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 They did not know Zhao Fu's true identity, and if they did, they would be incredibly shocked. After all, Zhao Fu was someone who had shaken the entire Heaven Domain, and there were countless terrifying factions searching for him.

It was not just those in the inner regions of the secret realm who knew about Zhao Fu challenging the top ten geniuses; even those in the outer regions heard about it, and those who had interacted with Zhao Fu all looked incredibly shocked.

Of them, Gou Yan was the most shocked. Thinking about what he knew about Zhao Fu, even though he could guess that Zhao Fu was very powerful, he would never have been able to guess that he was on par with the Outlander Race's top ten geniuses. Those were people who stood at the peak of this generation, and Zhao Fu had already defeated three of them.

Thinking of the fact that he had met someone like this, Gou Yan felt as if he was dreaming. It was incredibly good fortune that he had met Zhao Fu; without him, he would not be here.

At the same time, Gou Yan could not help but sigh. With how powerful Zhao Fu was, he could only look up at him from far below, and it was not his place to continue trying to be friends with him.

As for the others, thinking about how terrifying Zhao Fu was, they decided that if they met him, they would definitely try to establish a relationship with him. That way, they would receive unimaginable benefits.

Gudu returned to the area outside the secret realm covered with blood, and he happened to see Yu Luohua, who was about to enter again.

Seeing Gudu covered with blood and looking heavily injured, she looked quite surprised. Gudu was the eighth-ranked genius, so who could make him suffer such heavy injuries and force him out of the secret realm?

Even though she was quite surprised, Yu Luohua quickly thought of a possibility and asked, "Were you also defeated by that bastard?"

Gudu's expression was quite unsightly as he nodded. "I lost to that boy!"

This made Yu Luohua feel slightly better and she gave a trace of a smile as she said, "Was he very strong? Did he use any terrifying attacks when he fought with you? I was forced out by that extremely terrifying sword qi; otherwise, I might have died at his hands."

Gudu's expression was serious as he said, "That boy is indeed incredibly strong. I went all-out but still could not defeat him, but I'm not angry about it. I just feel that that boy didn't use his full strength and might be hiding even more terrifying power."

Following this, Gudu told Yu Luohua about his battle with Zhao Fu.

Hearing this, Yu Luohua's expression became quite serious. "After hearing this from you, I also feel that that bastard is not simple. He didn't use any ghostly qi when he fought with me, and when he fought with the Elephant person, he didn't use that extreme sword qi either."

Gudu said, "How many more geniuses do you think that boy can defeat? I've already fallen at his hands so I can't say much, but I want to see the others fall at his hands as well. That way, I'll feel somewhat better."

Yu Luohua replied seriously, "I'm not sure; his cultivation is a bit lacking. However, who knows what kind of terrifying powers he's still hiding. I want to see him at least defeat the fourth-ranked genius. As for the top three, we're completely powerless against them. Even though he's quite powerful, I don't think he can defeat them."

Gudu thought about it and nodded. "I think the same. Also, I wonder what that boy's identity is; he's so mysterious. I've never heard of someone like him before in the Outlander Domain, and I think he might be from another Domain."

Yu Luohua lightly nodded. "I'll be going in first. In actuality, I don't care much about the rankings, but I have to ascend the King of Kings Mountain and see if I can pull out the King of Kings Sword."

Gudu nodded and sat down to recover from his wounds so that he could return to the secret realm as soon as possible. The King of Kings Sword was everyone's goal. Anyone who could pull it out would become a legendary figure in the Outlander Race and would become the leader of the Outlander Race in name, the new King of Kings.

The teachers on the viewing platforms looked at Zhao Fu; they were the teachers who had been previously standing on top of the tall building.

The elegant-looking beauty gave a trace of a smile as she said, "He has already displayed extraordinary power; do you think it's possible that he's the prophesied person? Were the statues outside triggered by him?"

The Gnome elder shook his head. "I don't think so. He received great injuries in every battle and I feel that he's still a bit too weak. Also, his cultivation is quite low, and his morals are also lacking. I don't see much hope in him.

"Also, we still haven't determined the cause for those 23 statues simultaneously giving off ten-colored light; it might be different to what we think."

The chubby Bear person elder laughed as he said, "Even if he's not necessarily the prophesied person, just from him defeating those three geniuses, it's enough for his name to resound throughout the Outlander Domain. He will become the newcomer with the most potential in our college. Even though he's somewhat licentious, I'm quite interested in him."

A serious-looking middle-aged man said, "I'm not interested in him, and I don't think he's the prophesied person. Think about what a supreme existence the King of Kings was; his name has resounded from ancient times until now, and no one could compare to him. Look at that boy, how can he be the prophesied person? With his abilities, he definitely won't be able to pull out the King of Kings Sword, nor will he become the new King of Kings - he is not worthy.

"Also, the sixth-ranked genius has Divine Realm Cultivation; can he defeat him with just his Harmony Realm Cultivation? I believe the seventh-ranked genius will be his limit."

The Fox Race man smiled and said, "There's still quite a long time left in the examination; I want to see if this boy can defeat the seventh-ranked genius. As for who will win between him and the sixth-ranked genius, we'll see soon anyways. Let's talk about who is right and who is wrong then!"

The serious-looking middle-aged man said, "You can all watch him; I'm not interested. I feel that the prophesied person is still hidden, and it's still early and many people have not revealed themselves yet."

Hearing this, everyone else nodded.

Zhao Fu had once again found a place with no one else around to recover from his wounds. His wounds were slightly less serious than the previous time, and his recovery speed was quite fast.

This time, Zhao Fu only used a bit more than one day to fully recover. Now that he had gained one-third of Gudu's points, he had risen to tenth place on the rankings.

At the same time, Zhao Fu felt that his affinity with the Outlander Emperor Star had once again increased. Even more Outlander Fate had fused into his body and become a part of him. When the amount of Outlander Fate he possessed reached a certain amount, he would be able to awaken the Outlander Emperor Star.

Zhao Fu resting for a while, Zhao Fu went to find the next genius.