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 Of course, for that person to give him a trace of pressure, he could feel immense pride. The Sun Elf lightly laughed and cast his gaze to the secret realm creature in front of him that was giving off ten-colored light.

He did not pay too much mind to Zhao Fu, as he had only just taken down the eighth-ranked genius and was still far from challenging him. Perhaps he would only take down one more person before being taken down himself.

The second-ranked person, Medusa, also took notice of that person. From the powerful ripples that person had sent out, as well as the fact that he had defeated the eighth-ranked genius, he was quite noteworthy.

However, Medusa did not pay him much mind either, as he had only defeated the eighth-ranked genius. Thinking about that, Medusa looked somewhat condescending; with her strength, she could easily defeat Gudu.

Zhao Fu did not have the qualifications to challenge her, and there was only one person she was concerned with, which was the Sun Elf. Only the Sun Elf was worthy to be her opponent, and she would not even spare the others an extra glance.

The Treasure Dwarf Durni did not care too much either. This person was challenging each genius in order, and as the third-ranked genius, there was still a while until it was his turn. He felt that Zhao Fu would be taken down before then.

No one in history had even dared to challenge every genius in the top ten in order, as the difficulty was like scaling the heavens. If he really could do it, it would be a miracle.

Moreover, he had come fully prepared. His goal was to defeat Medusa and the Sun Elf, take first place, draw out the King of Kings Sword, and become the leader of the Outlander Race.

He was someone who wanted to lead the Outlander Race, so how could he fall at Zhao Fu's hands? If he fell at Zhao Fu's hands, his hopes would be crushed.

The other geniuses felt quite serious because they did not have the strength to enter the top three.

The one who was the most sober about this was the seventh-ranked genius, Three-Headed Ogre. Now that the tenth-ranked, ninth-ranked, and eighth-ranked geniuses had all fallen to this person, he would be that person's next target.

He was ranked seventh and was naturally the weakest remaining one of the original ten. Facing the mysterious and terrifying Zhao Fu, he felt immense pressure and was worried that he would fall at Zhao Fu's hands; this would be incredibly humiliating.

Moreover, if he lost to Zhao Fu, the chance of him pulling out the King of Kings Sword would become even smaller. If he lost to someone else, his Fate would be suppressed, making it incredibly hard for him to pull it out. Only the true successor of the King of Kings would not have to worry about such a thing.

The Three-Headed Ogre could only wait for that person to challenge him. He guessed that that person was most likely heavily wounded, so if he went to challenge him now, he would have a great advantage. In fact, he could also bring some other people to gang up on Zhao Fu.

However, the Three-Headed Ogre was no small figure and came from the most powerful Ogre Empire, and he was one of the top ten geniuses.

He had his pride and would not do such a thing. Moreover, once he did such a thing, everyone would immediately find out that he had resorted to such shameless tactics, and that would bring shame to his entire family.

He felt a faint power telling him to stay here to fight with the mysterious person. This power came from the depths of the secret realm, and he understood that it came from the King of Kings Mountain. As such, he decided to wait here.

He did not know why the King of Kings Mountain cared about this battle. In past times, the top ten geniuses and some special existences had the right to climb the mountain, and battles would often break out. However, the King of Kings Mountain had never seemed to show so much interest before.

He knew that it was not because of him but rather that someone else was very special, which was why the King of Kings Mountain was acting like this.

At the same time, the news of Zhao Fu defeating three of the top ten geniuses spread throughout the entire secret realm, as did some other information about him.

"Heavens, does that person really only have Harmony Realm Cultivation? He defeated three of the top ten geniuses in a row; just who is he?"

"Exactly, I'm incredibly curious as to who he is as well. I was fortunate enough to see one of his battles - he did not use any tricks at all and directly confronted the other person, resulting in a terrifying battle."

"Mm, I've also seen one of his battles. It made my blood boil and was definitely the most intense battle I've ever seen in my life."

"I'm guessing that that person is healing from his injuries and will soon go and challenge the seventh-ranked genius, Three-Headed Ogre. I wonder how strong he is and how many geniuses he'll be able to defeat."

"I feel that with his cultivation, at most he'll be able to defeat the seventh-ranked genius. The sixth-ranked genius has Divine Realm Cultivation; there's too much of a gap between their cultivations."

"No matter what happens, he has already won my respect and admiration."

Countless people were discussing this matter, making the secret realm incredibly lively. Zhao Fu's fame skyrocketed, and it was not any inferior to the Sun Elf's.

"Long Yue, that person they're talking about seems to be our husband," the Elf Princess came to a gathering place and said to the Dragon Princess after listening to the discussions around them.

They had been separated from Zhao Fu for quite a while now, ever since Zhao Fu had chased down that Halfling. They had waited for a few days before deciding to gather at the center of the secret realm, as they expected Zhao Fu to go there.

Hearing this, the Dragon Princess smiled as she said, "They're probably talking about that big baddy. I knew he wasn't simple, but I'm still shocked that he's been challenging the top ten geniuses and has defeated three already."

The things Zhao Fu had done were too shocking and made them feel a trace of awe towards him. They could not do such a thing; for him to be their man, having such strength was sufficient.

The Elf Princess gave a beautiful smile and said, "That's right, husband's performance has been quite surprising. With his abilities, he will be just as brilliant no matter wherever he goes and will reign above others. Looks like we didn't follow the wrong person."

The Goddesses all happily smiled and felt quite proud. For them to follow such a terrifying existence like Zhao Fu was their fortune.

The Ogre Chief was also incredibly delighted. His daughters would have a terrifying existence protecting them from now on and he would not have to worry about anything. His daughters would also receive unimaginable benefits and would definitely surpass him. Perhaps even he would benefit from this as well.