serious than the ones outside. They walked over warily, and Zhao Fu did his best to hide his aura so that he wouldn't be detected prematurely.

The team of Goblins slowly approached where he was, and just as a Goblin looked past where he was, Zhao Fu grasped this opportunity and ran out. He swept out with his hidden blade, which gave off an icy light and sliced open a Goblin's neck. However, that resulted in Zhao Fu being discovered.

It was clear how alert this team of Goblins was!

The Goblins turned and furiously looked at him, and Zhao Fu felt that the situation was about to become worse. He immediately retreated, but the Goblins rushed towards him and were filled with killing intent.

Zhao Fu used the various structures to leap and dash about, losing the Goblins soon. The Assassin profession was especially suited for areas like this.

Even though Zhao Fu had vanished, the Goblins continued to chase after him and look for him. As such, after running for a short while, Zhao Fu once again hid in a corner.

As the Goblins passed by, Zhao Fu once again suddenly attacked. He rushed out, piercing a Goblin's heart with his hidden blade before rocks and iceballs flew at him. Zhao Fu quickly leaned backwards before diving towards a nearby group of structures.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

A chain of heavy thuds sounded out - it was clear just how ferocious these Goblins' attacks were. However, when they ran to where Zhao Fu had escaped to, they found that he had once again disappeared.

This completely infuriated the Goblins, but Zhao Fu suddenly appeared behind them. Now, he was using the Sky Demon Sword, and he slashed out, sending out a black sword light that instantly killed two normal Goblins.

The Hobgoblin immediately raised his sword and chopped downwards at Zhao Fu, but Zhao Fu quickly stepped sideways before plunging his sword into the Hobgoblin's chest. The Sky Demon Sword immediately absorbed all of the Hobgoblin's fleshly essence, turning him into a dry corpse. However, rocks and iceballs immediately flew over, and Zhao Fu immediately blocked them with his sword as he evaded.

Zhao Fu's luck was not too great, and a rock smashed into his waist. Pain flared up there, and he felt that he had been badly bruised.

The Goblins continued to chase after Zhao Fu, but Zhao Fu once again disappeared and hid. He went to the top of a structure and took out a violet large bow, the Great Spirit Roc Bow. Zhao Fu's archery was mediocre, and he hadn't really practiced archery. He had only obtained his archery skills through a Refined Martial Soul.

By now, only five Goblins were left in the team. The only one that Zhao Fu was somewhat worried about was the blue Goblin. Its iceballs were simply too powerful, as a single one could freeze an entire wall. What's more, the blue Goblin's casting speed was quite fast.

Zhao Fu drew the bow. With his current strength, he would not be able to release the full might of this bow, but he could still use simple attacks.

An arrow shot out and turned into a violet streak of light that flashed through the air before stabbing into the blue Goblin, who had been standing in the midst of the other Goblins.


After the arrow pierced through his chest, the blue Goblin looked down with a confused expression and coughed up a mouthful of blood before dying.

Zhao Fu had used one of the bow's skills, Violet Light Arrow, and he had successfully killed the blue Goblin in one shot.

When they saw that the most powerful Goblin out of them had died, the other Goblins immediately turned and ran. Zhao Fu equipped the Sky Demon Sword, while the three remaining Goblin Rock Throwers threw large rocks at him.

These rocks flew with an immense amount of force and tore through the air. Zhao Fu had suffered because of these rocks before, so he dodged while the three Flower Spirits used vines to bind those Goblin Rock Throwers.

Following this, Zhao Fu used the Sky Demon Sword to easily deal with a Hobgoblin in just a few exchanges before dealing with the three tied up Goblin Rock Throwers.

This team of Goblins had finally been taken care of by Zhao Fu. Dealing with them had been quite troublesome, but with the strength he currently had, he didn't have any other choice. Now, he started to miss the feeling of being incredibly powerful.

Afterwards, the Sky Demon Sword devoured the fleshly essence of the Goblins while Zhao Fu started to collect the spoils. Normal Goblins only dropped command medallion shards, while Hobgoblins dropped sword essences and blue Goblins dropped cards.

This card gave off a cold aura and felt icy in Zhao Fu's hand. It had the picture of a blue Goblin on the front, and there were five stars on the back.

Zhao Fu looked at the card's description:

[Goblin - Ice Strengthening]: An enchantment card that gives a piece of equipment an ice enchantment.

"Enchantment card?"

Zhao Fu thought about it and tried to use it on the Sky Demon Sword. However, he received a system announcement that he could not do so because its grade was too high. As such, Zhao Fu took out a Blue grade sword and enchanted it.

The enchantment card turned into a cold mist and entered the sword in Zhao Fu's hand.

The Blue grade sword's blade was covered with a faint layer of frost, and Zhao Fu looked at its new stats.

[Ice - Bluesteel Sword]: Grade: Blue, Stats: Strength +1, Description: A sword that has been enchanted and now possesses Ice element attacks. The wielder also receives a certain degree of Ice resistance.

It seemed that enchantment cards gave the wielder an elemental attack and resistance to that element.

This ice enchantment would be quite useful in some situations, such as in lava terrain or ice terrain; these elemental attack buffs and resistances would be a great help in battles as well.